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Adeline Bourret
(28 years old. Born in France. Lives in: Edinburgh)
Edinburgh College of Art

Adeline Bourret is an Edinburgh College of Art graduate in Sculpture. She currently lives and works in Edinburgh. She has lived in france and moved to Great Britain to study Art. Dancing is her other great passion and she expresses it in her sculptural practice. "A dynamic use of the body is at the centre of my sculptural practice, focusing on movement and awareness of space. Working with dissimilar traditional and modern p ...[more]
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If i was chosen as one of the New Sensations I would produce a piece of work similar to my degree show piece (Body n.2, Composition n.3). I very much enjoyed my way of working throughout the making of the piece and would be enthusiastic to do it again if given the opportunity. The process is rather a specific one. First, I make a body cast after having carefully chosen the position. At this step of the process, I take multiple photographs of myself or other dancers in different poses. In order to choose the most interesting pose, I experiment by make collages with print outs of the photographs. When the cast is accomplished, I work with it in its surrounding space. I include props, a projection and sometimes sounds. At this stage of the process, I almost take on the role of a choreographer, trying out different compositions until I find the one which successfully creates a dramatic scene and a stark visual impact. I enjoy working in dark spaces; the ambient light which emanates from the projection casts shadows on the still body cast and gives the impression of movement. The installation becomes like a "tableau-vivant" that seeks to creates an immersive and dream-state experience.
If chosen to produce a work for the New Sensations I would be open to work in either a dark or light space and would need power supply; Due to the nature of my work it is preferable that I see the exhibition space before executing the work.
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