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Andrew Salgado
(34 years old. Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: London)
Chelsea College of Art & Design

Andrew grew up in Regina, Saskatchewan, and graduated in 2005 from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada with a Bachelor of Fine Arts honours degree in studio painting and art theory, and film studies. He currently focuses his work on large scale, obsessively detailed oil and acrylic paintings, and, since 2008, has engaged in an intense exploration of the body, identity, and homosexuality in video and sculptu ...[more]
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Artist Picture
Work of art I would like to make

The work interested in uses paint as a sculptural material.

A sculpture of a dog-fight, consisting of dogs from foam, glass, fur, upon a bed of sugar. The piece refers to violence as endlessly cyclical; specifically a response to the artist’s homophobic assault.

A life-sized horse covered in black mirrored glass, ash, pearls, and epoxy atop a mirrored plinth, accompanied by a repetitive Kylie song morphed to monstrous proportions. Referring to the fourth horseman, the piece is a reminder of death but its kitsch subverts oversimplification. (This piece to be accompanied by a lifesized pony sculpture currently in production.)

An installation including a WhiteTail deer coated in plastic and white paint so only its antlers remain visible. An entire taxidermy deer stuffed with LED lights poking like a halo from beneath its fur.
A group of sculptures, featuring a man with an erection atop a skeleton as though dismounting after a ride, both covered in thick globulous paint like a languid, horrific spectacle. And a self-portrait in which a man appears leaning/placing his mouth atop the tip of a large red cone. The cone is both functional plinth but a ‘freeze-frame’ of blood from the sculpture’s mouth. The sculpture holds a set of teeth as reminiscent of the artist’s assault.

Further ideas including a marigold-plastic coated taxidermy hippopotamus head marigold, video works including animal parts, paint and live horses, as well as a paintings that focus on themes of violence and homosexuality.

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