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Antoni Tucker
(37 years old. Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: Northampton)
University of Northampton

I am a (BA Hons) Photography graduate from the University of Northampton. During the course of my studies, I have developed my understanding of the sociological and psychological effects of the mass media, specifically within the wide sphere of advertising. My understanding of this subject has become the driving force behind my photographic work. In my leisure time, I enjoy visiting galleries, cafes, and seeing the world.
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In today’s consumer society we are ever more encouraged by the mass media to feel dissatisfied with the old and outmoded and to improve ourselves and our lives by buying something more. This system is having many disastrous consequences, both psychological and sociological.

It is widely understood that our continuation along this path of consumerism will bring many significant changes, which will eventually result in the irreversible destruction of our planet. It is difficult to imagine what changes may occur within our lifetime, particularly when such visions are overshadowed by those of a future made glamorous through publicity. This is, however, why our current systems prevail - the distractions of material objects and glamorous lifestyles that confront and persuade us through advertising’s various forms are seemingly far more alluring than the words of those who strive to educate us on the condition of the earth.

What kinds of messages might be found among our influx of publicity two and a half decades from now, and what indirect clues might these carry as to the social and global conditions of their time? If selected as one of the 4 New Sensations, building upon my current techniques in photomontage, I would produce a series of work that would resemble consumer advertising 25 years from now. My intention would be to create thought-provoking images that might contravene the advertising of today that appears so often to gloss over real issues with promises of material fulfilment.
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