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Ceal Warnants
(32 years old. Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: London)
Royal College of Art

My practice has always involved reproduction with an passionate emphasis on the value of making. It implies a quest towards the reason of things. Form versus Function. The Process of deconstructing an object precedes all processes of constructing one. The strict logic implied by the use of one material (paper) offers just a skin of information and an aesthetic of possible failure. These sculptures are 'Not Fit for Purpose'. ...[more]
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I have recently replicated a Göltermann upright piano, to scale, completely out of paper, employing the same techniques used for the paper Serpentine chest of drawers. The chest of drawers was made from 30m of both High Gloss and Photo Rag Satin paper to emulate different types of wood and whether or not they are varnished. The paper reveals the surface of the object to us, but no more than that. The paper chest cannot function completely and so throws up questions of impossibility (function versus form) and also of value and disposability. All of these concepts are relevant to the work I might create if I were chosen. I would love to make a full-scale piece based on a futuristic object, a robotic one. A projection of the future, but a flimsy, hollow representation, necessitated by both the material used and the fact that nothing is definite about the type of world we will live in. 25 years is a long time, I will be 49, much will have changed but I believe our consumption of paper will always be strong as despite the predictions that the digital age would herald the arrival of the ‘paperless office’ in which we are meant to exist and work, we are still a ‘hard-copy society’. Each year it is estimated that the world consumes over 300 million tons of paper with no signs of slowing down. We trust paper; we use it as evidence, for example, as proof of purchase, printing out our transactions from cyberspace. I hope that the paper in this piece will lend the audience a familiar touch, something that they can trust in as we slowy relinquish our roles and our power to artificial intelligence.

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