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Dominic North
(30 years old. Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: London)
The City and Guilds of London Art Scho

My small to medium scale works of oil on panel or paper take their imagery from domestic snapshots. They are then translated into the art historical tradition of oil paint, in particular the genres of portraiture and still life. My work is in essence concerned with the phenomenology of the amorous relationship. My portraits series express a gaze and touch that gravitate repeatedly towards the same person. Painting, being ...[more]
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The work of art I would like to make would be similar in format to the “contact” piece that I submitted an image of. In retrospect I think this format has more potential for me. When I originally tried it I used poor quality materials and was not entirely sure of how to use them effectively to get the results I wanted, this made much of the painting difficult for me and I was dissatisfied with the finish.

However with this format I found a pleasing duality in the way that a portrait was presented as an object of reverence, yet the viewer’s gaze would be pulled, back and forth, along this line, being denied the pleasure of any one painting. This, for me is what gave it spice. There is also something to how much the few seconds that are depicted are slowed down using this process. Particularly in the context in which it’s being made where the pace of life appears to be increasing and mediated imagery is evermore saturating our society.

In this new piece of work I may consider making more panels, stretching a few moments out even longer, similar to Roni Horn’s series of photos “You are the weather.” I would like to use more refined techniques and better quality materials to explore how this concept could be explored further, drawing more from the formal compositional elements from masters of art history as well as photography and cinema.
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