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Ernest Zacharevic
(30 years old. Born in Lithuania. Lives in: London)
Middlesex University

For me animation as well as kinetic art is a media, which is capable of evoking the dialogue and interaction with its viewer and environment. The art of motion allows me to explore the shifting correlation of time and space. I try to redefine the boundaries between still and motion in my work. I intend to take animation out of its traditional dimensions and bring into confrontation with our everyday experience. The agency ...[more]
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Artist Picture
Work of art I would like to make

If selected as one of 4 New Sensations I would build an animation machine out of the public escalator (preferably on the under ground). It will generate a loop of approximately 1min 30 sec of animation showing a person continuously wandering around the little empty room, searching for something and trying to escape.

The sequence of animated drawings would be printed on the sticker strip which would be fixed to the escalator belt (the one you hold on while on the escalator. It would be about 60 meters strip to cover all of the length of the belt and about 1500 frames of animation on the strip.

The ‘mechanical shutter machine’ would be attached to the end of the escalator. It would open and close each frame while the belt passes by in that way animating the sequence of the drawings and projecting it on the little screen on top of the device. The machine would be fully powered by the motion of the belt and it would be more less the size of a shoebox.

I do understand this is a public installation rather than a gallery peace but a small prototype as well as documented video and the animation it self could be shown during the exhibition. I dreamed of doing this piece for a long time now and I think the 4 New Sensations is a great opportunity to get a support I really need to create a project of that scale.
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