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Fiona Thomson
(49 years old. Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: Aberdeen)
Grays School of Art

I am a post-graduate Masters student at Grays School of Art, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen. I am studying drawing and painting and currently writing my masters thesis on the'Contemporary Dog Image'. I finish my course with my degree show from 3-11th September 2010 at Grays, and will hopefully graduate with a Masters in Fine Art. My work concerns how we use and perceive the contemporary dog image. I examine our preco ...[more]
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The artwork.

I would like the opportunity to create a huge, wall-sized, painting – far larger than anything I have the facilities for locally. I feel strongly that painting is not ‘dead’ but still very much a valid, vigorous and exciting medium with the ability to generate discussion and reaction.

I want to take my dog image and my reductive style and create an ‘action’ painting with an impressive public engagement. Strong elements of design are to be considered with colours in shapes and patterns that build the image in ways that encourage people to think about the setting of such a beautiful and eye-catching animal: the Italian Greyhound has such balletic outline and stunning grace that people are instantly drawn to it even when they are not normally interested in dogs. It’s a universal image of ‘Dog’ but one that dispenses with sentiment and captures breed type – the dog jumping for a feather.

The work will involve a photographic study of the breed jumping for feathers using various models. From hundreds of images one will be selected for its balance, beauty and ability to communicate the ‘Dog’ image to its audience. The painting will be at least six metres high and be oil on canvas or panel as this breed has a heritage of representation in traditional mediums. Hopefully the painting would be installed in a place of public interaction where such an image would not normally be seen.
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