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Hannah Connell
(31 years old. Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: Preston)
University of Central Lancashire

I am primarily an Installation artist, but I also use Photography and Film as a way of recording and creating work. I have been studying for my BA Hons in Fine art at UCLAN for the past 3 years and have spent the last year developing the concept of mindscapes. Working with the notion of memory recollection and the human minds manipulation of this. I believe there are spaces of invention within the mind where different secti ...[more]
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Work of art I would like to make

If I am chosen as one of the 4 new sensations, I would like to create a piece similar to Mindscape II. At the moment my work is contained within a box/shape, with the exterior being irrelevant to the content. Continuing with the idea of mindscapes and peepholes as a fixed point of perspective, I would like to (as a minimum) triple the size of the outer shell. This would allow for a larger area of ‘set building’ and light projection within the internal space, giving wider possibilities for different levels of lighting and shadow. Working to a larger scale would also present an opportunity for multiple viewpoints, lessening the ‘queue’ effect generated when only one person can view a piece at a time, as found with my earlier practice.

Leading on from my process within mindscape II, I would like to use interesting objects that would have their own presence within the piece and act to hint at histories/stories. My intention is to create a more complex area of light projection and shadow using multi directional LED lighting and concave lenses to refract the light, creating a space that is slow burning, requiring multiple and concentrated viewing by an audience to unravel the complexities of the installation.

I would make the external shell intrusive to the architecture of the Trueman Brewery, creating a visual and spatial argument with the gallery space itself.
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