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Jessica Hoad
(35 years old. Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: Oxford/ Farnham)
Oxford Brookes

Through a series of evolving works I continue to explore how we connect and disconnect with each other, ourselves and the world around us; the self to the other to itself, space in relation to objects and being. I work with sculpture and mostly make large scale experiential installations which often have an active or participatory element and incorporate found objects. The process involved with these objects is fundamental ...[more]
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I am particularly interested in the idea of a surface defining the physical limitations of occupied and unoccupied space, fixed, moveable or penetrable. Boundaries can divide yet connect the internal and external.

I propose to develop my last piece of work ‘VENT’ which was an installation for my degree show. I feel that 4 New Sensations would be an ideal platform to showcase a more resolved work on a larger scale.

This experimental set up engages all senses to facilitate an exchange between sculptural object and audience. In the initial work a large rubber balloon hangs from the ceiling and is connected by ducting to a fan housed behind an industrial vent on the wall. As the fan whirs air is sucked from the shared gallery space filling the balloon which expands to over 6ft filling the room forcing the viewer to negotiate the space with the object. The air is then slowly expelled back out through the vent as it deflates.

This is a continuous repetitive cycle lasting about 16 minutes in total. The resilience of the material is tested with each slow cycle of emptying and refilling as an attempting to move towards a whole.

My response to the site will determine aesthetics, dimensions and other elements. I would like to work on a more industrial scale with stripped back components; if gallery space should allow I would love to work with a balloon that inflates to over 11ft diameter though I could work to any scale.

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