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Katie Aggett
(29 years old. Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: Brighton)
University of Brighton

The animation in Disjunction Over West Street has been created by mapping the movements of starlings and, with ink on paper, hand-drawing 60 frames to re-create this movement. By projecting across the space, it is not supposed to mimic the contours of the white forms but instead have it's own movement and event that is happening within the pre-defined space of the room’s walls. There is not one definer to depict the space ...[more]
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Taking part in Saatchi New sensations as a young artist is about showing the changing spaces I/we see and live in. It is about something we all create and are all active in creating as well as being subject to. The work is always subject to the space it is being shown in and the people who view it. Therefore I want the changing interior space a gallery would allow to let the work develop.

My work stems from an interest in changing architectural spaces in cities, particularly the quick movement, dense growth and heavily, urban environments and a buildings' lifespans in time. My work is not about one place or one thing, it is about the history and change and movement of city spaces. The paths that have been created by the interaction of people and architecture, the scars on space made by new boundaries and borders being formed. The events that take place and collide to create maps of spacial event systems. The political and social ways of marking spaces through boundaries, borders and movement of people is an event that marks territories and creates psycho-geographical spaces.

Following this, I would concentrate and take advantage of having the space to push my drawings and how they map spaces. Also the way my instillation work created new interpretations of spaces. Showing this work within a national and possibly international audience would allow for new people to view interpret the spaces and system of views and boundaries to be created.
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