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Matthew Chesney
(33 years old. Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: Nottingham )
Nottingham Trent University

Please see my video: I have just completed my studies for a Ba/Hons in Fine Art at Nottingham Trent. I work across screen based media, live performance and literature with strong instinct for the theatrical/cinematic, using sound, image, and text. My previous studies have been in Performing Arts, in particular, theatre. I believe this platform ...[more]
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My current interests lie in socially engaged artwork involving various role-playing between myself, and an audience/viewer. If I had the opportunity to make work, for 4 New Sensations I would produce an interactive, sculptural, sound installation. This artwork has the potential to shift authorial control between artist and viewer, disperse or reassemble an audience, and blur or eliminate the critical line of being ‘the author’ or ‘player’. My recent work involves interactive sculptures made out of everyday domestic objects such as fan’s, wood, pipes and metal attached with microphones (piezzo mic’s) connected to a multi speaker set-up. In response to the theme “the world in 25 years’ time”, I think this piece could emphasise concerns for the future in contemporary culture, such as the increasing use of Interactivity, and authorial control in the media and technology with consideration for reconfiguring/re-using everyday manufactured objects in recycling. The ‘sounds’ played from the sculptures through a multi speaker set-up, would imply sonic gestures that create a dynamic of sparse, turbulent sounds, to tiny increments of post-apocalyptic utterances. This work would be a progression of my last project for my degree (sound sculpture) and recent work in the ‘Brotherhood’ exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany and therefore has the potential to be played by myself (in a role / character) as well as the public. This work in Nuremberg and the work I would make would be inspired by the book ‘The Country of Last Things’ by Paul Auster. The performance installation in Nuremberg was described by local press as ‘mysterious and absurd’ with fellow co-exhibitors such as Mark Titchner, Marcus Coates, Ann Harding and Paul Johnston, curated by London artist Ben Judd.
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