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MinYoung Kwon
(31 years old. Born in Korea, Republic of. Lives in: Oxford)
The Ruskin School of Drawing & Fine Art

I left my hometown at a young age and lived in many different cities in Korea and Japan, living the transitional life of a nomad; later moving abroad to Europe; from Austria to the UK. This experience has imbued me with a heightened awareness of the concept of transitional places and public forums. As an outsider in foreign countries I look at things from a different angle and observe them more closely, as they are sometimes ...[more]
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A particular emphasis in my work is on the way that that the human body exists in relation to structures; both man made and of natural form, and how they help us make sense of the world. I create non-functional public objects which function as transitional spaces that are neither public nor private, sculpture nor architecture; but somewhere inbetween. In other words, they lend themselves towards a debate over the public and private, and traditional use of artworks in open spaces. They can therefore act as a schematic tool of social relations.
In my degree show, I made a ‘bus shelter’, made of glass and wood, which was surrounded by a seating area so it lost its function as a ‘shelter’, it’s previous role having been inversed. The fact it was located in a gallery space, also, made the work a non-functional object.
If I am one of 4 finalists, I would like to explore the ‘bus shelter’ concept further by adding fake cracks by imprinting silk-prints on the bus shelter glass. I would like to make several studies in a hyper-real style so the viewer is confused at first sight, in that way the object is something inbetween ideas vs reality. By adding the cracked images on the glass, this might suggest vandalizing issues on public furniture and in a public space, and the image itself can be another schematic tool.
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