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Nicola Jayne Maskrey
(42 years old. Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: London)
City of Westminster College

I am interested in exploring the moments in which our perception of the world around us changes, working with long exposure photographs to acknowledge that moment's place in the longer passage of time. For the Free Range exhibition I made a unique series of black and white lith prints that questioned our experience of transience and permanence. Inspired by the transformation of the everyday into a contemplative state by the ...[more]
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I intend to make a series of photographs that considers how we can experience a moment from different intellectual and emotional viewpoints, in that moment and then in memory. Personally I am interested in how these viewpoints change according to the context in which we either re-experience or remember them in light of what comes after, for example by looking back at them in 25 years time. I will achieve this by making a number of colour prints as pairs, where each pair shows the exact same moment in time but from a very slightly different angle. The photographs will be made over the period of the commission in different locations as I go through my daily routines, working in a fine art documentary style. As a process based artist the development of my work is an organic one, and so the exact content of the images will evolve over the course of making the work. However, I will be using the experience of undertaking the commission as my main theme. To create the images I will use a 35mm SLR with colour negative film, and using a combination of incidental light and flash to create a series of flattened visual layers in some. A selection of the final images will be printed approximately 20”x13” and framed; a larger number will be made into a small diary style book.
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