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Noriaki Hattori
(35 years old. Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: Lonon)
chelsea college

I am a Japanese painter, just finishing my BAFA at Chelsea College. My paintings consist of three large oil paintings with images of abandoned spaces with its emotion. I see my paintings as “presence”, where a viewer would directly and physically experience, rather than interpreting paintings as having a contextual or social meaning behind. As a play land of sensation, I would like to give threshold between physical realit ...[more]
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I propose to work on a series of large “emotional landscapes”.
My practice challenges to seek painting’s inherent nature and potential, to explore the relationship between painting and the viewer. I believe that visual experience potentially serves a more profound role in connecting the viewer’s ever-changing volatile and fragmentary memories and emotions. This aspect highlights the great alteration in the social intellection of painting. It changed its framework, which was previously considered to entail a specific and preconditioned meaning, to painting as a relational integration between its physical presence and the viewers’ experience. What this implied was a shift within the system of authority, where participation of the viewer became essential in creating the meaning of painting.

In my paintings, detail of specific space identity and information is metamorphosed into detail of organic patterns loosing its potential as a reference. This metamorphosis of space identity shifts viewer’s ground of framework of seeing a painting from social, outer and analytical basis to personal, inner and visceral basis. As a consequence of this shift, the viewer’s attitudes are compelled to change from passively reading information (location, history and context) to an active participation in idiosyncratic sphere.

As an emotional landscape, lost identity landscapes which I would like to make represent a vague linked collective entity of subjective experiences. This intimate relationship between viewers and the paintings have potential to be a threshold to transgress a boundary of impossibility of imagination by social barriers or structures.

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