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Robin Von Einsiedel
(28 years old. Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: Falmouth)
University College Falmouth

Landscape is the source of my art. I use paint as a direct response to the surroundings. I am very much an intuitive painter. My paintings develop through a natural selection of mistakes. I see myself as a Darwinian in this respect. This is where my intuition furthers my art practise. Once I reach a stage in my paintings I leave behind source imagery and work from instinct. The source material I work from goes through a p ...[more]
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Creating sensory artwork has always been an ongoing theme in my practise. Bridging the gap between the audience and art, allows one a more direct experience. I take great inspiration from the Abstract Expressionists.

The artwork I would propose to make would be a series of large-scale paintings, where when hung together they create unified voice. Following from the work I made this year I want to expand of the idea of spatial paintings.
Combining colour fields with lines of formalism, the paintings would engulf the viewer allowing a journey to be invoked within them.

The paintings would occupy the entirety of one room, which would create its own separate atmosphere. Hung on four walls and one paintings possible on the ceiling I want the audience to have the initial feeling of a claustrophobia. However the way in which the paintings are painted would juxtapose the way they are presented. The spatial paintings would allow a voice of freedom for the audience in a setting which contradicts this.

The initial images that would be painted on the canvas would be sourced from landscape. They however would be twisted and strung apart from their original structure. I plan to over lay these shapes with the techniques of colour-field painting and aspects of formalism in an attempt to create a synthetic unity among these three forms. To create a aesthetically balanced image. The paintings sit on a fence between abstract and formalism.
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