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Robyn Lucy Hobbs
(30 years old. Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: Newport, South Wales)
University of Wales, Newport

Born in Pontypool, South Wales, I have always had a keen interest in painting. My interests lie in the topography of Wales-I am currently investigating this by exploring more closely the elements that constitute this landscape. I have chosen Watercolour as my current medium-mostly because the fluidity of the paint allows me to create the layering of transparencies of colours and line I wish to achieve. My paintings are in wate ...[more]
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I have so far worked on traditionally sized watercolour paper, although I have altered the traditional landscape perspective to portrait, I would continue to paint in portrait, but would like to buy a roll of watercolour paper of a width of about 56cm and would paint a series of landscapes which would cover 4 walls and reach the ceilings. The reason that I would chose to paint the landscapes on such a big scale is that even though the grassy landscapes that I have painted for my show were large (76x56cm) I would like to create a more all encompassing feeling, a feeling that the viewer is within the landscape, and surrounded by it. The landscapes would follow the same theme as my degree show work, grassy landscapes, it would focus again on close ups of the natural landscape, in watercolour, and would mainly consist of close ups of grasses, bushes, vines and brambles etc. I have chosen these sorts of landscapes as I believe that the natural networks and spaces that are created within these landscapes are the most suited to my purpose-to enable the viewer to share my experience of the landscape. I don’t want a traditional flat landscape, which is just a scene of a place, but rather I want my paint strokes to depict the movement and physicality of the landscape and to draw the viewer into it.
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