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Ulysses Black
(38 years old. Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: Brighton)
Brighton University

Over one year I undertook a series of 9 investigations as a body of performative actions. The entire process was framed by the legal changing of my name; a strangely simple yet transformative act. Other explorations included protracted durational actions, such as circumnavigating an island whilst blindfolded. Exploration 6 involved the locking of an audience in a room, and sharpening kitchen knives. Exploration 4 saw me baptis ...[more]
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The next significant piece of work continuing my investigation of the ‘authentic action’, is taking its staring point from basic mechanics. Where I had previously, unwittingly, worked intensely with the principles of the piston (circle driving leaner motion / linear force power circular motion), attention is shifting to the Fulcrum and points of balance, specifically the tipping point, where balance is held and then lost. My intention is to home-in on this transitional point.
In developing this work, I am exploring all connotations of such tipping points, from playground attractions to historical events to rudimentary physics. From bodies in space; tai chi and dance, to geo-physical events like avalanches.
These themes coalesce about the idea of effortless effort; those occasions where only the slightest, merest influence of an external force will tip the balance and cause significant change.
The project is in its infancy and a finalised proposal is not possible at the moment. Rather, key symbols are beginning to clarify whilst the depth of their relevance is not yet certain: a feather, a spear head, a see-saw; a gentle touch. The question of decisiveness emerges through a challenge; the balance will be tipped, the question is, will you act to tip that balance first? What then happens in that instant of action? can we expand and look closely upon that instant?
The product will be a durational performance, inherently simple, extended beyond its natural duration, involving the intersection of two actions exploring the themes mentioned.
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