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Vincent Moya
(30 years old. Born in France. Lives in: Canterbury, UK / Nice, France)
UCCA - Canterbury

My work was born from a fascination for the exploration of motion in painting and the desire to physically engage viewers. It is a complex hybrid of painting and print-making which seeks to create a non-static image that will prompt the viewer to watch the occurring movement, instead of merely registering it. My current work revolves around a theme I call "Neo-Futurism," which is an artistic exploration that endeavours to ...[more]
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My next project will continue with the theme of Neo-Futurism. It will be a non-partisan depiction of possible effects, reactions, scenarios; conceived with the purpose of encouraging the viewer to think of what they know about the issue, and to contemplate their stand in the matter. My proposed work will revolve around Virtual Reality, more specifically, the idea of a Virtual Paradise.

The world of virtual reality, once limited to gaming, has now expanded to see the formation of relationships, families, and functioning societies; and is steadily giving evidence of further blurring the lines. The exponential growth of computing power in recent years will undoubtedly continue to bring the world of Virtual Reality to a level which, a few years before, would have been only possible in our imaginations. Today, an estimated 30 million people worldwide spend 30 hours a week on Virtual Reality. It is easy to understand the attraction; it is a world that promises you everything. You can be anyone, do anything; have friends, families, clans, even develop romantic relationships. It promises you happiness and fulfilment without the inconveniences of a real life. It says life is a perpetual picnic. In real life, the pursuit of happiness is often characterised by tumbles and turns, and many might say that the satisfaction that comes from attaining something is due to working hard for it. If that is so, then, is a happy and convenient virtual life less meaningful, less valid?
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