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Darren Holmes
(30 years old. Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: Winchester)
winchester school of art

I have just recently graduated from Winchester school of art after spending three years there, and doing a foundation course with WSA on the new college campus (Southampton). I’m not someone who is massively concerned with the grades I have achieved, of course I’m proud to have graduated, but I wasn't aiming high. I’m happy to just make work I like, and that I feel has a real sense of integrity to it, regardless of wheth ...[more]
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If I am chosen to be part of the new sensations exhibition, I would quite like to re-create my degree show work, only this time as an installation (which is what it was originally going to be). The idea is to create an enclosed space, possibly with clear Perspex wall. On one side of this 'box' would be an updated version of my porn star shrine and on the opposite side would be a wall of my chat roulette portraits. By constructing this I hope I can create something that questions the validity behind celebrity, as well as questioning the integrity of the internet as a tool for communication. The shrine becomes a very kitsch object, highlighting the falseness of the porn industry, and also the falseness of people’s emotions towards 'celebrities' (even minor) when they pass away. The glitz and 'bling' of the shrine would be a nod towards religious artefacts, striking a similarity between the daily rituals of going on the internet (and some peoples obsessions with it), and the rituals and obsessions of religion. Alternatively, I have been working on some new work since leaving WSA. I have been making some large scale paintings based on headlines from trash magazines such as Chat and Pick Me Up (another investigation in to the shallowness of the media). I have also been working on some documentary photography about life on the shores of the Solent. Both of these projects would be quite well suited to a gallery environment.
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