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James Adrian Alabaster
(30 years old. Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: Southampton)
southampton solent

I am the artist, you are the viewer, you are the artist, I am the viewer, I am also the one who decides this. The work holds no holy ground, especially the ground that it itself holds, as no stance is unequivocal. This is a description of the work, it may be being written, it may be being read by an assumed audience, it is more likely being proof read by its author and their peers. The work is asexual, post human and ideolo ...[more]
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Artist Picture
Work of art I would like to make

The work will physically be a white box suspended in the centre of a white room, it will have 5 holes with 5 projectors inside. These projectors will digitally produce a pair of feet, hands and head onto the surface of the room. Two aimed at the floor, two on either side of the room and one at the ceiling. The two hands and two feet will swap places at intervals, they will start in an orthodox position, they will finish in an orthodox position.

The head will remain a constant, it will essentially be a video of a head with a supposed internal narrative streaming up across itself. This represents the beings thoughts. It is not a representation of the piece, it will consider itself, it will consider what others perceive it to be. It will attempt its usual post structural procedures despite its predicament. This is not a ghost in the machine. The narrative is independent from the whole, as are the limbs as they swap places to uncover an aesthetic idea of a projection of humanity upon a cold medium. The narrative will explore these ideas further, however this narrative will always be site specific, it is not preordained, as is everything.

All the projections will be of videos of the said body parts. They will be formal, they are not intended to distract. Once all variations of the placement of the body parts on the 4 projects dealing with the hands and feet are completed, they will start the loop again. This will feed the self consuming monsters thoughts presumably.
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