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Keh Hui Ng
(41 years old. Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: London)
central st martins

My practice is concerned with narrative in a variety of forms including painting, drawing, comic books, photography and video. I approach the same topic using each of these means to capture aspects, which the other methods cannot. A central theme in my work is the human condition in urban environments and the thin lines that separate us from each other. I wonder if these lines are closer to home than we would like to admit. ...[more]
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The project that I would like to realise is entitled “Where have all the masked crusaders gone?” Through my research of urban myths, I have encountered stories of real people in large cities who have taken matters into their own hands. There is The Gorilla attacker who randomly attacks cyclists in London’s West End, Terrifica, who saves single young women in New York City from being taken advantage of in bars as well as Angle Grinder Man who frees clamped cars in London and Kent.
Due to the inherent difficulty of locating these masked individuals, this project is a collection of artifacts, recreations, homages and interviews that capture a specific moment in time – now. With a backdrop of the current European and World economic crisis, it is worth remembering that comic book heroes like Superman emerged during the Great Depression in 1932. Heroes have historically provided us with hope and villains a figure to despise. The various objects of my project form a narrative and ask the question: Where have all the masked crusaders gone?
The additional piece that I would like to build for the New Sensations show would be to create a Masked Crusader HQ where where masked crusaders will be invited to HQ where they can be registered and interviewed for current and future records. The general public will also be invited to recount stories of their encounters with masked crusaders in London. The records will then be available to the public as video during the show and online after it.
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