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Leonora Hamill
(38 years old. Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: London)
royal college of art

I explore gesture in relation to empathy and traditional religious iconography. My practice explores the notion of gesture both as movement and as ‘being moved’. Gesture occurs at the threshold where language no longer functions. When words falter, gestures remain and become the vehicle through which we can convey our inner states of mind. It is through gesture that we can empathise with the other. Through the exploratio ...[more]
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I am always struck by how restricted we are by our physical vocabulary and how extremely similar gestures and expressions take on completely different meanings depending on the context. It is as if we do not have a wide enough range of gestures and expressions to convey our inner states. Of particular interest to me are the similarity in gestures that occur during moments of inner turmoil and during prayer, especially in Christianity. In both situations emerges a sense of enduring a state that belongs to the beyond. Were I to be shortlisted for 4 New Sensations I would make an installation comprised of multiple projections of micro-gestures and facial expressions shot from various viewpoints and looped. The projections would be shown in a dark closed space, not dissimilar to the inside of a small chapel, and would create in the viewer a sense of displacement and a desire to decode theses gestures and expressions and to understand what belongs to the rituals of everyday life and what belongs to the rituals of the church. By separating the gestures and expressions from the context in which they would normally occur and by adding a very particular type of sound, I intend to defamiliarize the viewer from the traditional readings associated with those images and open up their meanings, hence entering a space beyond words where the unfigurable, through gesture, attempts to become figurable.

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