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Alexis Jochman
(31 years old. Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: Bristol)

In my films I aim to explore the notion of the hero’s burden. I am interested in the archetypal hero from world mythologies. I am interested in the concept of immortality through legacy. I am interested in the idea of liminal spaces, non places and any-space-whatever’s. I am fascinated in the relationship between the cinematic, art and philosophy. I want to work on the way we have been conditioned by mainstream cinema. I want to open up a space that can nullify its own authenticity leaving only a pretty picture. I want my films to work as a carpe diem as opposed to memento mori.
Artist photo
Artist Picture
Work of art I would like to make

If I were successful I would create a film installation showing a glimpse of how the world may look in 25 years from now.

But how does one predict the future when it holds no form?

To consider the future we must first consider our current climate.

Perhaps in 2033 we will be using up the last of our oil reserve.
But that’s fine because Muon-catalyzed fusion is the common energy source now.

Internet usage is at an all time high with users surfing for 24 hours a day meaning human interaction is at a minimum.

The hero of this story; Oscar Flowers is stuck in his dead end job, living off pizza from his one man room, at night he comes home and dreams of getting away and travelling, but since the tsunami quake of 2028 the places he once dreamt about are all under water.

Flower’s cares not for the new gadgets and tools of self indulgence but then he sees an advert...
The new wayfarer 2033’s seem the only option as he craves to ease his boredom. Apparently they connect to the cerebral cortex giving hallucinations that feel real. They can distinguish your desires and give them to you. Oh and they look good too…

By making this piece I would like to explore notions of the future as a conceptual trajectory but also acknowledge our preoccupation with trying to predict it

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