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Alicja Sokolowska
(31 years old. Born in Poland. Lives in: London)
London South Bank University

I was born in Szczecin, Poland in 1985. I was interested in photography since I was 14. My first picture I took with my grandfather's Zenit. For 4 years I was enrolled with association of photographers in Szczecin, ' The Group. Recently I have discovered the magical world of pinhole photography, often more documentary than customary ones, because there are no out of focus zones, in the photo one can see everything that was visible within the angle of view from the pinhole position, limited only by the resolving power of the specific pinhole system
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Project proposal: Rejects

Photography is a link to the simulacrum in which the endless production and reproduction of signs has rendered trivial the relationship between the original and the copy. Susan Sontag defines photograph as ‘trace’ stencilled of reality like a footprint. Photographs are relives of people as they once were.

I have been working in online printing industry for some time now; soon it will be more then two years.
Each year we have so many rejects: photo mugs, mouse mats, photo books, prints, key rings, wallet card, posters and etc.
I think it will be interesting to create an exhibition from the rejected photographic gifts and prints, which we don't want to send to the customers due to the production errors, or some technical issues.
Average person don't think about photographic rejects and how many different printing companies produce them every year. It cost time, money and our environment to get a photo mug or mouse mat. Perhaps we should think about this unwanted rejects as some photographic objects which can damage our environment.
What is the relationship between photography and manufactures and retailers and now digital technology? Does that mean that our very memories are subjects to a damaging commercial exploitation?

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