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Athena Anastasiou
(30 years old. Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: London)
Central St Martins

How do you hold onto memories? When you lose someone who was part of your life or formed it, it's sometimes difficult to remember what your life was like with them or even picturing them. Your new life is formed and the feeling and memories of the old one seems to grow further and further away. This daunting feeling has hovered over me since my mother passed away and has in turn influenced my practice and way of thinking. My work for the degree show was an attempt to hold onto these memories through a personal and generic sense of loss and an emotional uneasiness, which was emphasised by the technique of the piece. This technique being a talking projection painting which constantly shifts between video and painting; between reality and illusion, drawing you into an unfamiliar realm.
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Through my work i attempt to question our existence and its temporality. Is there a life beyond our own and if so is it more permanent then our current lives? I approached this idea by combining the spiritual life within our everyday lives. I convey these spirits using faint video projections (onto canvas) and our lives as painted figures. The video represents a spiritual entity that lives on while the painting becomes a moment in time or a memorial.
For this piece, i would like to make it locational and extend the space by video-ing the room from each wall and project it back onto a canvas which covers each wall. The video will include many people walking around the space and at one point they will pause and envelop someone else's character for a few seconds. The final product will be painted figures onto canvas with spirit like figures (video) roaming between them whom at times step into the painted figures, bringing them to life. The whole canvas will be painted and will mimic the atmosphere of the room. An external spiritual realm will surround the viewer, one which you can see but can't touch.
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