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Benjamin Robert Muir
(29 years old. Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: Exmouth)
University of Sunderland

Born and raised in Devon, I studied photography for 3 years at Exeter College, then moved north to Sunderland for another 3 years where I received a first BA (Hons) degree in Photography, Video and Digital Imaging. Working mostly with portraiture and self-portraiture, I am most interested in producing work that explores themes of identity. Creating images that look at people, their relationships and their emotions, my photography gazes at what makes us human. My work has been described as "putting craftsmanship and invention to the service of symbolism, the so called "tableau" or "directorial mode" photography, of subtly manipulated pseudo-realist imagery"
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Artist Picture
Work of art I would like to make

I want to continue and develop my 'We Need To Talk' project and revisit the couple a year on.

‘We Need To Talk' is a series of self-portraits, creating a photographic critique on relationships. Focusing on the troubles and struggles of being in a relationship, the images do not display the happy side of couple life, but instead capture the downfall of the relationship. The 'honeymoon' period is over; lies, jealousy and distrust flood the images, and there is an uneasy sense of bitterness as the couple put up with each other within the photographs.

'We Need To Talk' addresses a range of concepts, from the unity of identity within relationships, to postmodern issues of the liquidity of gender identity. The work questions the roles of men and women within relationships, as both boyfriend and girlfriend are performed by myself. The body of work is also a self-portrait, of past relationships and personal fears.

I want to continue shooting this project, following the couple in different locations and situations; summer holidays, shopping at Tesco, Christmas dinner, as well as experimenting with different dramas of relationship life; break-ups, make-ups and even more fights.
However, the main reason I would like the opportunity to continue with this work is that I want the development of the project and the act of creating the images to mirror and reflect the couple’s relationship and emotions.
Creating the images is very time consuming, from setting up scenes and lighting, creating the masquerades with make-up and costume, to digitally editing the photographs together. I want to continue with this process until I am sick and tired of it, then after this, frustration and boredom will be exhibited from the characters faces within the images.
The body of work, along with the act of creating it, will question why people stay together in spiteful and tired relationships.

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