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Elizabeth Porter
(58 years old. Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: London)
Ruskin School of Drawing & Fine Art

I thought that whilst I was here, I might acquire a kind of map, a fragment of clarity, find a path by which to negotiate these obstacles, or perhaps find an understanding of how I might have arrived at this place. But this territory seems unchartable. Valleys erupt, Roads fade. Mountains splinter and float. Smooth concrete thaws, crumpling away. Questions blow, seed and multiply. Just as I think I might have a glimpse of the horizon, some clear direction and purpose, everything fractures away into the ocean at my feet. Yet here beside me, with the slightest of things, I have made a raft: a few sticks of wood, a hammer, some nails. Not what I expected to find, but perhaps we coulld chart our own course across this shining, stormy water.
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Drawing is a way of making plans. Yet even drawing the line dawdles from the fantasy of the line, undulates and softens, blackens and hardens. Across the page another line arrives; a smudge unbidden: a mark or tear unintended. Creasing.
I make a story in my head, as I draw, it changes. I would make a place to live in, a shelter, it becomes a roofless cage, a whisper; I would make a sculpture the size of a car, it becomes something I can hold in my hand, I would make a map of where I've been, it becomes a mask; I would make a ladder to climb up to the top, it becomes a trap; I would make a stone boat, it has become a woven thistle.
In the pages of my sketch book I am following the edges of leaves, the light catching on the water, the cracks in the walls, drawing fences, dwellings that move, animals caught in their own traces, But while I plan to make these things, I have furtively gathered some dead wood, some old film, a tin box, a plastic dust sheet. They were scattered across the studio floor amongst the scraps. I turn to find, as I was making plans, that something else has emerged from the debris.
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