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Hideyuki Shoji
(38 years old. Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: London)
Chelsea College

I studyed at Chelsea college art and design BA fine art. A recurring theme in my work involves curiosity in and observation of everyday life. To make the everyday apparent, my work makes an absurd alteration to an object before putting it back into an everyday life situation. My early works dealt with sculpture: using commonplace materials and suggesting alternative points of view within a social situation. This involved materials such as apples/ chewing gum/ suit jacket, using trivial objects as materials to create surprises, shocks or simply imply narrative. To further exploit the realm of the unnoticed and overlooked within the complexities of everyday life, my work has become more performative. The works are no longer purely sculptural. Influenced by Fluxus artists such as Yoko Ono and John Cage the materials I use now enter into exchanges, moving between places and people. My current work is shown as a video documenting a performative activity (based on role play with incongruously placed everyday material). In creating my work, I intervene in a social structure with a performative activity, highlighting through a funny situation the otherwise everyday. Due to the experimental /situational aspects of the work it is possible to gain different results at different times. This has prompted a wider experimentation, taking the work to different European countries in different galleries. The work becomes an interesting observation into the differences/ similarities of response to the same absurd situation in the everyday.
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My proposal for 4 New Sensations is the setting up of a situation in the exhibition space. The situation connects space and gallery cloakroom using based on fixed performative activity involving one big token that created by the artist. I would like to show the connection between exhibition space and everyday space, and my way of challenging the issue of exchanging in everyday life.

To realise the situation, I would like to create performative activity which involves taking my Big Token to the public cloakroom of the Tate Britain and swapping it for their actual token. Then I take the Tate cloakroom token to the exhibition. The whole process will be filmed for the exhibition space. During the normal Tate opening hours, the Tate cloakroom token will be focus of the exhibition space.
At the Tate normal closing time, I return to the Tate and exchange their token for my Big Token.
This happens everyday of the exhibition.
Video documentaion of the process completes the installation.
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