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Hyun Soo Oh
(37 years old. Born in Korea, Republic of. Lives in: London)
Goldsmiths College, University of London

I am addicted to painting and interested in depicting figure and creating my own mythology in painting. I usually work on large-scale paintings because I like to make paintings theatrical and dramatic. To me, the surface of painting is like the stage of my theatre. Since the mural project I did last year that I painted a whole room of a tourist hostel, I wanted viewers to experience my paintings in 3D space. That’s why I displayed paintings on ceiling and walls at my degree show. In my lastest works, the subject matter is ‘Heineken Girl’, the character that I created. ‘Heineken Girl’ is created from inspiration of Heineken that influences my practice and real life. I drink Heineken when I paint, I drink Heineken when I feel fucked up because my life is shit. I apply this character on imaginary story or mythology that I create for painting. Heineken Girl is the one solution for everybody and every problem, and I know this sounds ridiculous, but that is the point. I am a too serious painter, but I want to make joke with painting.
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I would like to expand the idea of experiencing paintings in 3D space. Four paintings will on floor, ceiling and two walls.
The subject matter will be another series of Heineken Girl or possibly new character that is related to Heineken, and another drama will be depicted. The cupids that I always hate will be fighting with Heineken Girl, and more coherent narrative will be depicted as all four paintings are series. If I am given enough time and space for the show, I will make rich oil paintings otherwise I will have to use acrylic and household paint. 'Sensation' does not mean only new medium, it can be arisen with painting.
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