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James-Paul Ancheta
(36 years old. Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: London)
American InterContinental Univ. London

I was born in the Philippines, and raised in California. i started my foundations at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. I had to work for four years after my foundations to help my parents and help raise my niece. I moved to London to finish my Bachelor's in Fashion at AIU-London. Inspired by where I came from, a poor immigrant from a post-colonialist country; coming to America who had colonized it and moving to England, believing I was American. The clothes i create are centered within how ethnicities are shaped within the Western and Westernized societies.
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Being ethnic is a barrier that the future holds to many ethnicities; it will deprive them of their full potential. My work is about experiences and reflections of the conscious and the unconscious prejudices and biases towards ethnic minorities. If chosen, I propose a work reflecting concerns as an ethnic minority to a Western identity who has been discredited for their heritage and ethnic features.
I would create a series of clothes that symbolizes an imaginary scale of size and weight on issues directed at ethnic minorities. The size of these garments would be a staggering culmination of Western garment pieces representing the burden of racial and ethnic stereotypes, in which the pace of progressive tolerance is slowed down.
The pieces of garments would be highlighted by the use of paint. The paint is to reflect on the tribal connection as an ethnic minority, the paint on these clothes would be a dual representation of tribal and Western branding, having a positive and a negative connotation.
This work would focus on the symbolic challenges of discrimination and the difficulties that people of different backgrounds face today and the future.
If I am chosen as one of the "4 New Sensations 2008" I would represent in my work the values and concerns that reflects the futures insecurities through true experiences that will shape our future as different people working towards tolerant societies.

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