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Jean Carabine
(58 years old. Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: Leeds)
Leeds Met University

The last 3years - doing Fine Art - at Leeds Met University have been wonderfully exciting and challenging. My current work is concerned with exploring and evoking humn experience using drawing and painting. My aim is not to produce precise representational images of real people but rather to suggest, through the application of the medium and the use of a figure-like form, sometimes of indeterminate gender and sex, something of what it is to live and feel. The paintings are based loosely on a series of drawings that explore emotional experiences and memories. The initial drawings are a form of emotional processing, reflection and response to being deeply affected by another. I would describe them as a form of drawing through association from experience and memory. Like a number of artists (i.e. Gormley, Michaux and Bourgeoise) I use drawing as an entry point to my unconscious and find it an expressive and direct means for representing deep psychological and emotional experiences. The paintings, which are in oils, take on another function - to transform the very individual and personal experience of the drawings into images that present this experience in ways that speak of the human condition more generally by evoking universally occurring emotional and psychological states. In the paintings I have been exploring and attempting to articulate oneness, the relationship between self and other, the interplay between intimacy and separateness, and longed for merging and necessary differentiation. Some of the paintings are also about alienation, vulnerability and pain and others are about the hidden parts of ourselves. When painting, I tend to work, so as to allow the painting to ?come into being? rather than starting with a worked through planned picture and colour scheme. That said, the composition and placement of the figure/s in the frame is paramount as too is the space around the figure/s and the relationship between figure/s and the ground. This reflects my approach to my practice which is premised on maintaining a capacity for ?Negative Capability?. A methodology advocated by John Keats (1795-1821) this is a quality achieved ??when man is capable of being in uncertainties, Mysteries, doubts, without any irritable reaching after fact & reason...?. My one aim is to be open to whatever emerges. Open to content, means, methods and the material. In practice, this means trying to cultivate a state of being open to what emerges and not seeking to ?know? too soon what the work is about, and to privileging a practice based upon learning from experience. I don?t always manage to achieve this, but it is something I?m continually working towards.
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I would use the opportunity to produce a triptych painting (1 panel 240x90cm and 2 panel 120x90cm)to explore further apsects of human experience. The triptich provides a way to articulate and experiment with oneness, the relationship between self and other, the interplay between intimacy and separateness, and longed for merging and necessary differeientation.
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