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Jenna Young
(30 years old. Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: London)

Having completed my degree in Textiles at Goldsmiths, London, I feel that I am on the brink of something. Something good. Living in London, being surrounded by creative people and endless influences, I feel a constant compulsion to experience and understand my surroundings through my work. The completion of my degree is merely a beginning, and I feel in awe of what is to come. My current work takes the form of clothing, but it is NOT fashion. I make things that encase, affect, distort and restrict the human form, believing its relevance to be high and yet often overlooked. My work is a response to the topic of clothing itself, used as a prop, in a ritual action of dressing. As a society, our reliance on visual representation and communication is extreme, and I feel a need to respond to this. We are often encouraged to achieve an unattainable ideal image, identity or persona. It is this constant, futile struggle that interests me, and the moments of hope and happiness leading to inevitable failure. The work itself draws upon ideas of self-sacrifice and punishment, but doesn't take itself too seriously. Concentrating upon the relationship of clothing and its wearer, each garment worn forces itself into the wearers conscious, each piece unwearable until an action is performed by the wearer. The garment requires both physical and psychological interaction at all times. Functionality is questioned, as when each garment is altered the wearer is left unable to move in a different way, the garments themselves ultimately useless.
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Artist Picture
Work of art I would like to make

Following on from my degree show exhibition, I am still exploring the interaction between the body and clothing. If chosen, I would like to make work which questions the relevance of clothing and appearance in today's society and explores the darker elements of my previous work further.
This would involve possibly making another set of props or garments, which would then be recorded perhaps in film or photography, or used in performance.
I want to continue exploring themes of power, restriction and status. The relationship of wearer and object drawn upon in my current work is an obsessive, ritualistic one and I feel this is of great importance. My work will draw on the current commercialised nature of the fashion industry and celebrity culture, in relation to the individual. The juxtaposition of the singular and the mass is also an area I would like to explore.
The worlds obessesion with image shows no sign of slowing, and I would like to question its relevance and place in today's society. Within a century labeled that of the 'mass', I would like to investigate how the individual can establish oneself, particularly through a visual language, and how important it is to do this.
My past work has been accessible to its audience, and I would like to sustain this quality. Communication of ideas is key to my practice. Clothing is an item which has a commonality, and I want to draw upon this further. When producing any new work, the audience is of major importance to me, and I feel responses to my work allow me to grow and progress in my practice. I feel that the work that I am currently producing, and that I would produce if I were chosen, would be a natural, yet challenging progression and a result of critical personal analysis and public response to my own work.
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