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John Greene
(31 years old. Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: Birmingham)
Birmingham Institute of Art and Design

My practice incorporates the idea of ‘self’ as a concept. Within this I create certain characters out of aspects of my personality, most recently out of my fascination with icons, vanity, self-obsession and narcissism. These are often realised through the creation of characters played out by myself through photography, installation, painting and video works, or by someone else through the vehicle of filmic narrative. The use of scripted film and acting as a director allows opportunities to create situations of which I have experienced in my life, and to relive them with more emphasis on the psychology of the situation.
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If chosen as a New Sensation finalist I would like to make a short film, in which I kill the character of ‘John Greene’ the narcissist. This would be a scripted film starring myself, incorporating two aspects of my previous practice, creating a situation for the character and acting it out myself. The major influence of the chase scene is the Hollywood action/drama genres. I intend to make as many references to typical Hollywood chase scenes, pouring rain, derelict buildings, iconic lighting and a twist at the end. Taking reference from the Ridley Scott film Bladerunner, I would like the characters to have quite a philosophical dialogue between them, so the audience begins to sympathise with the hunted narcissist, and instead of the typical gunshot dramatisation, have the character just end, as if living is just too much. This twist would question the chase, what was the reason for hunting the entity that was so unhappy with life that he merely chose to end. It also references the original Narcissus who faded away watching his reflection, the chase symbolises the chase and pursuit of the fanciful nymphs of which tried to win his affections and eventually conspired against him with Eros and Nemesis. This will be the beginning and eventual end of a body of works exploring the death of the character the narcissist. I intend to produce a very beautifully shot chase scene, which has painterly qualities and compels the viewer to consider the composition of the piece.
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