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Katie Jean Howe
(29 years old. Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: Crawley)
Southampton Solent University

The series of drawings, The Unrequited Tales of Edwina and Gertrude, are brought together through the reflection of unrequited love. The drawings are influenced by selected moments of the reality overlapping with the fantasised. The title of the work refers to the fictional characters invented by the two people involved in the real life (hi)story: the alter egos Gertrude and Edwina 'live' within a range of settings made up throughout the tales. The collection and selection of text messages, photographs and moving images become a major part of the creative process. This enables me to use my imagination to produce the drawings. When placed together, the drawings structure a narrative, allowing a history, a placement, and a common figurative representation within the story. A non-linear narrative is important for the work. The drawings become more accessible when installed into an exhibition space, allowing the viewer to become part of the work. Social commentary and personal interaction are themes throughout previous work, as well as a key theme in The Unrequited Tales of Edwina and Gertrude. These documented interactions are reflections of my own transitory existence.
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The drawings of The Unrequited Tales of Edwina and Gertrude memorialise the imagined experience, ignoring reality. Only then the characters of The Unrequited Tales of Edwina and Gertrude exist together in the fantasy spaces created. There is a self-imposed responsibility to keep the imagined alive. I propose to make for the new sensation 09 exhibition a electrical tape utopia for Edwina and Gertrude to exist within. The imagination and desire are translated into a visual language, such as three-dimensional drawings, transforming the anguish into something tangible. The narrative of The Unrequited Tales of Edwina and Gertrude needs to be in some sense vague and malleable so that it can be given a personal interpretation by the viewer.
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