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Lavinia Lascaris
(30 years old. Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: London)
Richmond, The American International Uni

Having graduated from an American University I have had the opportunity to study and practice various fields of art. I have produced work through drawing, painting, photography, digital work, video and animation but I have recently discovered a stronger passion for sculpture and its potential through installation art. The themes that I am currently most interested in concern the exploration of organic forms in relation to each other and their position in space. I like to examine these forms by translating them into drawings and paintings and vice versa. Furthermore, I attempt through my work to create an experience for the viewers by incorporating their presence and movements in the artwork and making them part of it.
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In the modern world there has been a constant battle between analog and digital processes. People have gone from making everything by hand to finding ways to completely eliminate handmade processes. This situation will continue to affect everyday life in areas which technology has touched.
However, there other areas of the world that cannot even conceive the concept of technology and the use of machinery. Their future is much less affected by change due to the fact that people with power are trying to keep them underdeveloped in order to profit from the assets of their land.
If I am given the chance to make this project I plan to make a statement about the different futures of different places of the world, using materials that will represent them accordingly. I will try to find out how people form different places of the world perceive their own future as personal and as a social matter.
I plan to do this using a digital process to make objects that are handmade. By taking a picture of a picture on a screen, the image gets slightly distorted. By repeating this process several times, an image is created that resembles only slightly to the original photograph. I wish to use several of these distortions as representations of development and as inspirations to make large-scale sculptures and paintings that will interrelate with each other and the space around them. Each one of these sculptures will represent different views of the future from diverse people.
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