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Lindsey Anne Tetlow
(32 years old. Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: Liverpool)
Liverpool Hope University

I am 23 years old and having completed my Fine Art degree I am continuing to work independently on my performance and sculptural works. These are organic forms born from performance and installed site-specifically. Exploring life cycles, I have returned to the use of paper as a basic material, constructing and working with its intrinsic properties. Wrapping the paper around me, the sculpture then "gives birth" to me and is left and allowed to exhale over a period of time. Documentation is vital to my work.
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I have been considering the development of the inner living environment of my sculptures that envelopes me and makes my relationship to the work unique. I would further like to convey to an audience the experience of being inside the sculptures and I feel that the next stage would be to continue with documentation of the construction process to create a video that explores the life cycle of the sculpture inside and out. I would like to live inside one of my forms for a period of time to experience the greater disorientation effects that it would have on my emergence and strengthen my relationship to the work as a residue of my performance.

If I were to emerge into the world in 25 years time, almost as though in suspended animation, paper may have become a precious material due to Global warming effects and a growing necessity for trees to remain planted to offset the effects. As my sculptures are viewed as organic growths, I would like to make a video to "document" this emergence from a sculpture that has established itself in 2033 as an artefact of a time when new un-recycled paper was readily available to artists to use and experiment with. It would also be interesting to "document" the reaction of an audience in 25 years who may well be engrossed in cosmetic enhancement and beauty, to witness myself emerge from the sculpture when people may well expect a beautiful butterfly instead.
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