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Lucy Charles
(29 years old. Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: Huddersfield)

My work tends to be about those things you hear of a long way down the grape vine. Something I was told as a kid was to “Never trust a man with a swallow on his neck” and it’s these regional ‘rules of thumb’ that provide the work with ammo, fuel for tales, narratives and ridicule. Coming from a small Yorkshire village has filled my head with local myths – about how far the village idiot can walk when he’s off his face on amphetamines or how a lad got hit between the eyes with a dart or how there’s lynx’s living in Walton woods or how Grace Cooper has got an ovary up her arse. Sometimes weird things like this remind me of feeling uneasy as a kid – hearing stories about ‘Griffles’ that appear with only the ears. Only the ears. Or reminiscing about plain disturbing TV programmes where a doll with no face gets stuck in lifts and teaches us morals.
Artist photo
Artist Picture
Work of art I would like to make

The piece I would like to make would be a video / film illustrating a clash of the fantastical and the grit of the day to day goings on in my village.

An important motif that has come up in my work is the two green ears.
They hovver, flirt and threaten to do something, to make something happen, they feel ominous and eerie.

They come from the memory of seeing them appear in the Puddle Lane learn to read books of the 80's and they belong to a 'monster' called the Griffle.
However, the 'monster' is tall and slender and quite sexual, he only appears to two children and dissappears when there are adults about.

This basic fear of the Griffle as a kid has developed into assumptions and fabrications based on local wierdos and predators, and media fuelled hype.

The Griffle would be that small time drug dealer that nobody was actually afraid of but everyone was particularly nice to, he would own a staffodshire bull terrier called Kev, he would set off fire works in bins, he would go on holiday and sell his knock off cigs to 10yr olds on his return, he would take a boom box round the resevoir and dance alone to extreme euphoria, he would go home twice a day for a wank, he would eat salad cream sandwiches.

The film would feature the Griffle going about his business (as above) and conversing with the local youth in a fly on the wall kind of way, but the film would also have some voierstic, ammatuer like footage of the Griffle alone, illustrating the sad and disturbing eventuality of an addict / waster.

The film would be focussed on providing a humorous but provoking reflection of life, society and the youths potential, or whether they would still like to see their immediate world like this in 25yrs time.

I think the film will also act as a revelation for some people or authorities that need to take a look at who the latest government initiative is missing.

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