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Michael Davis
(33 years old. Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: London)
Camberwell College of Arts

As a contemporary painter I believe in an experiential account of aesthetic value. This is not the only value structure I believe relevant in contemporary art, but it is the area I am most concerned in addressing through my practice. From a materialist view I explore painting's possibilities; composition, pictoral depth, colour values, surface etc. as each piece develops individually through a cyclic process of intuition, chance, control and analysis. Recent developments I have undertaken introduce increasingly systematic and disciplined methods of approaching a painting. These methodologies champion, reassess and question modernist ideals, and the making of a painting.
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In terms of size, the paintings I would make are dependant on the space that they are to be shown in. It is essential in my current work because of the mathematical ratios contained in its conception and the resultant composition. The space around them is crucial as I see the wall as active in how the dynamics of each painting work, in the relation of the paintings to each other, to the viewer and the space containing them.
I would expect to continue devising systems and mechanisms that result in paintings which invite prolonged and engaged aesthetic processing from the individual.
The abundance and relative nature of information available to us in our daily lives leads me to search maths and science for existential meanings, but here too the answers provide further questions. This is one reason that I believe the role of searching in itself can furnish and serve purpose of solutions and greater awareness.
In some ways (in25yrs) I see the gallery space as reclaiming the role of sanctuary for direct experience and the contemplation of value (in wider society). I perceive existence in our ever more instantaneous and isolated culture as driving this shift. I would link this to what I see as an increasing postmodern disconnection from purpose and searching for value through the transcendental. I aim my work in the future to facilitate these possibilities.
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