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Neil Jefferies
(31 years old. Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: Cardiff)
UWIC Howard Gardens

I am currently working through a series of durational performances entitled the ‘Gin Series’ that are inspired by the actions and objects that inhabit the multifaceted world of British Society on the lash! Each performance consists of me, smartly dressed and wielding a large bottle of cheap gin, carrying out a single action that is physically taxing but also faithfully mirrors one from the world outside the gallery. This action is repeated again and again while drinking from the bottle of gin until I am no longer able to manage the task I have set myself.
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Artist Picture
Work of art I would like to make

Binge drinking and the public’s awareness of the phenomena is at present on the increase and there is no reason to believe that in 25 years time this increase will be significantly curbed. Because of this, if selected for the ‘Four New Sensations’ show, I would create another piece from the ongoing body of performances, titled the ‘Gin Series’, that I am currently working through as they deal specifically with this subject matter.
This version would be the seventh work in the sequence and would reflect the possibility of excess drinking further permeating the fabric of our every day existence. The performance, ‘Gin series [7]’ would involve the simple process of building a household barbeque scène which would include a brick barbeque, a table and chairs, a gazebo and an array of other outdoor paraphernalia all of which would be constructed from scratch over a period of about five hours. While this is being attempted I will be drinking from the ever present bottle of cheap gin which will lead to my actions mutating from controlled to haphazard. After a number of hours my movement will become so heavy handed due to my intoxication that not only will the process of construction become significantly more difficult but I could even begin to damage parts of the scène I have already erected or even unintentionally decimate it completely.

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