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Puiyin Wong
(30 years old. Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: London)
London College of Communication

Throughout my final year on my degree, I have developed a strong interest in turning photography into the subject matter itself as well as the tool; what and how a photograph can show but the human eye cannot experience in real life. Also, having suffered from a long-term and potentially never healing medical condition, I am using my photography to express my frustration and my slow acceptance of this condition being a part of me. I no longer keep asking why, instead, I use my ability as a photographer to express certain feelings that many other might feel the same.
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Our society nowadays is getting more and more stressful and competitive; many more are suffering from stress related / mental health conditions. If one has not experienced this, then it is very hard to understand how disabling it can be. Being someone who has been going through a stress related condition, I want to use my photography to gain more awareness on this matter.

My degree show’s work Room C3C7 might not seem to be relevant to this, but in fact, it is my very subtle way to express my feelings, I feared a more confronted approach might not be accepted by others as mental health issue is still a taboo subject for many. However I really would like to fully express how I feel in a more direct way if I were chosen as a New Sensation.

In 25 years time, our society will only be more and more stressful and potentially more people will have to suffer from such conditions, though, not many people like to admit they are a sufferer in case others would label them. However, to admit it is the first step towards recovery. As a patient, I have broken the barrier of feeling ashamed of my problems, now I would like to use my photography as a channel to encourage the society to be more acceptance on this subject. I want to take one of the leads to say there is nothing to be ashamed of from suffering mental health conditions.
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