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William Syrus Gharraie
(31 years old. Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: Newcastle)
Newcastle University

Recently I have tried to articulate the private history of an emotion or sensation through abstract painting, to record the personal experiences and associations that have helped to mould such feelings. Given that a painting is static and to be appreciated by the viewer immediately, unlike a novel or a film, I have sought to achieve this sense of remembered time by incorporating the artistic process into the finished composition, thereby imparting a narrative structure to the work. Sections of canvas are left un-sized while other motifs are left unfinished so as to impart a troubling dynamism to each piece.
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I hope to develop this approach to painting by working in more
figurative elements. People, places and objects will percolate
increasingly into my work but their forms will be rendered ambiguous
and made to fit into the overarching abstract structure of each
painting. My next project will include a large mural, accompanied by a
sequence of seven small panel paintings. Through this arrangement, I
will experiment with different ways of achieving narrative form
through painting. Motifs and recognisable images will be re-worked
across this sequence.

My attitude towards painting has been influenced through engaging with
other art forms such as music and literature. In particular, I have
been influenced by reading modernist writers such as Marcel Proust and
William Faulkner who were preoccupied with mimicking, in narrative
form, the effects and workings of memory. I intend to develop a more
flexible method of painting that can incorporate references to other
artworks in a similar manner to that developed by painters such as
Philip Guston and R.B. Kitaj. A more referential idiom will allow me
to expand the social scope of my painting but still permit me to root
all of this in the reserve of personal experience that has already
informed my work.
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