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Artist Retreats

Austin Arts Center, 300 Summit St., Trinity College, Hartford, CT 06106-3100 (865) 436-5860. Hosts artists-in-residence in fine arts, theater, music, and dance. (visual and performing arts)

Djerassi Resident Artists Program

Now in its 28th year, the Djerassi Resident Artists Program is internationally recognized as one of the eminent artist residency programs. We strive to provide the best possible residency experience for artists of superior talent from a diverse range of backgrounds and geographical locations. As stewards of a unique and beautiful property, we also seek to preserve the land and use our facilities wisely and efficiently for maximum benefit to the artists and with the least impact on the environment.

Youth in Focus

Time (k)NOW, a two-phased after-school series offering 228 hours of skill-building classes in digital photography and written/oral texts led by four artists/peer mentors for 17 youth culminating in two public exhibitions.

Young Shakespeare Workshop

Summer Program, two artists will lead a summer-long sequential series offering 400 hours of instruction and rehearsals in Shakespearean theater for 40 youth culminating in ten public performances for all ages.

Washington Ensemble Theatre

Queer Teen Ensemble, 15 artists will lead a two-month after-school series offering 100 hours of scriptwriting and ensemble theater workshops exploring identity and building community for 20 youth and culminating in four public performances.

SouthEast Effective Development

Public Art Workshop, a year-long after-school program with three artists offering 45 at-risk youth 100 hours of multi-media design and fabrication art training culminating in the creation, installation and unveiling of a site-specific work.

Seattle Scenic Studios

Technical Internship, six theater artists will lead a nine-week session offering eight youth 90 hours of scenic and prop design instruction and mentoring using state-of-the-art tools and showcasing sets at local theater productions.

Seattle International Film Festival

Superfly Filmmaking, a two-day intensive workshop, in which 20 artists will offer 60 hours of digital filmmaking training and hands-on mentoring to 50 youth grouped in teams. The teams will produce and screen four short films, all based on the same script.

Seattle Chamber Players

SCP Meets the Boombox, a six-week after-school residency workshop for 20 diverse students with no formal experience with music who, with the guidance of six artists, will develop their own compositions to be performed by the Chamber Players in an informal concert.

Seattle Center for Book Arts

Book Arts Workshop, a year-long session led by three artists offering 1,160 youth over 100 hours of bookmaking and bookbinding techniques and formats and culminating in numerous exhibits at branch libraries citywide.

Richard Hugo House

Scribes, a three-part, year-long series offering 400 hours of written/spoken word training. Led by 12 artists for 1,000 youth, the workshops focus on playwriting, poetry, zines and short fiction for publication and readings.

Reel Grrls

Reel Grrls, a three-part, winter/spring/fall series led by eight artists and mentors offering 95 hours of media literacy/filmmaking training for 85 diverse young women, and culminating in three public screenings of their work.

Pratt Fine Arts Center

Youth Art Works, a four-quarter, after-school/weekend series offering 4,080 hours of hands-on, multi-arts instruction led by six artists for 246 youth culminating in community exhibits after each term.

Phffft! Dance Theatre Company

Dance Empowerment, a four-month series offering 50 hours of dance and choreography with tech production and marketing instruction led by four artists for 10 youth culminating in a public performance inspired by participants' life experiences.

Pacific Northwest Blues in the Schools

Five artists will offer a five-week after-school workshop for 30 Beacon Hill/Georgetown youth, culminating in a community concert. Forty-eight hours of training in singing, playing and writing are integrated with the blues, Langston Hughes' poetry, African American history and culture.

Music Northwest

Chamber Music Camp, a week-long summer training offering 210 hours of individual and group music instruction by six artists for 45 youth at all levels culminating in a free recital and awards ceremony.

Jack Straw Productions

Blind Youth Audio, a summer series offering eight visually-impaired youth specially accessible audio technology and 35 hours of sequential, hands-on audio creation and production training led by eight artists. Students will create their own audio art presented at a public event, and on radio, Web and a podcast.

Gage Academy of Art

Teen Art Studio, a year-long, free, weekly drop-in series serving 400 youth with a safe, creative art studio environment and 150 hours of mixed-media instruction by 12 artists, culminating in at least one public exhibit of the teens' work.

Coyote Central

Coyote Reach, a series of fall/winter, after-school and weekend, mixed-media workshops at multiple sites, totaling 8,000 hours led by 18 artists for 400 youth culminating in two showcases at the end of each session.

Arts in Motion

2nd Line Drum Corps, a seven-month after-school program in which an artist will offer 15 South Seattle youth 180 hours of jazz drumming classes and field trips culminating in three community performances.

Arts Corps

Winter After-School Program, offering free, eight-week, community-based arts classes led by 15 artists in sites all over the city, who will provide 340 hours of multi-arts training for 250 diverse and at-risk youth culminating in a community showcase.

911 Media Arts Center

Reel Eyes, a 15-week, after-school series offering 60 hours of digital filmmaking/media literacy workshops led by four artists for 12 youth who will produce short films focused on personal and community experience culminating with a public screening.

826 Seattle

Picturing Change, two artists will offer a nine-week comic book workshop series providing 30 hours of training for 45 youth culminating in a published anthology and reading.


Greater Manchester Voluntary Sector Support (VSS) is a diverse partnership of support organisations (often called infrastructure) that has come together to provide a range of coordinated services to frontline voluntary, community and faith sector (VCFS) organisations in Greater Manchester. VSS aims to ensure that high quality and relevant support to the VCFS in Greater Manchester is available and accessible to all, structured and organised for maximum efficiency and effectiveness, is sustainably funded and promotes and reflects diversity. The new website includes a directory of infrastructure support services for VCFS organisations and groups in Greater Manchester as well as providing news and information relevant to the sector. It is also envisaged that the site will become the shared work space for infrastructure support staff, offering the opportunity to work collaboratively on development. In addition, the site will allow us to inform other sectors and the general public of news and information about the sector in Greater Manchester.


DiGM (pronounced DIME), is Greater Manchester's central dance organisation, providing a whole range of opportunities for dance. We are delighted to announce the launch of our new website. DiGM's work covers a range of areas from community grants for dance in the districts, to the international dance festival Urban Moves. DiGM works with dance artists and companies, arts organisations, community groups, venues, local authorities and funders. DiGM do the following: * Deliver workshops & classes, residencies, commissions & performance opportunities. * Provide grants, bursaries, training, advice & information. * Aim to continue to increase opportunities for dance in the region, and to help put it firmly on the dance map!

Launch of Artists and Education Website - www.artistsandeducation.org

Artists and Education are a not for profit arts organisation that specialise in the delivery of arts provision for young people across the North West. We provide a number of different services including project management, continuous professional development, Artsmark Validation, events management and research and consultancy. We work in partnership with residency hosts (for example schools or community centres) to design and deliver artists residencies or projects. This includes finding suitable artists - we have currently in excess of 100 artists from a wealth of disciplines across the arts on our database - identifying project aims and outcomes, proving support and guidance for both artists and hosts and evaluating finished projects. We provide training programmes for artists and teachers. We deliver Artsmark training sessions for schools wishing to apply for Artsmark, and INSET sessions for teachers covering subjects from making the most of an artists residency to creating illustration with early years. For further information contact Jo@artistsandeducation.org

Youth Arts Starter Kit

A new Youth Arts Starter Kit has been launched by Artsplan, useful for anyone who is starting to work together with young people in the arts and would like a range of tools to support them in their work. The Youth Arts Starter Kit has been produced by Artswork, the national youth arts development agency, as part of their Artsplan department. All training and publications are written by experienced youth arts specialists, currently involved in a variety of project work through the UK. The kit contains a 441 page Youth Arts Directory, the youth arts funding guide titled Get Sorted: how to get organised, sort the budget and go for funding for your youth arts project, plus three sets of practical guidelines. For further details, or if you would like to purchase a Youth Arts Starter Kit please contact Jay Barron on 023 8063 0960 or email artsplan@artswork.org.uk .

Talented Young People

Are you aged between 13 and 24 years of age? Have you got a talent you want to share with the world? Have you run out of ideas on how to progress your talent any further? Do you want to know what it would take to achieve your dreams? If the answer to any of these questions is yes then help is finally on hand. Next week sees the launch of a new website which aims to help create more young stars. Talented Young People, the brainchild of Adam Sibley from Cornwall, is a free to use online resource tool for young people to further their talents. The website is jam packed with useful information and guides on how to further or pursue your talents. As well as a tips and advice section there is also an ask an expert section where each week viewers on the website will be able to put their questions to an industry expert.

Youth Media Fund

The Youth Media Fund (YMF), a £6 million fund announced by the Chancellor in his last budget, is being launched by the Department for Education and Skills and will help young people have a positive voice in the media. The aim of the fund is to give 13-19 year olds lifelong skills in media production, opportunities to boost their social and personal development, and a platform for their voices to be heard. The Youth Media Fund will offer grants for film, radio, television, print, photography and interactive media projects ranging from £1,000 to £80,000 to be completed and distributed by March 2008. Young people will be at the core of the Youth Media Fund at every stage, from inception to final delivery. YMF will be delivered by a consortium led by First Light Movies, in partnership with the UK Film Council, the Media Trust and Skillset. The brand name and identity of YMF will be revealed in early December 2006. Please send your CV - highlighting your previous assessment experience and your media knowledge, to: Leigh Thomas, Executive Director, Youth Media Fund, First Light Movies, The Bond, 180-182 Fazeley Street, Birmingham. B5 5SE. Tel: 0121 753 4866. Email: leigh@firstlightmovies.com

Youth Music funding

Subject to Youth Music's funding being confirmed by Arts Council England beyond 31 March 2007, there are three Open Programmes that you can apply to: First Steps - creative music-making for children aged 0-5 (please note that the First Steps programme has been revised); Make It Sound – music-making for 5-18 year olds who otherwise lack the chance to take part; Vocalise! – for programmes where the voice is the main instrument. For further information phone 020 7902 1060 or email info@youthmusic.org.uk

YouthBank UK

YouthBank is an innovative UK-wide grantmaking initiative run by young people for young people. Local YouthBanks provide small grants to projects led by young people, of benefit to the community and that also benefit the young people taking part. YouthBank is unique in that it is young people themselves who make decisions about how local YouthBanks are managed and run and, through a Board of young people, also direct the UK-wide programme. Each YouthBank decides its own criteria for grant giving and processes for applying for funds. Some have a standard form that you will need to fill in and others will require a letter of application; many will allow you to apply in different ways for example by using a video or story board. For more information, including where to find your nearest YouthBank, please contact YouthBank UK on 0116 242 7446 or by email at youthbank@nya.org.uk

Rupert Rhymes Bursary

Stage One is now accepting applications for the Rupert Rhymes Bursary. This award is aimed at those in their early stages of a career in theatre production or administration. It was founded as an opportunity to provide successful candidates with a unique opportunity to do something that is not catered for by other bursary schemes, through a financial award of £2,000. The deadline for applications is January 31st 2007. Further information relating to this award can be found on the website along with application information - http://www.stageone.uk.com/bursaries.htm#work Please email for any further information - enquiries@stageone.uk.com

The 32nd Annual Young Filmmakers Film & Video Festival

The 32nd Annual Young Filmmakers Film & Video Festival Northwest Film Center

4th Annual Wildlife and Nature Art Expo

4th Annual Wildlife and Nature Art Expo Fort Worden State Park

Call for Artists

Call for Artists Nightingale Gallery

Welcome the Rain! Festival and Sculpture Contest

Welcome the Rain! Festival and Sculpture Contest East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District

2008 Art Kudos International Juried Competition

2008 Art Kudos International Juried Competition

Call for Exhibtion Proposals

Call for Exhibtion Proposals Lower Columbia College

Temporary Art Exhibition Proposals Being Accepted

Temporary Art Exhibition Proposals Being Accepted Washington State Convention & Trade Center Art Committee


Artopia Artopia Seattle

Call for juried exhibition of fine art photography

Call for juried exhibition of fine art photography Washignton State Convention & Trade Center

Call for ISAFF 2008 Submissions

Call for ISAFF 2008 Submissions Independent South Asian film festival (ISAFF)Posted: 4/11/08

National Playwriting Competition

National Playwriting Competition East West Players

South Wastewater Treatment Plant Exterior Water Feature

South Wastewater Treatment Plant Exterior Water Feature 4Culture

Steve Cox Memorial Park Exterior Artwork

Steve Cox Memorial Park Exterior Artwork 4Culture

Public Artist Roster

Public Artist Roster Washington State Arts Commission

Call for artists working in recycled materials

Call for artists working in recycled materials Washington CEO Magazine

Public Art Opportunity - Lynnwood, WA

Public Art Opportunity - Lynnwood, WA City of Lynnwood Arts Commission

Electronic 4Culture - Call for Artists

Electronic 4Culture - Call for Artists 4Culture

Roster of Teaching Artists

Roster of Teaching Artists Washington State Arts Commission

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