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Seeking Artists, Musicians, Performing Groups

Thomas Hammer Coffee is seeking visual artists, musicians, and performing groups for future First Fridays. Contact Paul Flanary at spikepunk2@hotmail.com or (509) 747-9156. Contact Information: Thomas Hammer Coffee Contact Email: spikepunk2@hotmail.com Contact Phone: (509) 747-9156 Response Deadline: 12/1/2008

Sound Transit, Seattle WA + STart Roster

In order to create a talent pool of qualified artists to draw from, Sound Transit’s Public Art Program – STart – has established a commissioned artist roster. Artists of all media and experience levels are encouraged to apply. Commissions are offered based on project need, so not all artists on the roster will receive a commission. This is an open call for submissions, and there is no deadline to apply. For information log on to http://www.soundtransit.org/working/art/howto.asp. Contact Information: STart Contact Email: main@soundtransit.org Contact Phone: (206) 398-5000 Response Deadline: 12/1/2008

Public Art Program + Juried Artist Roster

Bainbridge Island Public Art Program invites local and regional NW artists, designers, curators, and crafts persons to apply for its Juried Artists Roster. The roster will be used for selecting artists for site-specific commissions, building parts, portable works, curatorial projects, and design team members and as a resource for local builders, architects, and interior designers. Deadline: On-going. For more information log on to http://www.artshum.org or http://www.pub-art@artshum.org. Contact Information: Bainbridge Island Public Art Program Contact Email: contact@artshum.org Contact Phone: 206-842-7901 Response Deadline: 12/1/2008

New York City Department of Cultural Affairs Image Registration

The New York City Department of Cultural Affairs is the largest public funder of arts and culture in the country. The registry is open to any professional visual artist residing in the United States. http://www.nyc.gov Contact Information: Kate D. Levin Contact Email: N/A Contact Phone: 212-513-9300 Response Deadline: 12/1/2008

City of San Diego, California Public Art Program

Call for artists interested in inclusion in the list of art consultants and art planners. This list is given upon request to private developers who need art in their projects. http://www.sandiego.gov/arts-culture/publicart.shtml Contact Information: Linda Sokol Contact Email: lsokol@sandiego.gov Contact Phone: 619-236-6778 Response Deadline: 12/1/2008

City of Palm Desert Public Slide Registry

The City of Palm Desert, California invites professional artists to submit slides of current works for consideration in the Art in Public Places Commission. http://www.palmdesertart.org/slidereg.asp Contact Information: Richard L. Twedt Contact Email: rtwedt@ci.palm-desert.ca.us Contact Phone: (760) 346-0611 Response Deadline: 12/1/2008

City of San Antonio Artist Registry

The City of San Antonio invites you to participate in upcoming public art opportunities by submitting qualifications to the artist registry. All previously registered artists are encouraged to update materials at this time. http://www.sanantonio.gov/publicworks/pubart/registry.htm Contact Information: Tamara Langwell Contact Email: tamara.langwell@sanantonio.gov Contact Phone: (210) 207-5951 Response Deadline: 12/1/2008

Online Portfolios for Visual Artists

Online artist portfolios created by ArtPromote.com. Free for low income, student, and disabled artists who do not have their own websites. For established artists there is a modest one time administration fee. ArtPromote.com averages over 450,000 page views every month; artists can gain significant exposture by using this service. To apply follow the instructions under “Add an Artist” at http://www.artpromote.com/artists/ Deadline is on-going. Contact Information: www.ArtPromote.com Contact Email: info@artpromote.com Contact Phone: N/A Response Deadline: 12/1/2008

Artwork Sought for First Thursdays Ain the Pearl at Poster Garden

Showcases fine art and crafts in a range of media. They offer free space for 8-10 artists in their ground level showroom; also feature one to two additional artists in their second floor gallery. send jpeg samples or a link to your web site to art@postergarden.com http://art.PosterGarden.com No deadline Contact Information: Poster Garden Contact Email: art@postergarden.com Contact Phone: N/A Response Deadline: 12/1/2008

Artist Trust

Artist Trust provides valuable information about activities and services, and are vital to the Washington State artists of all disciplines that Artist Trust serves. http://www.artisttrust.org/services/listing/instructions Contact Information: Artist Trust Contact Email: info@artisttrust.org Contact Phone: 206-467-8734 Response Deadline: 12/1/2008

Timber Stand Gallery

The Timber Stand Gallery has moved to a new location in downtown Sandpoint. They are now at 225 Cedar Street and are looking for more artists to represent. They need jewelry, pottery, and painters. For more information e-mail info@timberstand.com or call (208) 263-7748. Contact Information: Timber Stand Gallery Contact Email: info@timberstand.com Contact Phone: 208-263-7748 Response Deadline: 12/1/2008

West Central Neighborhood in Spokane

The West Central Neighborhood in Spokane WA is seeking an experienced urban mural artist who is: passionate about transforming economically disadvantaged, inner-city neighborhoods; depicting the history and culture of place; committed to empowering local individuals and especially youth; recruting and managing volunteers, and possibly helping to organize a comprehensive urban arts program. Interested applicants should contact Patrick Malone at 509-533-4706 or pmalone@iel.spokane.edu and submit a detailed resume with references specifically citing past and recent urban mural projects along with a brief essay explaining why they are applying and what outcome the project should anticipate at the end of the first 2 years, and salary or commission compensation ranges. Contact Information: Patrick Malone Contact Email: pmalone@iel.spokane.edu Contact Phone: 509-533-4706 Response Deadline: 12/1/2008

The Artist's Place.com

The Artist’s Place.com, an affordable website gallery is calling all artists, artisans, and crafters. The Artist’s Place.com will feature both two and three dimensional art, as well as high quality craftsmanship, and is a place for both artists, artisans, and crafts persons to connect with art lovers. The online gallery will take no commission, nor arrange for sales. That will be completely done between the artists and the art lover. The Artist’s Place Online Gallery will advertise in publications, both local and national, that will bring it to the attention of interested parties, so as to give the participants the very broadest possible spectrum of viewers. Plans are offered for three, six, and twelve month plans. For more information contact Shirley Erlandsen at (509) 535-5167 or shirleyerlandsen@gmail.com. Contact Information: Shirley Erlandsen Contact Email: shirleyerlandsen@gmail.com Contact Phone: 509-535-5167 Response Deadline: 12/1/2008

Contest For Original Artists’ Books on Evolution

Gonzaga University’s Foley Center Library is accepting submissions of original artists’ books that faithfully represent the science of evolution or the political and social history of evolutionary theory in an artistic codex, scroll, volvelle or other book arts forms. Submissions will be entered into a contest to celebrate the legacy of Charles Darwin. The winning entries and Darwin will be celebrated at a reception on Darwin’s birthday, February 12 (2009/TBA), the 200th anniversary of Darwin’s birth and the 150th anniversary year of the publication of his seminal work, “On the Origin of Species.” The deadline is October 31st and all entries must be postmarked by that date. For more information, including rules and entry forms, visit www.gonzaga.edu/Academics/Libraries/Foley-Library/Events/Darwin/default.asp. Contact Information: Adrian Pauw Contact Email: pauwa@gonzaga.edu Contact Phone: (509) 313-3844 Response Deadline: 10/31/2008

Metropolitan Opera District Auditions

The Metropolitan Opera District Auditions are coming back to Spokane on Oct. 19th 2008. Three winners will be chosen to go on to the Regional Auditions in Seattle. The winners there will go directly to the Metropolitan Auditions in New York City. For more info call 509-535-7051 Contact Information: Marie Moe Contact Email: N/A Contact Phone: 509-535-7051 Response Deadline: 10/19/2008

City of Oakland - Request for Qualifications

Artists living in California, Oregon, and Washington State are invited to submit their qualifications for the opportunity to design, fabricate and install public art to be integrated into the new East Oakland Sports Center at Ira Jinkins Park in Oakland, CA.The budget is $150,000 and RFQ Applications are available through CAFÉ: www.callforentry.org. For more information visit www.oaklandculturalarts.org or call (510) 238-2105. Deadline to enter is Tuesday, October 16th Contact Information: Steven Huss Contact Email: shuss@oaklandnet.com Contact Phone: 510-238-2105 Response Deadline: 10/16/2008

The Metropolitan Opera District Auditions

The Metropolitan Opera District Auditions are coming back to Spokane! Patrice Munsel will be the host and will be presenting the awards to the winners. This event will be held in the Martin Woldson Theater at the Fox. Contact Information: Contact Email: mariemo@aimcomm.com Contact Phone: Response Deadline: 10/12/2008

23rd Annual Write on the Sound - Writer's Conference- October 3 - 5, 2008

See website for extensive list of workshop opportunities. Keynote speaker Samual Green: Singing te World into Being: The Discipline and Consolodation of Poetry. Contact Information: Contact Email: wots@ci.edmonds.wa.us Contact Phone: (425) 771-0228 Response Deadline: 10/3/2008

Margo Abdo O'Dell in Lebanese Raqs Sharqi

Margo Abdo O'Dell will teach choreography fashioned after Lebanese pop stars on Saturday, October 4th from 10:00 am to 2:30 pm. Cost is $55. Margo will also teach a drum solo to Egyptian music, highlighting moves that Lebanese dancers like to utilize on Sunday, October 5th from 10:00 am to 2:30 pm. Cost is $55. For a special advanced price get both workshops for $90. For more information, visit www.nadiyahs.com or contact Nadiyah at (509) 993-4423 or info@nadiyahs.com. Contact Information: Nadiyah Contact Email: info@nadiyahs.com Contact Phone: 509-993-4423 Response Deadline: 10/5/2008

Mobius Kids Scholarship Program

Mobius Kids is launching a new program called the Mobius Kids Scholarship Program. This program will be serving a demographic that has not had the opportunity until now to participate in the wonderful hands-on learning and fun that Mobius Kids has to offer. Through the partnership with Spokane Transit, families and groups can access public transportation to Mobius Kids, alleviating transportation and parking concerns. The Scholarship Program is available to participants who qualify for at least one of the following: children who qualify for the free or reduced lunch program, children attending learning centers, schools, or classrooms in which 50% of the population receive free or reduced lunch, children attending daycare centers that receive State funding for at least 50% of their children, children attending any Federal Even Start, Head Start/ECEAP, and Early Head Start Programs, children identified by those social service agencies that assist families who are economically disadvantaged or considered at-risk. Call or visit http://mobiusspokane.org/scholarshipinformation.html. Contact Information: Mary Tyrie Contact Email: Contact Phone: (509) 624-5437 ex.302 Response Deadline: 10/10/2008

Opportunity for Residency in Italy

La Macina di San Cresci is an independent non-profit association based in Greve in Chianti, a hill town in Tuscany. We are situated midway between two great cities of the Renaissance: Florence and Siena. Our goal is to give an opportunity to exchange experiences and to learn from one another, in order to promote dialogue between different cultures. The centre, open to artists, writers, poets, actors, and to other art and culture professionals from around the world, offers the opportunity to work alone, or together with other creative people from other countries, developing and interchanging concise ideas on contemporary art and culture. Artist residency consists of sojourning from 7-90 days. This period covers a program based on the personal project proposal presented by the artist and includes the attendance to the workshops in several disciplines. There is no deadline. For more info and an application form, visit http://www.chianticom.com. Contact Information: Demetria Verduci Contact Email: info@chianticom.com Contact Phone: Response Deadline: 10/10/2008

Spokane Arts Commission and The Inlander

It’s time to send in your application for the October Visual Arts Tour! Please mark your calendar for Friday, October 3rd and Saturday, October 4th. The tour is from 5-9pm on Friday, and the public appreciates the added hours on Saturday. Registration forms can be downloaded at www.spokanearts.org/hottopics.aspx or paper forms are available at Spokane Art Supply, Chase Gallery, Lorinda Knight Gallery, and Pottery Place Plus. Registrations and images, accompanied by a check for $35 are due to Spokane Art Supply by Friday, August 29th at 5pm. You can mail your check and registration form or you can deliver them in person to Spokane Art Supply, 1303 N. Monroe St., Spokane, WA 99201. Questions? Please call Craig Marshall at Spokane Art Supply (327-6622) or e-mail him at craigm@myartsupply.com. Contact Information: Craig Marshall Contact Email: craigm@myartsupply.com Contact Phone: (509) 327-6622 Response Deadline: 8/29/2008

Fort Worden 4th Annual Wildlife and Nature Art Expo

Artists interested in participating in the show can submit the attached application before September 1st 2008 or until the space is filled. In 2008, we will highlight the fisher and have this be our second featured species for this event. National Park Service will be reintroduced the fisher to the Olympic Peninsula in the Olympic National Park beginning this year. We will use the venue as the opportunity to educate people through art about our environment and the wildlife who thrive in it. Hopefully throught increasing awareness via the show, the reintroduction plan will be more successfull. Contact Information: Kate Burke Contact Email: Kate.Burke@Parks.wa.gov Contact Phone: 360-344-4401 Response Deadline: 9/1/2008

Artistic Talent - Craftspersons Needed

Hi Tech Manufacturing company producing custom product for companies across the US. Create silicon molds to cast urethenes and silcones. Handsanding, mold set up, attention to detail, talent a must. Full time position. Send resume to Proto Technologies, Inc. 22808 E. Appleway, Liberty Lake, WA 99019 or go to website http://www.prototech.com for info on the company. Contact Information: Rory Contact Email: Contact Phone: (509) 891-4747 Response Deadline: 9/30/2008

Welcome the Rain!

Rain is the reason the Northwest is the green and beautiful place we all know and love. The Fall in SE Portland the East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District will be hosting the 2nd Annual Welcome the Rain! Festival. Celebrate this precious gift from the sky by creating sculptures that interact with it in some way. Sculptures will be displayed the day of the event and monetary prizes will be awarded. Contest is open to residents of Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. Visit http://welcometherain.org for more info. Contact Information: Contact Email: Contact Phone: Response Deadline: 6/23/2008

Spokane Valley Arts Council

The Spokane Valley Arts Council is holding their Annual Artists Showcase at Center Place in the city of Spokane Valley. We have decided to open up 3-5 auction slots this year and will be judging for these slots on July 14th at Center Place. Fine art pieces of any media must be presented and ready for display in Room 109 at Center Place on July 14th by 9am. After judging, unsuccessful items will be available to be picked up at 4pm that same day. Accepted items will remain with the Spokane Valley Arts Council until the main event. Successful artists will be granted 2 tickets to the event. Contact Information: Pauline Harken Contact Email: Contact Phone: (509) 924-5009 Response Deadline: 7/14/2008

The Art of Recovery - Call for Artists

The 3rd Annual Art of Recovery will take place Saturday, September 20th from 12-3pm in Spokane’s Riverfront Park. Recovery is an art and many use art in their recovery. Therefore, the Art of Recovery is looking for artists of all types to submit or perform their art for the 3rd annual Art of Recovery event. Whether you have been in recovery for one day or twenty years, we want you to participate. Please contact Lacey Jones at (509) 922-8383 or ljones@gssacpreventioncenter.com. Register your art work for free. The deadline is August 25th. Contact Information: Lacey Jones Contact Email: ljones@gssacpreventioncenter.com Contact Phone: (509) 922-8383 Response Deadline: 8/25/2008

Parks Bond Art Projects - City of Spokane - Spokane Masonic Center

Request for Qualifications for Art for City of Spokane Parks Bond Projects Contact Information: Karen Mobley, Arts Director Contact Email: arts@spokanecity.org Contact Phone: (509) 625-6050 Response Deadline: 9/19/2008


9/15/2008 Artist Made Seating Elements and Stairwell & Pedestrian Walk Way Projects- go to www.4culture.org for more information Contact Information: Willow Fox Contact Email: willow.fox@4culture.org Contact Phone: (206) 205-8024 Response Deadline: 9/15/2008

Kimmel Harding Nelson Center--Artist Residencies

The Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts in Nebraska City, NE offers 2-to-8 week residencies year-round for writers, visual artists, and music composers. Housing, studio space, and a $100/week stipend are provided. Approximately 38 residencies are awarded per year. There are two deadlines: postmarked March 1st for the following July through December 15th and postmarked September 1st for the following January through June 15th. There is a $25 application fee. Visit, www.KHNCenterfortheArts.org for complete information, guidelines, and an application. For more information call (402) 874-9600 or e-mail info@KHNCenterfortheArts.org. Contact Information: Kimmel Harding Nelson Center Contact Email: info@KHNCenterfortheArts.org Contact Phone: 402-874-9600 Response Deadline: 9/1/2008

Natural Cycles Temporary Art Installations

9/1/2008 The Friends of Tryon Creek State Park and RACC invite artists/teams living in Oregon and Washington to submit proposals for temporary one-year installations in Tryon Creek State Park beginning in September 2009. Up to five artists will each receive an honorarium of $3,000. Contact Information: Peggy Kendellen Contact Email: pkendellen@racc.org Contact Phone: Response Deadline: 5/14/2008

City of McMinnville - Seeking Sculptures

Local and regional sculptors or galleries are invited to submit photos of existing work for consideration for display in the City of McMinnville. Sculpture would be on loan from 9/1/08-9/1/09 Contact Information: Steve Rupp Contact Email: melcor@onlinemac.com Contact Phone: Response Deadline: 5/1/2008

Northwest Artist Co-operative

Gallery is looking for new members, Paintingg, Sculpture, glass and other Contact Information: Denise Contact Email: Contact Phone: 208 664-2145 Response Deadline: 9/1/2008

Mobius Kids

For a listing of camps and classes Mobius Kids is offering this summer please visit: http://www.mobiusspokane.org/April2008calendar.html. Dates vary thoughout the summer, so check right away! Contact Information: Contact Email: Contact Phone: (509) 624-KIDS Response Deadline: 8/10/2008

Arts Education Resources Initiative

Arts Education Resources Initiative was initially funded with a grant from Washington Mutual in order to identify and encourage use of proven arts education practices. The project’s website and print materials offer research-based ideas and support for effective practices, methods for improving teaching capacity, as well as specific action agendas that principals, teachers, parents, school districts, and community arts providers can use to work toward high quality arts education for all students.

First Step

First Step grants are intended to support newer and/or smaller arts education partnerships. Like the Community Consortia, successful First Step partnerships have goals related to long-term impacts rather than short-term projects. But these partnerships are likely to be in earlier stages of development, with a narrower focus and/or a smaller group of participants.

Community Consortia

Community Consortia grants assist community arts and education partners in building and sustaining arts education in their local schools. Consortium programs often involve multiple arts organizations or agencies, teaching artists, schools and/or districts, parents, and other community partners. Funded consortia have received ongoing support through grantee trainings, such as workshops on evaluation and sustainable arts education, and other professional development opportunities.

Public Artist Roster

The Public Artist Roster is a juried list of artists who work with Art in Public Places. Every two years, new artists are added to the roster through a competitive process.

State Art Collection

The State Art Collection includes 4,500 artworks that represent more than 30 years of acquisitions. The collection contains a variety of media and a broad diversity of contemporary artistic production from many of Washington State’s notable artists, as well as other artists nationwide.

½ of 1% for Art

½ of 1% for Art funds are generated by new construction projects in state agencies, community colleges, universities, and public schools. Local committees representing project sites make all final artwork selection decisions.

Arts Participation Initiative

Arts Participation Initiative funds nonprofit organizations to enhance cultural participation in ethnic, disabled, rural, and low-income communities throughout Washington.

Cooperative Partnerships

Cooperative Partnerships provide statewide services. Current partners include Artist Trust, Arts Northwest, Centrum, and the Washington State Arts Alliance Foundation.

Institutional Support

Institutional Support provides Washington's largest arts organizations ( those with budgets over $528,000) with operating grants ranging from $9,000 to $47,000. This program is currently not open to new applicants.

Organizational Support

Organizational Support funds mid-range arts organizations – those with a previous year cash income of at least $79,000. In 2006, grants ranging from $2,000 to $6,000 were awarded to 90 organizations. Applications for this biennial program are not available again until 2009.

Project Support

Project Support funds small arts organizations and community service groups through matching grants for specific arts events targeted to a general public audience. Project grants typically range from $500 to $2,000. There are two deadlines each year.

Twining Humber Award for Lifetime Artistic Achievement

The Twining Humber Award offers a $10,000 award annually to a female, visual artist, over the age of 60 from Washington State. Eligible artists must be nominated and a selection panel of artists and arts professionals will select the recipients. Nomination forms are available each year in November.

Artist Trust/Washington State Arts Commission Fellowship

The Fellowship Program awards $7,500 to practicing professional artists of exceptional talent and demonstrated ability. The Fellowship is a merit based, not a project based award. Artist Trust/Washington State Arts Commission Fellowships are awarded in two-year cycles. Emerging Fields & Cross-Disciplinary Arts, Performing Arts, Visual Arts and Traditional & Folk Arts are awarded in even-numbered years (2008). Music Arts, Media Arts, Literary Arts and Craft Arts are awarded in odd-numbered years (2009). A selection panel of three artists and arts professionals in each discipline select the Fellowship recipients. Fellowship applications are available early April.

GAP (Grants for Artist Projects) Program

The GAP Program provides support for artist-generated projects, which can include (but are not limited to) the development, completion or presentation of new work. GAP awards are open to artists of all disciplines and offer a maximum of $1,500 for projects. An inter-disciplinary panel of artists and arts professionals selected from around Washington State select GAP recipients. GAP applications are available early December.


DEADLINE: September 10 This competition raises money for autism, which is given to the charity, “Autism speaks”, October 2008. Open to artists in all mediums and subject matter does not need to be autism related. Size must not exceed 18X18 inches. For prospectus go to www.artnowforautism.com or send SASE to: Art now for Autism, 1120 Neptune Place, Annapolis, MD 21409


DEADLINE: September 4 Maryland Federation of Art presents 'Small Wonders', an exhibition open to U.S. artists. $15,000 prizes. 2 or 3D work, following the size guidelines in slide or digital format. Juror: Diane DiSalvo. For prospectus go to: www.mdfedart.org or send SASE to MFA, Small Wonders Dept AC, PO Box 1866, Annapolis, Md.21404, or send an email to info@mdfedart.

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