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Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art (NIFCA)

NIFCA creates a variety of new opportunities for artists, audiences, curators and critics to experience, enjoy and explore contemporary visual culture in the Nordic countries and internationally. NIFCA runs a wide range of artist and research residencies and international exchange programmes. The activities aim at providing artists within and beyond the Nordic region with new possibilities, contacts and networks, by awarding residencies for periods of time in various sites throughout the Nordic region and beyond.


See Arts Catalyst website for updated information about the residency. Applications must include: name and contact, description of research interests for working in the MAKROLAB and/or interest in developing activities and projects with local communities and schools (max. 3 pages), statement of interest in participating in the MAKROLAB as an interdisciplinary project (max. 2 pages), brief biography with education, employment and experience background, and an artistic portfolio or documentation, length of required residencies and preference for dates, if any.

Lademoen Kunstnerverkst-Eder (LKV)

Established in 1993, LKV (Lademoen Artists' Workshops) is located in Trondheim, Norway. Now organised as a foundation, this five-storey former school houses thirty-four studios for Norwegian artists, two studios (with accommodation) for international residents, two project spaces and workshops for wood, metal, printing, 16mm film, video, a darkroom and computer lab. International visual artists can apply for residencies of one to three months (longer or shorter stays by negotiation). Studios (equipped with basic tools) and apartments (for two people) are rent free. Residents cover all travel, materials, and other living costs. Residents may be asked to give a presentation of their work in the form of lectures.

Künstlerhäuser Worpswede

Situated 25km north-east of Bremen, Künstlerhäuser Worpswede is an international residency centre that has hosted over 400 artists from thirty-five countries since it was founded in 1971. Residencies of six, nine and twelve months are offered in eleven studios. Grants towards residency costs vary according to length of stay. Access to a darkroom and print workshop is available. Deadline for the 2009 residency Visual Arts Porgramme is 10th July 2008. The grant is supported by the state of Lower Saxony through the award of a monthly grant of 1.400 Euros.

Kunstlerhaus Schloß Balmoral

The Künstlerhaus Schloß Balmoral is an institution of the Foundation for Culture in Rheinland-Pfalz. It is a place of artistic production, theoretical reflection and social and artistic contact. It promotes artists and under special cicumstances, theoreticians from around the world through the allocation of residential fellowships. The Künstlerhaus also has the objective of reaching the public through events such as lectures, seminars, concerts and exhibitions. Since its foundation in 1995, the work of artists here has covered the disciplines of painting, sculpture, installation, drawing, graphic art, design, photography as well as theory. Deadline: August

Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen

Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen is an international centre for art production, theoretical reflection and information exchange between artists. Two month residencies are offered to artists under 40, with access to equipment and a bursary. Email for more information.

Künstlerdorf Schoppingen

Künstlerdorf Schoppingen 'offers an open platform for cooperation between artists and writers'. International visual artists, writers and musicians join in scholarships of up to six months. Residents receive a monthly grant of €1,025. Charges for accommodation and studios vary according to time of year. Deadline is 15th January 2008.

Kolin Ryynänen Art and Culture Center

Applications: Send a proposal letter, CV and images your work, stating any preferred dates. Visitors may stay up to 4 months. The studio space is about 50 square metres with windows on three walls with spotlights, running water and there is also a slide projector. The living accommodation is a fully equipped apartment with 2 rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom (approximately 58 square meters). The visiting artists are required to pay a monthly rent during any stay at the residence. During 2006 this was €100 per month (including water and electricity), but this can change annually. Rent is same for everybody. You can also apply for a sponsorship to cover the accommodation costs. This must be mentioned in the application. Any travelling and living expenses must be covered by the artist him/herself. Deadlines: 30 September and 31 March


Apartments available for up to 3 people, rent free for up to 4 months with approximately €950 per month stipend. Applications accepted twice yearly from artists and writers.

Europos Parkas

Europos Parkas, the open-air museum at the centre of Europe, offers 4-week long residencies 3 a year (May, July, September). The program is open to artists from various fields who are interested in exchange of artistic experience and acquaintance with Lithuanian culture and traditions. While in Lithuania, artists are guided to the places that highly reveal peculiarities of the country. Artists can develop an individual project and present it in the park or at the museum s exhibition space indoors. Opportunities to communicate with local artistic communities as well as visits to the studios of Lithuanian artists, seminars, discussions and slide presentations are organized during the residency.


The Edith Russ Site for Media Art will award three six-months work stipends (10.000Euros each) from July to December 2008, for artists working in New Media. There are no age limitations. Submitted project proposals will be reviewed by an international Jury. A minimum residency of one month is required. Deadline in February.

De Leidse School

Established in 1995, the artists-in-residence studio is administered by the De Leidse School foundation and located within the Kunstcentrum Haagweg 4 studio and arts complex. International visual artists are invited to apply for residencies of three months from February annually. Accommodation/work space is provided at a current rent of €216 per month. Applications should consist of a project proposal, CV and examples of work. Ongoing deadline.

De Ateliers

An independent institute run by artists focussed on the development of young (no age restrictions, but preference given to those aged twenty-seven and under), talented artists from the Netherlands and abroad. Artists can work for periods of up to two years, usually starting in September, with a permanent teaching staff and programme of studio visits from international artists, critics and curators. Artists are provided with a studio and receive a stipend to cover basic living costs. Accommodation is provided for overseas artists. Applications: send forms with a maximum of twenty slides/photos of work or video tapes where appropriate and SAE for return of work. Submitted work is evaluated twice a year, in February and in August.

Cyprus College of Art: Short Term Studios

The Cyprus College of Art invites applications from Professional British and Irish artists to use its studio facilities in Pafos, Cyprus. The facilities comprise simple empty studio spaces, available on either four or eight month contracts between October 2002 and June 2003. The studios are designed for painters and sculptors, although most practices are feasible and welcome. Although artists must provide their own equipment and materials, the College has welding equipment for use by sculptors. Studio facilities will be shared with postgraduate students. In addition to the studios, a limited amount of free youth hostel-style living accommodation is available, but higher-grade accommodation is cheap to rent in winter in Cyprus - from Cy£100 (around £110) per month. The cost of studio hire is Cy£500 (around £540) for up to four months and Cy£850 (around £920) for up to eight months.

Council of Bergen and Stiftelsen Kulturhuset USF

Residency to professional, foreign artists, writers, directors and composers. The residencies for fine artists and crafts artists are open only to non-Nordic citizens. The residency includes two studios and apartments. These are situated at USF Verftet, an old sardine factory converted into a large and diverse culture centre. The offer consist of a 3 months residency at USF Verftet in a rent free studio and additional accommodation. However, living costs, travel, materials, insurance and transport costs must be supplied by the artist. Artist centres and cultural organisations can submit one artist per year. Chosen artists must return application form, CV and documentation of work by mail. Artists can also apply individually, with letters of reference from local or national arts community and


Carries out programmes focussing on contextual arts involving people with different social, cultural and intellectual backgrounds. Looking for artists with links between art and environment and / or the social sphere. Two month residencies between October 2004 and July 2005. Artists receive return travel, accommodation and monthly allowance of €750. Access to metal- and woodworking equipment, plus computers.

Centro D'Arte Dedalo

Housed in a former monastery in Tuscany, the artist-run Centro d'arte Dedalo provides two week residencies and studio exchanges between June and September for painters. Residents are provided with a studio and accommodation with full board. Applications: send one photo of recent work (non-returnable), statement and CV. The winner is expected to donate one work to the Dedalo collection.

Can Serrat

Prices range from €31-€90 per night, with full use of facilities and meals.

CAMAC residencies

CAMAC is an international multidisciplinary art centre close to Paris, situated on the banks of the river Seine, offering various programmes as well as specific events open to all public. Main programme is artists-in-residence - see their site for more details.

Ateliers Fourwinds

A two-month residency provides research and development facilities for artists in drawing, painting, sculpture and engraving with opportunity for exchange between artists from various countries.

Atelier Calder

Two residencies per year. 300m2 workshop area with tools; 450m2 living space with car. Funding available for stay and materials.

Atelier Augarten

Offers a twice-yearly scholarship for use of the studio and apartment in the Atelier Augarten, Centre for Contemporary Art, located in Augarten Park, Vienna. Open only to non-Austrian artists who do not live or work in Austria. See their website for more details.

artLAB San Sevolo

artLAB San servolo artist residency takes place on the Island of San servolo in Venice during the month of August. The programme is open to 10 emerging artists and offers room and board on the island, studio spaces, and the budget to create an original work.

Artist Atelier AKKU Uster

For artists working in painting, sculpting, installation art, photography and video. Deadline: 31 August annually

Akademie Schloß Solitude

Akademie Schloss Solitude is a public foundation that operates an international residency program supporting young artists. Hundreds of artists from the artistic disciplines of music / sound, architecture, literature, design, film / video / new media, and both visual and performing arts have participated in the program since it was founded in 1990. A close-knit worldwide alumni network of these artists has evolved and continues to revolve around Akademie Schloß Solitude. Fellowships are awarded to artists who finished their basic studies not more than five years before applying to Akademie Schloss Solitude or who are not older than 35. Fellowships are granted for either six or twelve months. Deadline: October

AIL (Artists in Laboratories) Residency Awards

Funded by the Swiss Innovation Promotion Agency KTI, as well as commitments from nine Swiss Science partner laboratories. The aim of the Project of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Zurich is to encourage education, research and innovative processes and methods of production, which blend the disciplines of art and science. It is assumed that innovative research basically takes place in novel collaborative environments like these. 12 artists will be chosen for The Residency Awards in 2004, each with duration of 3 to 6 months. Deadline: January

A.I.R. Vallauris

Artists who have been working independently for at least two years may apply for an individual residential work period in A.I.R. Vallauris. A work period lasts 2 months, with exception of the summer residential work period, which lasts one month (July or August). On admission artists are provided with a private apartment and workspace. Work Studios offer facilities for working in clay including wheels and an electric kiln, multimedia and painting. If appropriate, your work may be exposed and sold in the A.I.R. Gallery. These sales can help offset your costs for the residential work term. A 40% commission is retained by AIR-Vallauris for any work sold in the gallery. A processing fee of €35 (non-refundable) is required for each application. This amount should accompany your application. Fee: €2,000

Netherlands Media Art Institute

Since 2002 the Netherlands Media Art Institute has offered artists from The Netherlands and other countries the possibility of performing research in three areas: streaming media, wireless applications and real time 3D animation. To participate in the Artist in Residence program, artists can submit a project proposal. The artistic concept, innovation and cooperation are central concerns. Preference is given to research that makes use of 'open source', and develops tools that will be available for further use. Investigations with an interdisciplinary character also receive preference. In the research the artist works together with Dutch universities and academies. The result of the research is presented in a suitable manner through exhibitions, discussions, seminars, publications and workshops. The Artist in Residence program has technical facilities at its disposal, including manpower, a working budget and accommodations. Technical specialists advise the participating artists during research, experimentation and production. Deadlines: March 1, July 1 and November 1

Irish Museum of Modern Art

National museum of modern and contemporary art in Ireland. The Artists' Work Programme is their studio/residency programme, operating in converted coach houses adjacent to the main Museum building. The Programme provides opportunities for artists to research and develop their work practice, and is open to artists of all nationalities working in any medium by application or invitation. The Work Programme emphasises the working process rather than the finished product and enables artists to explore new ideas and ways of working in the context of the developing identity of the Museum and its various programmes. The artist's presence on the Programme is funded in terms of studio/accommodation, relevant administrative back-up and a basic living allowance. Specific proposals may necessitate extra fund-raising with which the Museum may assist. The Work Programme's eight studios are programmed approximately a year in advance.

Universes in Universe

Universes in Universe is a huge site, covering virtually every aspect of art and culture internationally. They report on all international art biennales, provide listings of artists, cultural institutions and galleries worldwide, and information on residencies and funding relevant to artists working internationally. Indispensible.


ARTIST-OF-THE-DAY GALLERY SEEKS SUBMISSIONS Guidelines for submissions can be found at: http://artcontestslist.com/aotd/submission.guidelines


ARTIST-OF-THE-DAY GALLERY SEEKS SUBMISSIONS Guidelines for submissions can be found at: http://artcontestslist.com/aotd/submission.guidelines


ARTIST-OF-THE-DAY GALLERY SEEKS SUBMISSIONS Guidelines for submissions can be found at: http://artcontestslist.com/aotd/submission.guidelines


MASTER OF PROFESSIONAL STUDIES in ART THERAPY at the SCHOOL of VISUAL ARTS The School of Visual Arts' artistic and academic tradition as the largest independent undergraduate art college in the country makes it an exceptional site for graduate education in art therapy. In addition, the diversity of New York City's population and excellence of its art institutions, health care facilities and community organizations offers students vast opportunities for artistic development and clinical application. MPS Art Therapy at SVA is a full-time, 2-year, 60 credit program with a 16-hour per week on-site internship component. Second year students choose from two unique specialization tracks. For More Information Contact: Deborah Farber, MPS Art Therapy Dept, School of Visual Arts, 209 East 23rd St, New York NY 10010 OR 212-592-2610 OR www.sva.edu/arttherapy OR arttherapy@sva.edu


WORLD PROVENANCE MAGAZINE SEEKS ARTISTS A UK and USA paper form magazine, for the promotion of artists and their works, an opportunity for exposure to a large and discerning audience of potential collectors. Artists within the Magazine will uniquely, have the opportunity to share their thoughts, inspirations and creative journeys, along with offering their works for sale to the general public. Contact: World Provenance Ltd, 18 Brackenhurst Road, Coventry West Midlands CV62DR, England, UK OR 02476335004 OR http://www.worldprovenance.com OR dennis@worldprovenance.com

http://www.CALL FOR ARTISTS Artoconecto presents an explosive new show...

CALL FOR ARTISTS Artoconecto presents an explosive new show, A-B(o)MB: an internationally-juried pre-Basel showcase of new and emerging local, national, and international artists, located at the historic Bakehouse Arts Complex in the heart of the Wynwood Arts District of Miami, FL. Open to all artists working in all media, this exhibition is devoted to the discovery and introduction of cutting-edge visual and performance art, and will feature Recent Works by each artist represented, in the run-up to Art Basel (of) Miami Beach (A-B(o)MB). The opening reception will be held on October 11, 2008. Jury Prize winner(s) will have their work shown during Art Basel/Miami Beach week in December. For Entry Form/Guidelines, please go to: www.artoconecto.org

http://www.Gallery, November 1 - 29, 2008. Open for entry to all artis...

A SHOW OF HEADS A thematic exhibition based on the portrayal and interpretation of the human head to be held at the Limner Gallery, November 1 - 29, 2008. Open for entry to all artists. $2600 in publication awards. On-line entry form at: http://www.slowart.com/prospectus/head.htm OR by email at: slowart@aol.com OR send SASE to: SlowArt Productions, 123 Warren St, Hudson NY 12534


URBAN LEGENDS/RURAL MYTHS - Call for Artists. Purdue University Galleries (West Lafayette, Indiana) invite entries for a national exhibition of contemporary art that inspires NEW myths, imagined histories and tall tales. The exhibition will be presented in the Stewart Center Gallery from March 9 through April 26, 2009 and will serve as inspiration for creative writing sessions and lectures discussing human mythology. There is no entry fee, but exhibiting artists will be responsible for shipping. All media eligible, including new and emerging technologies. Interested artists should send examples of current work (up to 8 slides or jpegs on CD; DVD for time-based media), resume, artist statement, and SASE to: Craig Martin, Purdue University Galleries, Yue-Kong Pao Hall of Visual & Performing Arts, 552 West Wood St, West Lafayette IN 47907-2002 OR cdmartin@purdue.edu OR 765-494-3061 OR www.purdue.edu/galleries. Deadline for submissions: October 10, 2008.

Art Coaching Services from an expert
http://www.Art Coaching Services from an expert - learn to earn a livi...

Art Coaching Services from an expert - learn to earn a living off your art and get the shows you want by working with a coach and guide who is also a professional artist who has been in The Whitney Biennial and can teach you how to navigate the artworld with great success as he is. http://www.yourartmentor.com


SEPTEMBER JURIED EXHIBITION Projekt30 is accepting artwork for our September 2008 exhibition. We are an artist-run arts organization dedicated to promoting emerging artists, one of the few online galleries in continuous operation for over 5 years. The exhibition will include thirty artists; invitations will be distributed to over 30,000 galleries, collectors, and artists. All artwork submitted will be presented online prior to the exhibition so visitors of Projekt30 may help select which artists will be included in the exhibition. Visitors have the option of contacting any participating artist with feedback or opportunities. Unlike other juried exhibitions, all participants receive exposure. Opens: September 1, 2008. Deadline: August 1, 2008. Fee varies: $35 for 10 images, free for members. Go to: http://www.projekt30.com for more details.


NATIONAL JURIED CONTEMPORARY ART EXHIBITION New Directions' 08 - Oct 22 - Nov 22, 2008. Cash awards/exhibition opportunities. Deadline September 12, 2008. Painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, photography and mixed media. Asher Miller, Department of 19th Century, Modern and Contemporary Art from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY. Entry fee. For a prospectus send an SASE to: Barrett Art Center, 55 Noxon St, Poughkeepsie NY 12601 OR 845-471-2550 OR http://www.barrettartcenter.org


ACRYLIC PAINTING COMPETITION Your work must be 80% acrylic on any surface. No framing or shipping of work necessary. You can send a cd of your entries or jpegs, just follow the directions on the prospectus. Cash awards begin at $3000 and increase with the number of entries; merchandise awards can be expected. Deadline for entry is September 15, 2008. The Opening, online, will be November 14, 2008. Entry fee. Contact: Sandra Woods, International Society of Acrylic Painters OR http://www.isaponline.com OR artgally@artgally.com

Call For Entries: The Art Renewal Center's International 2008 ARC Salon 5th Annual Competition

Call For Entries: The Art Renewal Center's International 2008 ARC Salon 5th Annual Competition. Over $44,000 in cash awards with $10,000 Best in Show. Jury of Awards: Nelson Shanks, Gabriel P. Weisberg, Paul W. McCormack and Fred Ross. Win international recognition overnight and have your work seen by 5.5 million yearly visitors. Visit: www.artrenewal.org for a prospectus, or send a #10 SASE to: Art Renewal Center, Box 837, Glenham NY 12527 OR Inquiries may be addressed to Katie O'Hagan at: arcprograms@artrenewal.org

CALADAN GALLERY presents a juried exhibition entitled "Mystery in the Natural World".

CALADAN GALLERY presents a juried exhibition entitled 'Mystery in the Natural World'. Caves and shadows; The motion of the moon and the tides; Life which quickens under the hard frozen ground; Sap which runs beneath the surface of the bark; Camouflaging animals, fish, and plants; Formations of crystals and gems - there are incomprehensible mysterious phenomenon present in the natural world. Caladan Gallery proposes to investigate the ever-present and changing enigmatic nature of nature in visual terms. All mediums except video are eligible. Please go to: www.caladangallery.com to download prospectus (click on 'enter your artwork') OR write to: Caladan Gallery, Box 391939, Cambridge MA 02139 OR call: 617-838-8929 for more information.

Another Way to Show your Art for Free

Another Way to Show your Art for Free. Artists worldwide are invited to register, show and promote their art. The gallery accepts artists in all media including: Painters, Digital Artists, Professional Photographers, Sculptors but also Artisan/Craft Artists. Once registered you can upload your portfolio, submit your events, meet and chat with other artists worldwide and also you may submit and sell your works in the Art Shop. Art lovers are also welcome to visit the gallery and submit comments to other artist posts.

Fourth Annual Alternative Processes Juried Competition

PHOTOGRAPHERS - Soho Photo Gallery invites entries to its Fourth Annual Alternative Processes Juried Competition, November 6-29, open to US residents at least 18 years of age. Alternative processes include: Cyanotype, Van Dyke, Platinum/palladium, Polaroid transfer, and other alternative forms. Deadline for submission: August 1; $40 for 5 submissions. Prospectus, including guidelines and entry form, on Gallery's website: www.sohophoto.com, OR by sending SASE to: Soho Photo Gallery, 15 White St, New York NY 10013


NATIONAL JURIED ART EXHIBITION Ninth Annual Will's Creek Survey (Sept. 4 - Oct. 3, 2008). Juror: Sarah Newman, Assistant Curator of Contemporary Art, Corcoran Gallery of Art. Two slides/or jpegs on CD, $25. Best of Show $1000, projected awards $5000+. Download entry form at: www.alleganyartscouncil.org OR contact: Allegany Arts Council, 52 Baltimore St, Cumberland MD 21502 OR 301-777-2787 OR arts@allconet.org

smARTist Telesummit 2008

Jump start your art career, at any level, with the smARTist Telesummit 2008. 'I know that if I'd had this information at the beginning of my art career, I could have saved myself 10 years of struggling. Please keep me on your list and count me in for 2009's conference!' (S. Williams, painter) Balance your life. Sell your art. Come to this 2nd annual Art Career Conference in the comfort of your own home. No travel expenses. No lost time getting in and out of airports. It's a complete professional development program with 7 day's worth of keynote presentations - all recorded and transcribed for easy access online: 15 audio sessions + 13 companion handouts created by 13 art-career experts & successful artists. And 231 pages of written transcripts - Highly recommended by other artists: 'Just want you to know that by the end of that first panel discussion session, I felt I'd already gotten my money's worth!'

Free Monthly Art Contests for Cash Prizes

Free Monthly Art Contests for Cash Prizes Compete with other artists and photographers in our free monthly art contests for cash and other great prizes. A Singular Creation provides a free online venue to showcase your art and photography. Your images will be juried by our panel, as well as rated by our visitors. Winners will be selected accordingly. We will start the cash pot at a different amount, depending on the theme. In addition to cash prizes, we will award various prizes donated by our sponsors. Also, all winners will be featured on our website and in our e-newsletters sent to over 5,000 subscribers.

Artwork now being accepted for exhibition with 12 month's gallery representation

Artwork now being accepted for exhibition with 12 month's gallery representation with hundreds of thousands of website hits each month. Artists are free to sell and exhibit their work in other venues at the same time. International Online Juried Art Exhibitions: '10th Annual Judeo-Christian Art', DEADLINE: Mar 8, 2008; '10th Annual Contemporary Art', DEADLINE: Apr 8, 2008; '10th Annual Collage, Digital & Mixed Media', DEADLINE: May 8, 2008; '10th Annual Landscape', DEADLINE: Jun 8, 2008; '8th Annual Summer All Media', DEADLINE: Jul 8, 2008; '10th Annual Photographic Processes', DEADLINE: Aug 8, 2008; '10th Annual Abstraction', DEADLINE: Sep 8, 2008; '10th Annual Painting, Drawing, Photography & Print', DEADLINE: Oct 8, 2008; '6th Annual Color: Bold/Subtle', DEADLINE: Nov 8, 2008; '11th Annual All Media', DEADLINE: Dec 8, 2008; '11th Annual Realism', DEADLINE: Jan 8, 2009. For a prospectus please contact: Upstream People Gallery, 5607 Howard St, Omaha NE 68106-1257 USA; OR call: 402-991-4741; OR email the gallery at: shows@upstreampeoplegallery.com;

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