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UK Film Council

10 Little Portland Street, London W1W 7JG Tel: 020 7861 7861 Fax: 020 7861 7862 Email: info@ukfilmcouncil.org.uk The UK Film Council (UKFC) was set up by the Government in April 2000 to be the lead organisation for the UK film industry. Its remit includes the encouragement of both cultural and commercial film activity. The principal source of its funds is the National Lottery, and it channels all public money for film production, audience development, and education (including funding the National Film and Television School).

Film London

Suite 6.10, The Tea Building, 56 Shoreditch High Street, London E1 6JJ Tel: 020 7613 7676 Fax: 020 7613 7677 Email: info@filmlondon.org.uk Film London is the strategic agency for film and media in the UK's capital. Film London is funded by the London Development Agency and the UK Film Council. The London Artists' Film and Video Awards (LAFVA) scheme is a joint fund between Film London and Arts Council England, London. Awards are available to individual artists for the production of film/video art. These major awards can range from

Writers on Tour

'Writers on Tour' is Britain's oldest funding scheme for literature events. The scheme helps finance visits by practising writers to schools, libraries, pubs, clubs, societies, community centres, arts festivals, and other venues throughout Wales. It is Britain's oldest and most straightforward funding scheme for literature events. Academi can fund up to 50% of the costs of appropriate literary events.

Writers Residencies

The Literature Residencies scheme enables organisers to plan more intensive programmes to connect writers with community groups of all kinds. The opportunity is usually given for participants to have sustained contact with a writer or writers across a period of time. The scheme helps fund sustained period of works by one or more writers in a single location or on a single project. These may run at schools in a cluster group, at youth clubs or libraries, at a group of day centres or old people's homes, etc. Literature Residencies are funded in a similar manner to Academi's Writers On Tour Scheme.

National Lottery Capital Small Grants (AWIPP)/

National Lottery Capital Small Grants (AWIPP)/ Public Art

Small grants

For building projects with requests of up to

Wellcome Trust

Wellcome Trust offers a variety of grants programmes: People awards provides funding to support activities such as events, debates, exhibitions, art projects and drama productions

The Rayne Foundation

The Rayne Foundation offers grants to organisations in the areas of arts, education, and social welfare ranging from

Paul Hamlyn Foundation

The Foundation concentrates on issues of inequality through arts and education, particularly in relation to young people. The Foundation is interested in increasing awareness of and access to the arts, partnership arts in education, and schemes which give teachers access to best practice in the creative arts. The Foundation also has a strong interest in combating disaffection and alienation in young people and supports initiatives which try and tackle these issues. Applications can be made for grants of up to

The John Ellerman Foundation

Makes grants in social welfare, medical and disability, arts and conservation. In the arts, are interested in performing arts, visual arts, historic buildings and museums. Not open to individuals and local charities. Minimum grants are

Foundation for Sports and the Arts

The FSA looks to support a wide range of activities where there is clear beneficial impact across the community. Their particular goal at this time is to encourage active participation by young people. Apart from professional football and horse racing, most socially inclusive sport is considered. Support for the arts covers the widest spectrum of activity. PO Box 20, Liverpool L13 1HB. Tel: 0151 259 5505 Email: info@thefsa.net

The Elephant Trust

For organisations and individuals, for the extension of creative endeavour and initiative, encouraging the experimental, unconventional and imaginative. Apply in writing, with sae. Ruth Rattenbury, 512 Bankside Lofts, 65 Hopton Street, London SE1 9GZ.

Clore Duffield Foundation

The Foundation concentrates its support on education, the arts, museum and gallery education, art and design education, health, social welfare and disability. A particular emphasis is placed on supporting children, young people and society's more vulnerable individuals. Only registered charities and local authority managed museums and galleries are eligible for funding.

The Baring Foundation

The Baring Foundation no longer makes grants available to arts projects. This decision is part of a general reduction in grant-making due to reduced income. The Foundation will continue to support arts organisations through its core cost grants and some strategic projects Contact: The Baring Foundation, 60 London Wall, London EC2M 5TQ. Tel: 020 7767 1348

Barclays Social Responsibility Programme

This programme's current focus is on education, the environment, the arts, people with disabilities and social inclusion. Listed among the types of projects they are willing to consider are those that provide additional amenities for schools, initiatives promoting the development and welfare of young people, and projects which help community groups to improve their local environment. Funding is generally between

Arts & Business

Through 12 regional offices, Arts & Business acts as a crucible where businesses and arts organisations come together to create partnerships to benefit themselves and the community at large. Each A&B region runs programmes and services, to bring together the arts and business communities locally. They offer two investment programmes 'Reach' and 'Invest', training and mentoring and networking forums and advisory clinics. The 'Reach' programme is open application whereas 'Invest' is by invitation only. Further information is available on their website. Head Office: Nutmeg House, 60 Gainsford Street, Butlers Wharf, London SE1 2NY. Tel: 020 7378 8143 Fax: 020 7407 7527 Email: head.office@aandb.org.uk South West Office Director: Phil Gibby, 61 Park Street, Bristol BS1 5NU. Tel: 0117 929 0522 Email: south.west@aandb.org.uk

Association of Arts Fundraisers

The national organisation for all those raising money for the Arts.

COMMISSIONS EAST - Services for East of England Artists

info@commissionseast.org.uk Tel 01223 356882 St Giles Hall, Pound Hill, Cambridge,CB3 0AE Mentoring, apply to work with a more experienced artist in a one-to-one mentoring relationship Escalator Visual Arts, selected artists benefit from financial investment, career development support & opportunites to show to new audiences, News & Updates Essential Artists Training - EAT, developed by Commissions East and delivered with the support of Business Link for Cambridgeshire, EAT (Essential Artist Training) is tailored for visual artists. It will provide you with: skills to manage your money (particularly in relation to setting-up in business, self-employment and tax) strategies to raise your profile and reach galleries, commissioners, dealers and the public techniques to improve the presentation of yourself and your work a structure to help you reach your goals EAT is open to artists living or working in the East of England (Beds, Cambs, Essex, Herts, Norfolk and Suffolk). All the sessions are free, and will be held throughout 2007 in venues around the area. Note


An agency for artists wishing to tutor workshops in schools, marketing its database of innovative visual artists directly to schools across the East Anglia region & London. From one day workshops to five day residencies, a wide variety of visual arts are represented - textiles, ceramics, photography, painting, drawing, kinetics, sculpture etc Contact 01954 268013

Green Heart Partnership

The Greenheart Partnership is working with all the Hertfordshire local authorities, supported in partnership with the Arts Council England, East, to develop exciting new ways of working on community projects which call for the intervention of artists at an early stage. They are looking for artists who are interested in: * Developing innovative methods * Creating high-quality end products * Collaborating with professionals outside the arts * Identifying the creativity and value in others * Reaching the marginalised members of the community If you would like to acquire the new skills involved, Greenheart offers bursaries, (expenses at

Commonwealth Arts and Crafts Awards 2007

The Commonwealth Foundation has announced that the Commonwealth Arts and Crafts Awards 2007 are now open for application. Artists and craftspeople from all Commonwealth countries are encouraged to enter the awards, and from mid 2007 as many as ten winners will receive a grant of up to

Awards for All Funding Fair

Could your community benefit from a grant of up to

The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation

Daiwa Foundation Small Grants are available from


WWIK, or the Work and Income Provisions for Artists (Wet Werk en inkomen kunstenaars) provides temporary financial support for artists resident in the Netherlands. It provides up to 70% of the guaranteed minimum income and can be provided for up to 48 months spread over 10 years, with the aim of allowing artists to establish professional careers. You can do extra work and have no job seeking obligations.

UNESCO-ASCHBERG Bursaries for Young Artists

The annual UNESCO-ASCHBERG Bursaries for artists program aims to promote the professional growth of young artists in different disciplines, through opportunities for further training and residencies in 29 countries. The program is managed by UNESCO's International Fund for the Promotion of Culture (IFPC), which will be considering applications. Visit the UNESCO's website for a complete list of the different bursaries.

ROSL ARTS (Royal Over-Seas League)

ROSL arts offers a scholarship (maximum value

KynnysKINO: International Film Competition

KynnysKINO film festival is a forum for alternative points of view on the human mind and body. In 1997, the first KynnysKINO dealt with 'perfection and imperfection', after that they featured 'the depths of insanity and passion'. First prize is


The Gunk Foundation is a charitable operating foundation that was established in December 1994 to provide a counterbalance to the recent, disturbing trends in funding for intellectual endeavours. Deadline: 30 April annually

Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation

The Foundation aims to develop good relations between the United Kingdom and Japan by advancing the education of the people of both nations in each other's culture, society and achievements. It seeks to promote mutual understanding and co-operation through financial support for activities including education, Japanese language, arts and culture, and humanities and social sciences. The Foundation's awards are intended to provide 'pump-priming' and not core funding of projects, but even small grants have enabled a wide range of projects to reach fruition, such as exhibitions, performances and creative productions by artists, musicians, film-makers, writers and theatre groups. In advance of any formal application, Foundation staff are always ready to discuss projects with the organisation or individual concerned over the telephone, or, if possible, in person. See their website for more information and online application forms (their preferred method of application).

Gen Foundation

The Gen Foundation is a charitable trust which supports the research and study of natural science and the arts. The Foundation focuses on biological, chemical, and botanical science students / researchers, and exceptional candidates from language, music, and art. The Foundation does this work in recognition of the importance of cross-cultural exchange in today's global society, and aims to deepen understanding between Japan and the rest of the world. Grants will be awarded to candidates based in or studying in the United Kingdom or Japan, although applicants from other countries may be considered. Grants are one-off, non-renewable awards of approximately

European Cultural Foundation Grants Programme

An independent foundation, the European Cultural Foundation aims to contribute to an open and democratic Europe that respects the basic human rights and cultural diversity of its people. It also aims to enhance the profile of culture in a European context.

Culture 2007

The main funding programme from the EU is Culture 2007, which replaced the old Culture 2000 programme in 2006. The first call for applications will be in early 2007 with more to follow with the next few years.

Belluard Bollwerk International

The Belluard Bollwerk International started in 1983, and produces and presents projects in all fields of contemporary visual art in Fribourg, Switzerland. An annual contest commissions work to be produced, with artists invited to present it in Switzerland.

Ars Electronica - International Competition for Cyberarts

Organised by the Austrian Broadcasting Company, Upper Austrian Regional Studio. Artists, scientists, researchers and developers are invited to participate in the annual 'cyberarts' competition in its categories available on the website.

International Intelligence on Culture

IIC provides an information helpdesk on looking for funding opportunities for international projects, residencies overseas, cultural policies and contacts overseas, European Union funding and as a starting point for information on touring overseas. Their free enquiry helpdesk is provided for artists and arts organisations.


Huge collection of information on EU and European funding, country guides, EU funding guides and deadlines for funding and training, with links to relevant sites.

DA2 (Digital Arts Development Agency)

DA2 has been established to facilitate and produce an integrated programme of digital art exhibitions, events and skills development. Although focused on the south west region the programme has already commissioned and presented London based artists' work. The activities of DA2 bridge creative practice in the arts and industry, and work across all art forms. DA2's programme encompasses any work that uses computer processes in its production, exhibition and distribution.

Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowships

The Winston Churchill Trust was set up after Churchill's death by public subscriptions to fund Travelling Fellowships. All British Citizens are eligible for the annual awards. The Fellowships are intended to enable men and women from all walks of life to acquire knowledge and experience abroad. Churchill Fellows can be of any age and in any occupation. Everyone has an equal chance; a lack of qualifications is not a bar to an award as every application is judged on the worth of the individual and the merit of the project. Past award winners have included nurses, artists, scientists, engineers, farmers, conservationists, carers, craft workers, artisans, members of the emergency services, sportsmen and women and people with disabilities. Successful applicants receive a grant to cover all your Fellowship expenses: return air fare, daily living, travel within the countries being visited and, in exceptional cases, certain home expenses. In 2000, the Trust awarded grants in excess of

Visual Arts Fellowships

Artists successful in their application for this fellowship will be required to live in Berwick, in the historic Berwick Barracks. Work completed during the fellowship forms 3 solo exhibitions. Fellows receive a fee, materials allowance, free accommodation and studio. Not open to artists who have graduated in the last three years.

The Henry Moore Foundation

The Henry Moore Foundation's grant-making programme was revised in 2004 to provide additional financial resources to support the work of living artists and contemporary art practice. Special consideration will be given to projects outside London and to venues with limited opportunities to show contemporary art. Other long-standing categories supporting historic and contemporary sculpture will remain in the programme, including post-doctoral research fellowships assisting outstanding young scholars. Invites applications from scholars, curators and artists, who are interested in working on historic and contemporary sculpture using the resources at the Institute. The collections comprise sculptures, a library, a slide library and an archive of works on paper, models and original documents. Fellows will be offered accommodation, travel expenses and a per diem in order to use these resources for one month. The Institute is also able to offer the possibility of presenting finished research projects in published form, as a seminar, or in its galleries.

The Alexandra Reinhardt Memorial Award

Annual prize of

Sculpture at Goodwood

Sculpture at Goodwood is a non-profit organisation dedicated to commissioning large-scale 21st century sculpture. A point of exchange for artists, collectors, critics and commissioning bodies.

Green Heart Partnership: Landscape+Arts Network Services

Green Heart Partnership is looking for digital new media artists (particularly those working with digital video) who are interested in creating innovative models for community engagement and public consultation from within local authority settings. The captured perceptions form the end-product immediately impact change - through capital development, new policy or new programming. Green Heart Partnership is a forward-thinking initiative supporting individuals and teams who challenge existing practise to work towards a joined-up approach that equally values the process and the end product. GHP considers that art is a part of how we address our public realm, and not solely an isolated portion of the physical environment. By working with all of the Hertfordshire local authorities to develop new models of creative cross-departmental working practice and supported in partnership with the Arts Council England, East, this initiative is pairing the arts with the environment and capital development departments to explore how creative-led collaborations can assist in creating more engaging, appealing and environmentally sustainable communities.

Film and Video Umbrella

The primary focus of Film and Video Umbrella's activities is the curation and production of artists' film and video work for gallery exhibition at venues in England. Film and Video Umbrella commissions approximately eight new projects a year - each of which is developed in collaboration with a partner venue before touring to other galleries in England and, on occasion, further afield.


Photoworks is a visual arts organisation based in Brighton. They regularly commission new photography projects, produce exhibitions and publications, and initiate research and education programmes. Also publish Photoworks Magazine biannually, showcasing both established artists and emerging talents, providing a unique forum for photographic debate and critical writing.

Book Works

Book Works has established an international reputation by commissioning, publishing and promoting contemporary artists' books. The organisation also mounts an associated programme of exhibitions and events in a wide range of venues including libraries, museums and other unconventional spaces. They also hold monthly surgeries for artists seeking to self-publish or find a publisher for artists' books.

The Eranda Foundation

Very little information given as to what specific types of arts are funded; contact the correspondent for more details. The foundation prefers to remain anonymous when funding, but made donations totalling

Oppenheim - John Downes Memorial Awards

The Oppenheim - John Downes Memorial Trust will make awards to deserving artists of any kind whether writers, painters, sculptors, musicians, dancers, craftsmen or inventors who are unable to pursue their vocation by reason of their poverty. Awards are restricted to persons who are natural born British subjects, of parents and grandparents all of whom are British subjects (Section 43 of the Race Relations Act applies) and applicants must be over 30 years of age. The awards are made in December of each year, closing date for applications is 15 October.

Foreigners' Fellowships Programme - Category A II Research Grants

The Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation funds an annual programme of research grants and educational scholarships starting around October each year, which is addressed to foreign full members of national academies, university professors of all levels, researchers including Ph.D. holders, artists, translators of Greek literature, elementary and secondary school teachers of the Greek language as a foreign language, postgraduate students, and Ph.D. candidates. Research grants are offered in architecture, visual arts, music, dance, photography and film studies. The grantees of category AII will be invited, on a case by case basis, to deliver a lecture or to conduct a seminar during their stay in Greece, either at the Onassis Cultural Centre of Athens or at a university or another scholarly or research or cultural centre.

American Airlines

During the last two years, the company has mainly concentrate on the arts but considers all requests. Tend to concentrate on performing arts, but some visual arts considered. Send unsolicited requests via letter or fax, enclosing a short proposal to Petra Luckman, Sponsorship and Events Manager.

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