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Karrvaz Foundation Grants

Karrvaz Foundation calls for applications for the Artist in Residence Grants Program, for visual artists and creative people, at J

John E. Profant Foundation for the Arts

Open to Santa Barbara Artists in all media. Awards of $500-$2000. John E. Profant Foundation for the Arts, Scholarship Guidelines, 3905 State St., Ste. 7-119, Santa Barbara, CA 93105.

James D. Phelan Award in Printmaking

An award for California artists working in printmaking. Three awards of $2500.00. Kala Art Institute, Don Porcella, 1060 Heinz Ave., Berkeley, CA 94710. 510-549-6914. kala@kala.org

James D. Phelan Award in Photography

Open to all artists born in California who are working in photography. Awards of $7500. James D. Phelan Award, SF Camerawork, 1246 Folsom St., San Francisco, CA 94103. Tel: 415-863-1001.

Guggenheim Fellowships

Fellowships for advanced professionals in all fields to assist research and artistic creation. Average grant is around $36,000. John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, 90 Park Ave., New York, NY 10016. 212-687-4470 fellowships@gf.org

Funding Exchange

Funds organizations or projects whose goal is social change. The Funding Exchange, 666 Broadway, New York, NY 10012. 212-529-5300. info@fex.org

Fulbright Scholar Program

The Fulbright Program provides grants for Graduate Students, Scholars and Professionals, and Teachers and Administrators from the U.S. and other countries. Fulbright Scholar Program, Council for International Exchange of Scholars, 3007 Tilden Street, NW, 5th floor, Washington DC 20008. Phone: 202-686-4000.

Florida Division of Cultural Affairs

Individual Artist Fellowships and grants for the arts in education. Open to Florida residents. Florida Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs, Bureau of Grant Services, 1001 DeSoto Park Drive, Tallahassee, FL 32301-4555. Phone: 850-487-2980 ext. 117.

Fleishhacker Foundation

Grants in arts, cultural education, precollegiate education (individuals, painters). Open to California Bay Area/San Francisco schools, organizations, and individuals. P.O. Box 29918, San Francisco, CA 94129-0918, Tel: 415-561-5350. info@fleishhackerfoundation.org

Fifty Crows International Fund for Documentary Photography

Six grants of up to $7000 each for working documentary photographers throughout the world Fifty Crows Foundation, 1074 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA 94103. photofund@fiftycrows.org

Ethel Louise Armstrong Foundation

Funds organizations led by or which support the work of people with disabilities with an emphasis on women (particularly in eduction, advocacy and the arts). info@ela.org

Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation

The purpose of the Foundation is to aid talented young artists in the early stages of their careers. Awards are limited to candidates working in the following: painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture. The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation, 1814 Sherbrooke St., West, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3H 1E4. 514-937-9225. egreen@total.net

Durfee Foundation: Artist Resource for Completion Grants

ARC grants provide rapid, short-term assistance of up to $2,500 to individual artists who live in Los Angeles County. Funds must be used to enhance work that is near completion and scheduled for presentation within six months of the grant application deadline. Artists in any discipline may apply. Applicants must have a secure invitation from an established organization to present their work. There are four grant cycles per year. admin@durfee.org

Dunn Foundation

Awards for K-12 educational programs and adult visual environmental education. Emphasis on community and the environment. Dunn Founation, 333 Strawberry Field Road, Warwick, RI 02886. Tel: 401-941-3009.

Dorothea Lange-Paul Taylor Prize from the Center for Documentary Studies

The prize is intended to fund collaborative work between a writer and a photographer in the formative or fieldwork stages of a documentary project. Submissions on any subject are welcome. At the end of one year, prizewinners are invited to come to Durham to make a public presentation based on their fieldwork. The amount of the award is $10,000. Dorothea Lange-Paul Taylor Prize, Center for Documentary Studies, 1317 West Pettigrew St., Duke University, Durham, North Carolina 27705.

Daniel Langlois Foundation

Grants for development of innovative (noncommercial) proejcts combining art, science, and technology. Daniel Langlois Foundation, 3530 Saint-Laurent Blvd, Suite 402, Montreal, Quebec, CANADA H2X 2V1 info@foundation-langlois.org

Dancer's Group's Parachute Fund

The Parachute Fund provides emergency financial support to members of the San Francisco Bay Area dance community facing the free fall of AIDS or other life-threatening illnesses. Dancer's Group Studio Theatre, 3221 22nd St., San Francisco, CA 94110. 415-824-5044 DG@dancersgroup.org.

Culture Shapes Community

Culture Shapes Community recognizes and encourages neighborhood based arts and cultural organizations as unique stakeholders in poor neighborhoods experiencing economic and demographic shifts. This is accomplished through programs that search out and make use of neighborhood identity and public space, that promote social integration among mixed-income and mixed-race residents, that offer opportunities for upward economic mobility and that empower all to have a strong voice for fair and equitable neighborhood change. 1429 21st Street, NW, Washington DC, 20036, phone: (202) 276-6503, fax: (202) 466-4845 livability@livable.com

Creative Work Fund

Funds for artists and non-profit organizations to create new art works through collaborations. It celebrates artists as problem solvers and the making of art as a profound contribution to the strengthening of communities. Grants range from $10,000 to $35,000. Limited to artists living in and organizations based in San Francisco and Alameda, CA counties. One Lombard Street, Suite 305, San Francisco, California 94111-1130 Tel: 415-398-4474.

Craft Emergency Relief Fund (CERF)

CERF accomplishes its mission to strengthen and sustain the careers of craft artists through direct financial and educational assistance to craft artists, including emergency relief assistance, business development support, and resources and referrals on topics such as health, safety, and insurance. info@craftemergency.org


Two Grants: 1. The Community Art Program (CAP) encourages the use of meaningful, quality, participatory arts to build community. Limited to fund projects and programs in Minneapolis, MN and St. Paul, MN. 2. The General Fund supports 501(c)(3) organizations as they endeavor to produce art projects and programs that reach new audiences or that use the arts to serve the community. For information contact COMPAS, 304 Landmark Center, 75 West 5th Street, St. Paul, MN 55102-1414. Tel: 651-292-3249. Fax: 651-292-3258. dei@compas.org

Charles A. Lindbergh Fund

Awards up to a total of $10,580 per year to individuals whose individual initiative and work in a wide spectrum of disciplines furthers the Lindberghs' vision of a balance between the advance of technology and the preservation of the natural/human environment. Charles A. Lindbergh Fund, 2150 Third Avenue North, Suite 310. Anoka, MN 55303-2200. Phone: 763-576-1596 info@lindberghfoundation.org

Changing Ideas

This organization assists charities and other individuals, including photographers and journalists, by providing support to achieve lasting, effective change. They provide imaginative solutions to humanitarian issues, and are unlike most grant giving organizations in that they also mentor, monitor, and support projects from their genesis to their completion. awards@changingideas.org

Center for Cultural Innovation (CCI)

Launched in 2001, this organization promotes knowledge sharing, networking and financial independence for individual artists and creative entrepreneurs by providing business training, grants and loans, and incubating innovative projects that create new program knowledge, tools and practices for artists in the field. Tapping leading experts from both the nonprofit and commercial business sectors, CCI develops next generation tools and support systems that artists need. 244 S. San Pedro Street, Suite 401, Los Angeles, CA 90012, phone 213-687-8577, fax 213-687-8578 info@cciarts.org

Capelli D'Angeli Foundation

Offers fellowship grants of up to $500 each to artist who are in treatment or are survivors of cancer and are creating art in all media. Grant recipients and award amounts will be determined after a thorough review of the artist's work in slide form and the artist statement. Download a pdf application form on their web site. P.O. Box 656, Canton, CT 06019, 860-693-6208 capellifoundation@yahoo.com

California Community Foundation

Making grants to individual artists and arts organizations. They support a wide variety of programs that serve the myriad needs of Los Angeles County. Open to Los Angeles residents only. 445 South Figuroa St, Suite 3400, Los Angeles, CA 90071. Tel: 213-413-4130.

CA$H Grants - Theatre Bay Area

CA$H is a grants program designed by artists for artists to support professionally oriented theatre and dance artists and small companies with budgets under $100,000. Its purpose is to spark a creative surge throughout Northern California's theatre and dance community by providing grants to artists ($1,500) and small-sized organizations ($2,500). Approximately $20,000 are awarded each round. Funding decisions are made by a rotating five-member panel. Theatre Bay Area . Attn: CA$H. 870 Market Street, Suite 375, San Francisco, CA 94102

Bronx Council on the Arts

Bronx recognizes its own (BRIO) Individual Artists Grant offeres awards of $2500 each to artists who are at least 18 years old, not enrolled in art school, and live in the Bronx. The Bronx Council for the Arts. Telephone: 718-931-9500. Melissa@bronxarts.org

Black Rock Arts Foundation

Provides funds in the amounts of $500 to $10,000 to art projects that interact with people and environments and that invite, create, or enrich community. 1900 Third Street, 2nd floor, San Francisco, CA 94107. Tel: 415-626-1248 info@blackrockarts.org

Betty Bowen Memorial Award, Seattle Art Museum

Open to artists working in any 2-D or 3-D medium who live in Washington, Oregon, or Idaho. No video or performing arts. Betty Bowan Memorial Award, Seattle Art Museum, PO Box 22000, Seattle, WA 98122. Call 206-654-3131.

Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artist's VDMFK Stipend

A monthly stipend available to any respectable mouth or foot painter in the world. The amount of the stipend is decided by the Association and may be adjusted depending upon the artist's career development. Stipends last for 3 years. For complete guidelines, write to the address below. Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists, Im Rietle 25, PO Box 526, 9494 Schaan, Lichtenstein

Arts Link

Arts Link Collaborative Projects are designed to encourage mutually beneficial artistic collaboration between US artists and their counterparts in Central and Eastern Europe. Open to individual artists and non-profit arts organizations. Arts Link, CEC International Partners, 12 West 31st St., New York, NY 10001-4415. artslink@cecip.org

Arts in Healthcare Funds

Johnson & Johnson (J&J) working in partnership with the Society for the Arts in Healthcare (SAH), seeks to promote the use of the arts to enhance the healthcare experience for patients, their families, and caregivers. J&J & SAH have provided funding to over 100 programs in the US and Canada, representing leading models and initiatives in high quality healthcare through the use of arts. Proposals are now being sought from healthcare and/or arts organizations that have established arts in healthcare programs operating in or warranting replication in underserved communities. 202-299-9770

Artists' Fellowship

The Artists' Fellowship, Inc. is a private, charitable foundation that assists professional fine artists (painters, graphic artists, sculptors) and their families in times of emergency, disability, or bereavement. 47 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10003. (646) 230-9833

Americans for the Arts Emergency Relief Fund

Supports local arts agencies affected by disasters. It was established to provide timely financial assistance to victims of a major disaster for the purpose of helping them rebuild the arts in their community. Relief funds are distributed directly to local arts agencies and other cultural relief efforts. Local arts agencies may use relief funds to assist with their own recovery as well as to provide needed services and funding to local nonprofit arts organizations and individual artists. Typical awards range from $1000 to $5000. For more information, visit their web site or call 866-471-2787.

Agape Foundation

Agape Foundation founded in 1969 is a nonprofit tax-exempt foundation that raises and distributes funds to groups and projects (not individuals) working for nonviolent social change in California. Agape provides seed grants, loans and fiscal sponsorship to organizations addressing the following six areas: Peace, Human Rights, Environmental Protection, Economic Justice, Progressive Arts, Media and Grassroots Organizing Support. 1095 Market Street, Suite 304, San Francisco, CA 94103, phone: 415.701.8707, fax: 415.701.8706

Academy of American Poets

Offers several awards including the James Laughlin Award of $5000 for author's second book of poetry and the Walt Whitman Award of $5000 and a one-month residency for first book of poetry. The Academy of American Poets, 588 Broadway, Suite 123New York, NY 10012. 212-274-0343.

A Room of Her Own Foundation

Open to female visual artists for an award of up to $50,000 payable over two years.

Wildlife Photographer of the year (administered by Natural History Museum)

Wildlife Photographer of the year

Turner (administered by Tate Britain)

British artist under 50 for an outstanding exhibition or other presentation of their work in the twelve months preceding 31 May 2004

Singer & Friedlander/Sunday Times watercolour competition (administered by Parker Harris)

Artists born or resident in the UK under 25. Free entry for full-time students.

Schweppes (previously John Kobal photographic portrait award)

Schweppes photographic portrait award

PizzaExpress Prospects

Which 'invites emerging British artists to submit work for a prestigious national art prize'

Peterborough prize

National open painting, video and multi-media arts competition

Ormeau Baths perspective, Belfast

Open submission show open to all artists working in any medium who have work that has never been shown before or that they can afford to realise for the first time (along with enough extra disposable cash to cover the cost of making an application and fee).

Oriel Mostyn Open

No restrictions - artists working in any medium, no geographical or age restrictions. Size limitations dependent on available gallery space.

Ondaatje prize for portraiture (Royal Society of Portrait Painters)

Ondaatje prize for portraiture

Millfield Arts Projects (administered by Atkinson Gallery)

Sculpture commission

John Moores Liverpool exhibition (Administered by Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool)

Open to all purely on the merits of their work, by a jury who are not told the names of the artists


Artists under 35 or within 10 years of graduating

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