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Super Junior

Semua Tentang SUJU http://goo.gl/Y0u5vI

Resep Buka Puasa Nikmat Sederhana

Jika anda berkunjung ke website ini insylloh anda bisa puas dengan informasinya

Persib Juara

malam semuanya http://goo.gl/jTsh6

Coboy Junior

Aktifitas coboy junior sehari-hari dibulan suci ramadhan


berita seutar lifesyle http://www.hambali.me/


berita seutar lifesyle http://www.hambali.me/


berita seutar lifesyle http://www.hambali.me/


ayooo kunjungi website sederhana ini http://kattamutiara.blogspot.com/


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The ArtLacuna Prize

The ArtLacuna Prize is no ordinary prize, the winner will receive a two week residency and one week solo show in our exciting new space. With artists working in the studio just next door, ArtLacuna aims to be an inspirational and vibrant place for you to experiment and make work. Submissions are now open to artists everywhere working in 2D or 3D. Works selected by a panel including Julia Alvarez and Sonya Boyce will be exhibited at ArtLacuna Space between 4th - 20th October with the winner receiving a residency and solo show at ArtLacuna Space between 24th October - 9th November. Submissions are open until August 25th, with a submission fee to cover administration costs of £12 per work, or £15 for upto 3 works. ArtLacuna is a new artist-led space in Clapham Junction. We are keen to offer vital working space and exhibition opportunities to young and emerging artists through this prize. We also run experimental talks and publishing programmes, exhibitions and workshops, and provide working space for artist projects.

Settlement, Sex, Drugs and Art

Installation View 15 sculptures Question sex, drugs and art

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The Threadneedle Prize

The Threadneedle Prize is one of the UK’s largest prizes for contemporary painting and sculpture. You can help shape the future of contemporary art by submitting online NOW to this influential annual Prize and exhibition, held at the Mall Galleries in central London. In addition to the £30,000 Threadneedle Prize, all works selected for the exhibition qualify for a further £10,000 Visitors’ Choice Award. The competition is open to all artists working in the UK and Continental Europe who use figurative and representational art as a starting point for their work. You may submit up to three works, completed since 1 January 2012, including paintings, sculptures, original prints, drawings and mixed media installations. Read more about what our selectors hope will be submitted by clicking here. Works that have been selected for other prizes or competitions in the UK or continental Europe are not eligible to enter.

harasem lah

The prize winner receives the Jackpot Stipendium. This scholarship consists of three parts: A challenge cup, 10 days of accommodation in Cimochowizna (Poland) including journey, and a sum of money in cash. The amount of money is dynamic. SZPILMAN is raising money parallel to the competition. The prize winner receives the money that is raised until September 30, 2013. The current score may be checked here (www.award.szpilman.de/jackpot) For all informations and the application form click www.award.szpilman.de and: Apply Now!

Paper. Competition of Printmakin in Italy

PRIMO PIANO LIVINGALLERY & PRIMO PIANO ATELIER is pleased to present PAPER FROM OCTOBER 5th TO 31th 2013 EXHIBITION FOR THE NATIONAL DAY OF CONTEMPORARY ART IN ITALY A M A C I – IX EDITION Exhibition of Printmaking and Graphic Art Info: Download PAPER in pdf at right side of home page of primopianoatelier

Paper. Competition of Printmakin in Italy

PRIMO PIANO LIVINGALLERY & PRIMO PIANO ATELIER is pleased to present PAPER FROM OCTOBER 5th TO 31th 2013 EXHIBITION FOR THE NATIONAL DAY OF CONTEMPORARY ART IN ITALY A M A C I – IX EDITION Exhibition of Printmaking and Graphic Art Info: Download PAPER in pdf at right side of home page of primopianoatelier

kata mutiara

informasi terkini seputar kata mutiara dan berbagai hal lainnya tentang cinta

kata mutiara

kata kata yang sangat indah yang menyayat hati serta dapat membuat motivasi hidup


berita seputar teknologi dan entertainment


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2013/2014 Selection Artists Call for Entries

We select artists not artwork and submissions open annually on the 1st April every year and close 3 June. We annually select approximately 60 artists to work with, a proportion of whom will be students or emerging, early career artists. We invite submissions from artists working across all fine art disciplines. 2013 Selection Panel will be chaired by James Horton PRBA, President of the Royal Society of British Artists. Annual Prize fund £2,500 SUBMIT NOW!

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Call for Submissions

Artfetch Representing the next generation of leading artists, from around the world. Artfetch is new, Artfetch is different, Artfetch gives selected emerging artists the opportunity to showcase their work online, bringing it to a global audience. Should your work be here? Artfetch is now accepting submissions from undergrad / post grad students, and recent art college alumni. Presenting the work of selected emerging artists for sale online, the Artfetch team of specialist cutting-edge curators will choose the most promising to be included and listed for sale on the website. How to submit work to Artfetch Please send to info@artfetch.com: -A CV including your date of birth and contact details -A one-page artist statement including a short bio, an overview of your practice as a whole and some detail on the works submitted -A selection of jpeg images of available works -A list of the submitted jpeg images including the medium, year made and dimensions (width x height) All media accepted. No fee to apply. Once a submission has been made we will be happy to provide further details on the service offer that will be posed by Artfetch.com to the artist. Artfetch is changing the way the world sees art. Contact: Artfetch Team Dublin, Ireland info@artfetch.com http://www.artfetch.com/


PHOTOGRAPHERS SECRET OF MAKING MONEY AMAL INVISIBILITY TALISMAN SPIRITUALLY YOUR PROBLEM HAS BEEN SOLVE,SPIRITUAL STRENGTH TALISMAN,SECRET OF MAKING MONEY,MAGICAL POWERS OF INVISIBILITY.If what you want is not in this list then state what exactly you want i will prepare it for you.choose any of the talisman i will send you the cost price and payment information.please can you send this to your friends. 1, AMAL INVISIBILITY TALISMAN To gain the Magical power of invisibility, to make you invisible in terms of trouble of armed robbers ,no one will see you or witness your actions, the power permits you to penetrate anywhere unseen and un-notice.photographers You can investigate someone without him noticing you even by using your camera will not be noticed. At anytime you want to be invisible to people eyes all you need to do is to hang this great AMAL Talisman. on your neck and hold a mirror on your hand look at yourself on the mirror and pronounce the magic word that i will send to you, you will not see your face again on that mirror automatically you are invisible ,you can now go anywhere you wish to go. If you desire to make yourself visible you take it out of your neck or you will pronounce the second secret word and you will be automatically be visible to people.Police and army in WEST AFRICA use this great power for their protection and their investigations. 2,THE GREAT AMAL HAMZAAD Talisman.if you want to be a spiritualist the name is AMAL HAMZAAD if you have it with you,you will be able to get information and solve problem of your heart desire any thing you want to do is possible the talisman is a secrets Angle or you call it jinn.The talisman is for all purpose if you have the talisman whatever you desire will be possible.It for your spiritual and magical growth for the first time outside of secret societies.it is called by the adepts the pouch of supreme power to make anything possible and to put at your finger tips,constantly working to bring you magical abilities see how easily you may attract those things to you that you really desire and how others recognize your intelligence,see your fortunes change for better,how money,luck,friendships come to you,you will see how others begin to respect you,how they concede to greater AURA of authority.All these magnificent effects will be yours when you Receive your AMAL HAMZAAD YOUR SPIRITUAL STRENGTH TALISMAN.if I start explaining to you it will contain up to ten pages but when you order for it i will send you a booklet so that you can see a lot of things you will benefit from it with the power of this talisman you are a complete spiritualist and you will help others you will also make money out of it because you can use it to heal people and also make people to prosper in their business and so many other things. 3,WHANGANUI RING OF LOVE If you want a relationship with someone. you will be a Controller of your dating men or Ladies,I want you to consider that your problem has been solved with the spiritual power of this Ring. It is a great powerful Ring of love that when you fix it in your finger, whoever sights you or you shake hands with must automatically fall in love with you faithful,kind,loving. This Ring has been existing for over 10 years now. If you approach anybody with this Ring, he or she must surely obey your command and your request. If you are looking for a new job, fix the ring in your finger and proceed to the office where you are looking for the job. You will be so surprised how you will be welcomed and received in the office.If you are contesting for any election post, the power of this ring will attract the heart of the people to you. You can also consider yourself to be rich because of the power of love of people towards you.it is great treasures.whoever connected with you it very powerful love Ring for the attract the love ones. 4,VOODOO ELECTRICAL COMMANDING TALISMAN if you want to get something from someone by command him/her they will obey what you are requesting,he or she must surely obey and send it to you.This talisman is very powerful talisman to hypnotist anybody.it work according to the ambitions of the holder which no person can overpower his progress Very useful for the person who want to hypnotist his or her boss in office , If you are looking for a job at a particular place just use it make your life change completely.That is the Talisman that you need to solve your problem and i want you to consider that our problems has been solved if you received the talisman from me.Whatever you desire look at the mirror at the center of the talisman and pronounce the magical word i will send to you and after that you will say whatever that is your problem or your heart desire it will be like that.The talisman has the power of destruction and rebuild you can command anything that your heart desire and it must happen instantly no matter the distance of whom you are commanding either far or near you can use the talisman to curse a person or destroy him or her life you can also use it for better for some one life.Many traders use this talisman to command their customers to buy their products, if you have any case with some one you can use the talisman to command the person to forget about the matter or the case. No matter the nature of the case the person must surely obey you and forget about it,if you are in the court of law whatever you say in the court will be accepted as the truth the prosecutors will be under your control.The talisman has commanding power for whatever your heart desire, if you receive it from me you can use it for so many thins. if i start writing all about this talisman it will contain more than thirty pages.finally we don’t allow the children below 18 to be in possession of it. A boy from Sudan used this talisman to command fire to somebody’s house and the house burned completely flat. he also use it to destroy families that did nothing to him. 5, AZIABELIS is a powerful Ring for protection against poison.When this Ring is in your position and someone put poison to your food that you will eat,you alone will be seeing a flame of fire in that food that is to prove that there is poison in that food.if a man or a woman put a love potion into your food so that you will love him or her your eyes will be seeing smoke of fire from the food. you will need this Ring for the above protection. 6, SAHARON is a protection talisman against gun shot it will protect you from any bullet of gun short,When you receive the SAHARON Talisman from me you must place it on any animal and test it first before using to see the miracle of SAHARON talisman it is a favorite talisman among the people of western Asia for strength and protection. 7, MEPHENAIJ PHATON Talisman to see vision on the air.if you look at someone you can be able to prophesier of the person's present and the future.for example if you want to go some where you will be able to see what will happen on the road before going, you will be able to know who is a witch.And also if any body ask you of unknown about his or her future you will be able to tell him or her their future.Think of it you will see it in a second.Pastors in the church's in Africa and Middle East are using this MEPHENAIJ PHATON Talisman for their prophecy.if you have this it will be of a great help to you to see present past and the future.You will see what people can not see. 8,BARBUELIS MAGNETIC MONEY DRAWING RITUAL TALISMAN If you are interested in Money Rituals,You will get a wooden box that can contain $10,000.00 dollars OR $20,000.00 dollars when you receive the MAGNETIC MONEY DRAWING TALISMAN from me then you put it inside the box and place $100.00 on top of it and you now place the box under your bed where you will sleep and you resits the magical word i will give to you.Then the next morning the $100 dollars will be multiply to $10,000,00 dollars please note in the morning if you take the multiplied money from the box you must leave the initial placed $100 dollars inside the box for you to know it you will copy the number of the first dollar you placed on the MAGNETIC MONEY DRAWING TALISMAN.The money will multiply only when you place the box under your bed where you will sleep that night and you resits the magical word.if you don't want it to multiply then do not put it under the bed where you will sleep.NOTE if you want the money to multiply to $20,000,00 dollars every morning you let me know the cost price of the talisman is different from multiply of $10,000,00 dollars every morning.or $100,000,00. when we look at a luxury vehicle we see success, you worked hard to get where you are.you will get peace of mind when it comes to your possessions. 9,TO CHANGE ANY METAL TO GOLD OR GEM STONE TO DIAMOND if you want it from me i will send you the RING AND THE MAGICAL WORD that you will pronounce to enable you change any metal to Gold or Gem stone to Diamond please note when the changes take effect it will last for 10 hours from rising of the sun till dawn,after that the metal or the gem stone will return back to its normal colour.For example if you have this Ring with you if you have a topaz precious stones hold it on your hand and you pronounce the magical word automatically the stone will change to Diamond and if have a brass or bronze metal you will use the same process and automatically the metal will change to gold this is a powerful higher magic.if you need this Talisman from me i will send it to you,Those that has this Ring make too much money with it, fraud expert uses this type of magical powers to make money. 10, COME BACK TO ME if want your divorce husband or your divorce wife to come back to you.,you will be happily married many things will change you will no longer lived like a bachelor.you will see attention and to be loved and you will no longer feel like crying.The kids need their daddy and want you to come back together.Very useful for the wife or husband who want to attract their partner and want ot remove misunderstanding between them,This power helps the wearer to drive away all evil spirits , ghost, bad dreams, sleepless night, 11,Mahalaxmi magical power talisman: What to say about this most mahalaxmi magical power talisman , It contains natural power in it .We cant found it easily We found it very great patience and difficulties and then energized it with most powerfulMantras of Mahalaxmi in tantrik rituals . This very rare of rarest and natural talisman . This product is for for prosperity, wealth, treasures, financial improvement, luck, windfalls, advancement in career, promotions, business success, abundance and general blessings . This talisman carries abundant degree of prana and energy of this universe It can remove poverty with ease , It can win you lottery . It remove all sort of financial troubles and person never run out of money . It shows you path to how to extend the business and make good profit . .It remove hindrance and obstacles you are facing in acquiring money or in business . It make you rich and famous in society .Just have it and feel the change in your life .It also removes the the black magic effects on you if somebody have done to stop your income .This magical pendant works automatically and give wearer all sort of comforts to wearer life,It create the magical aura around the wearer. It creates positive energies around the wearer and holy soul , spirit may contact the wearer and help him or her for acquiring wealth to the wearer and every person come in contact get attracted to wearer and help to fulfill dreams. 12,Third eye talisman Ope third eye talisman is very powerful talisman to open and activate your third eye,If you want to know anything past or present or condition and position of a person, it help you to see future happening and predict future , by getting this you will know the lottery number and the number of soccer team who win or anything you want to see about future . it is very powerful talisman for to build intuition power and foresee future .very useful for person who do speculation business,want to win lottery or the one who want to see future happening. 13,AGADANGODO KEY This key is a highly spiritual key, whatever is your problem mention it and lock the key it will be permanently like that until you open the key.For example if you want a relationship between you and someone all you need to do is to mention your name and the name of the person and lock it that means that you have join the two hearts together, if you take a Loan from someone and you don’t have the money to pay back and the person is disturbing you hold the key in your hand mention his name and said that he should forget about the Loan you collected from him automatically the person will not ask you about the money again.If you have a court case you can also use it to end up the case mention everything you want as you are holding the key and lock it that will be the end of that matter and the key must not be open unless you want the case to be revised again.For this reason people in West Africa that knows about this key have many of it in their homes for different problems they have locked. 14,Are you Adoptee Searching for your Birth Parents, Family, Son, Daughter, to know anything about them try me, Spiritual i will get the information for you i will send you address and phone number of any of them call me now 15,GOLF PLAYERS TALISMAN The Talisman is mind and eyes control of a cricket ball to any direction you wants it, is very useful for golf players, professional golf players uses this Talisman to control cricket ball to any direction. you will enjoy playing golf with this Talisman when you receive it from me 16 MOHRE MAR PYTHONS SNAKE STONE, These stones are found inside the body of a snake.Asia and Africa Pythons that live near the equator where it is hot and wet and their huge bodies can stay warm,They make their homes in caves,these Snake stones is possessed by a Spirit that is responsible for the stone they inhabit and aid the possessor of the stone toward unlimited good fortune and Luck, they radiate the personal Aura making it like a shield against negative energies such as curses, hexes and the 'Evil Eye' they protect the possesor of the stone from accidents and misfortune of any kind, they render the holder of the stine invisible to evil or ill indended beings (human and otherwise), Bring Love into their lives or increase existing love between partners, they give Power to ordinary humans making them extraordinary, casting spells and manifesting becomes much more powerful when using one of these stone, keeps the possessor healthy and cures diseases and illnesses when placed in water, when worn it will bring the wearer many new opportunities and adventure, and increase financial situation of the wearer, it will attract people toward the wearer of the stone and keep him youthful by drinking the water in which it is placed in, these stones have so many attributes it is difficult to list them all, they work on many levels and improve the wearers life almost immediately, they bring out the 'personal Magnetism' in the possessor.It also is a cure for poison, if the wearer is bitten by a snake, scorpion, or any other poisonous animal, by placing the stone on the bite it will stick to the skin and absorb all the poison and 'swell', when all the poison has been drawn out of the body the stone will fall off, and by placing it into a bowl of warm milk it will clease the stone of the poison and go back to its original size. Napoleon was given one of these stones by the shah of Iran,s grandfather to place in his chalice before drinking wine, thus bringing this stone to the western hemisphere. http://www.kidzone.ws/lw/snakes/facts-python.htm I WORK WITH HIGH SPIRITUAL MEN WITH POWERS,The cost price will not be a problem for you if you use it wisely the someday you receive it from me you will gain more than the money you send for it.I will be waiting for you response. Mohammed Rahman Phone: +234-803-064-9883 Email: mohammedraman3@yahoo.com International Astrologer and Psychic Adviser USA CONTACT: Gran Houdini Phone: 1-940-604-1860 Email: professorhoudini@yahoo.com 961687 Gateway Blvd. Suite 301M Amelia Island, Florida 32034 United Kingdom CONTACT: Razani Bayan Phone: 44-741-847-8231 Email: razani2010@yahoo.com 104 Himley Road Tooting London, United Kingdom SW17 9AQ

Cartazini Biennial Award 2013

See website for how to apply. Entry is FREE. Prize 20.000€


The SZPILMAN AWARD is awarded to works that exist only for a moment or a short period of time. The purpose of the award is to promote such works whose forms consist of ephemeral situations. Everyone can apply. Worldwide! There is no participation fee. Closing date: September 30, 2013 (postmark) The prize winner receives the Jackpot Stipendium. This scholarship consists of three parts: A challenge cup, 10 days of accommodation in Cimochowizna (Poland) including journey, and a sum of money in cash. The amount of money is dynamic. SZPILMAN is raising money parallel to the competition. The prize winner receives the money that is raised until September 30, 2013. The current score may be checked here (www.award.szpilman.de/jackpot) For all informations and the application form click www.award.szpilman.de and: Apply Now!


Primo Piano LivinGallery is a space for the production, exhibition and diffusion of Contemporary Art in all its disciplines. We combine our gallery activity with a residency program in Primo Piano Atelier with most intense activity each year and where spend emerging artists from the 5 continents. In many cases, the excellent work they have produced in the residence, has subsequently been institutionally recognized in their home countries. Primo Piano Atelier through its residencies programs, seeks to strengthen intercultural relations between artists of proven track record and emerging artists. The Art Gallery and the Atelier is located in one of the most important artistic and historic palaces of Lecce, Italy. Thereby we situate the artist and his works in a privileged place to be projected. With our differents residence programs, the space becomes in a permanent production place, open to the public in the gallery hours, allowing the dialogue between artist and visitors in order to deepen in the understanding of the work, and facilitate their sales. Artists can work in any medium they desire, from painting, collage, video, digital art or sculpture to the transformation of their study in an installation or operation of the area. The final goals of the residency period is the establishment of close links between the artists and italian culture, the diffusion of work by emerging artists, offering a different experience and the contribution of new influences and inspiration reasons. Applicants should do it through our website: www.primopianoatelier.com Artists can manage the scholarship application, grants or financial support in their home countries during the application period. Primo Piano Atelier will provide the necessary documentation to the applicant that so requires. The residency program includes: - workshop in the Atelier. - Final Exhibition at Primo Piano LivinGallery. - Help housing searching and Residency in Lecce’s apartments. - Press-release and promotion - Help with the design, installation and set-up. - Details of your exhibition on our website and permanent promotion. - Artist name on the gallery window.


The first and last letter of the Greek Alphabet, used in the Revelation (Apocalypse) as a symbol of the eternal essence of Christ is the theme of this workshop. The technique is the dry-point and pyrography (electric tool) on plexiglass. You will learn the secrets to make contemporary PRINTS on paper. DATE WORKSHOP from 07th to 12th OCTOBER 2013. APPLICATION BEFORE OF 30th AUGUST 2013 at info@primopianoatelier.com


The theme of the workshop is the urban legends with free interpretation. The technique of execution is the VIBRATING TIP. The effect is similar to the dry-point, but with very specific effects. The prints made with this electric instrument have a particularly smooth for a multi-color dry-point on metal plate. You will learn the secrets to make contemporary PRINTS on paper.DATE WORKSHOP from 23th to 28th SEPTEMBER 2013. APPLICATION BEFORE OF 30th JULY 2013 at info@primopianoatelier.com


The theme of the workshop is free but based on illustration and COMIC STRIP. The technique of execution is the WOOD-CUT the process of printmaking on wooden plate.You will learn the secrets to make contemporary ILLUSTRATION on paper. DATE WORKSHOP: from 24th to 29th JUNE 2013. APPLICATION BEFORE OF 30th MAY 2013 AT INFO@PRIMOPIANOATELIER.COM


The theme of the workshop is free. The technique of execution is the CHINE COLLE’, the process of printmaking technique and collage on paper. Very interesting for all artists and young students.You will learn the secrets to make contemporary TEXTURES on paper.DATE WORKSHOP from 03th to 08th JUNE 2013. APPLICATION BEFORE OF 15th MAY 2013 at info@primopianoatelier.com


The theme of the workshop is aimed at the concept of travel as a relaxing time or knowledge of other cultures. The technique of execution is the ETCHING, the process of printmaking technique on metal plate. You will learn the secrets to make contemporary ETCHING on paper. DATE WORKSHOP from 20th to 25th MAY APPLICATION BEFORE OF 5th MAY 2013 at info@primopianoatelier.com

INVENTORY: LOST & FOUND exhibition in Italy

INVENTORY: LOST & FOUND (27th APRIL – 16th MAY 2013). In many public places such as railway stations, airports, ports, ships, etc., there is a door that says 'Lost & Found'. In these large deposits is everything: from bags, glasses, books, clothes, and even ART WORK! The theme of this exhibition starts right from the objects missing, out of date and those that are not used anymore or simply useless. So, we have created an unusual and visionary art project, who can be a stimulus to creativity of the artists, to create objects, works of art, images that are part of our daily memory, so that the passage of time does not erase a part of us still tied to these things, feelings that have made us happy or moments of our lives to remember. A kind of inventory of life, a way to become known, to show our presence, our way of life and see the future. So, I propose to you a group show called “INVENTORY: LOST & FOUND” from 27th APRIL to 16th May 2013.Please, if you are interested in the proposal ask to apply at primopianoexhibition01@gmail.com


PRIMO PIANO LIVINGALLERY Arte Contemporanea www.primopianogallery.com 18 MAY – 12 JUNE 2013 Came back the most and terrific awaited event of the year with Video Art & Pop Culture, an edition that brings extraordinary artworks by international artists over the world. This year we celebrate the 8th edition with the title of the show “SUPERSTAR” in Italy. . You can join at these categories: A. Illustrations, Comic Strip, Drawings, Collages, Mix media, Objects B. Video Art, Animation, Interactive Art, Short Films, Video Performance, Music C. Poster Arts, Vinyl Arts, Street Art, Urban Arts ask to apply at primopianoexhibition01@gmail.com

The Cord Prize

The Cord Prize is an international contemporary art award established to support and acknowledge the practice of early and mid-career visual artists. The award comprises an individual first prize of $10,000, second prize of $1,000 and third prize of $500. Additionally, twenty-two artists will be selected for online exhibition and a piece of writing will be commissioned from the award jurors The inaugural edition of this twice-annual prize is focused on contemporary art photography, with future awards alternating focus on specific disciplines, with curated themes and critical surveys. We are extremely pleased and excited to have the hugely respected and admired curators and writers Diana Edkins and Charlotte Cotton as the jurors for this first edition of the award. Submissions open on 15th April, closing on 2nd June 2013 Apply at http://cordprize.com/

Four Points Contemporary- 1st Biannual International Competition & Annual All Media Exhibition- Prizes $,1100

Developed to advance the finest in visual art, Four Points Contemporary is holding its 1st Biannual Juried International Competition and 1st Annual All Media Juried Online Exhibition to recognize the best in undiscovered talents. Does your work push boundaries? Are you unafraid of taking risks without sacrificing artistic integrity? Four Points Contemporary seeks artists of your caliber. Over $1,000 in awards will be distributed to all winners both in competition and exhibition plus Special Recognitions and Honorable mentions. The contest is open to all visual artists globally at any level of their career, 18 years and older. All mediums and styles are accepted including but not limited to three-dimensional works. For more information on how to apply please see the link below. http://fourpointscontemporary.com//page.php?page_id=6

Call to Artists: 2013 TPN Summer Art Colony

The 2013 Taller Portobelo Summer Art Colony in Portobelo, Panama is open to emerging and professional Visual, Literary, Musical and Performing Artists in all disciplines, mediums and genres, and Scholars and Researchers of all disciplines - both creative and academic - to submit project proposals for work to be developed during the 3 week residency. Keeping in mind that the residency is short, our goal is to support participants in realizing works-in-progress and the production of new, small works. We define the parameters for “artists” and “scholars” loosely enough to encompass a wide variety of projects. Don’t be discouraged if your idea does not fall neatly into a specific box. Present a compelling idea and articulately explain your need for three weeks of uninterrupted time to explore it. Financial Aid of up to $750 is available. Funding is limited and the awarded amount varies. All participants are expected to make a financial contribution to their residency. Please seriously consider if you are able to make this financial investment. Participants must have a valid passport for travel. FOR MORE INFO OR TO APPLY: http://www.tallerportobelonorte.com/artcolony.html Taller Portobelo Norte www.tallerportobelonorte.com info@tallerportobelonorte.com

Open Call- National & International Artists

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS Application deadline: Midnight 24th April ZMF EVENT and GLOBE GALLERY GRABOWSEE is now accepting applications from artists who want to take part on our public Event in BERLIN. Application deadline: April 24, 2013 23:59pm ZMF and GLOBE GALLERY GRABOWSEE; proudly invites national and international artists to submit works for inclusion in the upcoming exhibition to use one of two flexible spaces located in BERLIN, MITTE to SHOW their inner talent on a short-term EVENT EXHIBITION that take advantage of a built-in public audience. The Social Event goes beyond the traditional structure to provide resources and facilitate interactions between artists and audience throughout the creative process. Exhibition last 1-2 weeks. The theme: SMALL AND BEAUTIFUL accomplished and emerging artists from all locations are invited to submit a drawing, canvas painting, design, printing, text art, watercolors, graphics and pastels not exceeding 40 cm x 60 cm maximum. Details http://globegallery.wordpress.com/countdown-grabowsee-zmf/ About ZMF ZMF Is an artists' work-space promoting social intervention and exhibition to artist working on all medium that is open to the public. ZMF facilitates every-day interactions between artists and audiences in order to promote the productive space of the working artist as a site of valuable visual and intellectual interaction. Our endeavors promote critical exposure for the artists we support while fostering an inclusive environment in which artists and the public can engage in a meaningful exchange of art and ideas. ZMF aims to provide incredible experiences through a series of summer programs including Live music, work parties, Art exhibitions and much more. If you are a maker, thinker, or doer who brings self-awareness, experimental processes, and creativity to what you do- and ZMF sparks some ideas for you- then you are eligible to apply to our EVENT programs. Entries: A maximum of four works may be entered in any medium. Entries may not exceed 72 centimeters or 27.6 inches in any one dimension. All 2-D work must be framed, wired and READY TO HANG. Fifty pounds is the maximum weight for work. All watercolors, photographs, graphics and pastels must be under glass or Plexiglas. Once accepted, work may not be removed from the exhibition. Fee: 5 EURO entry fee will be charged per work. Entry fees must be included with submitted works. Delivery of work Label digital images with artist name, medium, title of work and framed dimensions. Indicate top of images. Send Biography and Artist Statement with entries and registration fee to: Vilson De Oliveira .Entry deadline for entries is APRIL 24, 2013. For accepted entries, the accepted work may be brought to the gallery Wednesday, April 24 by appointment in contact with Vilson De Oliveira at whille24@msn.com and delivered to U8 - ROSENTHALER PLATZ: located at the backyard of BRUNNENTR. !0. MITTE Returns Please, include self-address envelop stamped using international dispatch envelope if you want to have your work returned. After the finish exhibition period unclaimed artwork will be archived and used in future Event. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO ARTIST@ COPYRIGHT PROTECTION: WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO USE MATERIAL FOR PROMOTIONAL USE. Hand-delivered entries by appointment. To make via email to VILSON DE OLIVEIRA at RUCKERTSTRASSE 1, BERLIN 10627. whille24@msn.com.

1st Biannual International Competition & Annual All Media Exhibition- Prizes $,1100

Developed to advance the finest in visual art, Four Points Contemporary is holding its 1st Biannual Juried International Competition and 1st Annual All Media Juried Online Exhibition to recognize the best in undiscovered talents. Does your push boundaries? Are you unafraid of taking risks without sacrificing artistic integrity? Four Points Contemporary seeks artists of your caliber. Over $1,000 in awards will be distributed to all winners both in competition and exhibition plus Special Recognitions and Honorable mentions. The contest is open to all visual artists globally at any level of their career, 18 years and older. All mediums and styles are accepted including but not limited to three-dimensional works.

Futurgarde Art Award 2013 - Open Call for Submission

The spectator experiences the phenomenon of transmutation; through the change from inert matter into a work of art, an actual transubstantiation has taken place… All in all, the creative act is not performed by the artist alone; the spectator brings the work into contact with the external world by deciphering and interpreting its inner qualifications and thus adds his contribution to the creative act. - Marcel Duchamp FUTURGARDE AWARD is a newly created prize for support and promotion of most interesting and promising living artists from all around the world. We are looking for innovative and exceptional works of art showing unique creative practices, ideas and personalities. We are looking for art which can influence and change viewer's way of thinking and perception. There are no restrictions of media, style, age or location. All styles are eligible. * An international group of 20 creative professionals (art critics, curators, collectors and established artists) will evaluate the proposals considering their conceptual and visual quality and artistic maturity PRIZE - US$ 60,000 for grant awards to split proportionally between 3 winners. That means US$ 30,000 for first place, 20,000 for second and 10,000 for third. - Acquisition of selected works by winning artists and possibly two other not awarded artists, who submitted their applications - Solo exhibitions for each winner in New York, London and Berlin in one of our collaborating art spaces in 2014 DEADLINE: Registration (Application Fee)- May 15th 2013, Work Submission - May 30th 2013 APPLICATION: please visit: http://www.futurgarde.com

Illuminated Event Hire - Devine Events

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K(now) Gallery Summer Show

The Summer Juried Show is a Know Now Gallery opportunity to expose artists working in contemporary visual arts to a wide audience. This exhibition is a pop-up showcase in Seattle's Pioneer Square neighborhood. More information below or register and submit work online. ENTRY DEADLINE: Friday, May 15, 2013 ELIGIBILITY: National and international artists 16 years and older may submit a maximum of five works completed within the last twelve months and not exhibited in a previous Know Now Gallery exhibition. AWARDS: Over $1,000 in award money will be allocated by the juror. FEES: Non-refundable fee must accompany each of the up to 5 artworks submitted. Submissions must be paid by credit/debit card. Fee payment does not guarantee that any/all artworks submitted for jurying will be included in this exhibition. $35 for up to 5 entries, the total allowed. REQUIREMENTS: All submissions must be submitted digitally through the Know Now Gallery’s website. SELECTED WORKS: Selected artworks must be delivered ready to hang/display. Artworks considered unsuitable for hanging/presentation will be refused. Curatorial staff reserves the right to refuse an artwork that is misrepresented through documentation or is not the piece selected by juror. SALES: All works must be available for sale, the Know Now Gallery receives a 30% commission. SHIPPING AND INSURANCE: By submitting artwork for consideration for the Juried Show, the Artist acknowledges and accepts the following stated terms: The exhibiting Artist is responsible for all applicable charges related to the preparation, packaging, insuring, and shipping/delivery of artwork to and from the gallery.The Artist assumes all responsibility and holds Know Now Gallery harmless for any damages incurred during shipping. Artist may choose preferred art shipper. Artist agrees to hold Know Now Gallery harmless and waive all claims or causes of action against Know Now Gallery, its officers, directors, employees, and volunteers for any and all damages, loss, or injury caused to any person or person’s personal property arising from or relating to the exhibition of Artist’s artwork at the Know Now Gallery or by the Artist or persons affiliated with the Artist. SCHEDULE: May 15, 2013 All entry forms must be received by 5 pm PST. Late entries will not be accepted. June 4, 2013 Selected artists will be notified via email of acceptance. PLEASE DO NOT CALL OR EMAIL THE GALLERY. Jun 20, 2013 All accepted works, including shipped works, MUST be received by the Know Now Gallery no later than 7 pm PST. Late drop-offs will not be accepted June 27, 2013 Opening reception and awards ceremony for artists and guests from 6-9 pm PST July 28, 2013 Close of Show ABOUT KNOW NOW GALLERY: The Know Now Gallery is a pop-up arts organization in Seattle, Washington, and New York City whose mission is to develop and provide a central venue for artists and the general community to learn, network, share, and experience all varieties of artistic and cultural expression.

International Kontinent Photography Awards

International Kontinent Photography Awards (http://www.kontinentawards.com), the prestigious photography competition is now open for entries. Awards aim to honor best photographers in the world of photography and provide them global recognation and new opportunities. The winners will be selected by our internationally renowned judging committee including; Aidan SULLIVAN / Vice President Photo Assignments, GETTY IMAGES Carl GRONQUIST / Director of Photography for Documentary, CORBIS Catherine EDELMAN / Founder, CATHERINE EDELMAN GALLERY & President, AIPAD Cheryl NEWMAN / Photography Director, TELEGRAPH MAGAZINE Jim RAMER / Director of the MFA in Photography, PARSONS THE NEW SCHOOL FOR DESIGN Jayne H. BAUM / Founder, JAYNE H. BAUM GALLERY Lise Li / Founder, VANGUARD GALLERY Paula TOGNARELLI / Executive Director, GRIFFIN MUSEUM OF PHOTOGRAPHY Sarah HASTED / Founding Partner, HASTED KRAEUTLER GALLERY There are 6 main categories in the International Kontinent Photography Awards 2013 1- Advertising - Single Image 2- Fine Art - Single Image 3- Fine Art - Projects 4- Editorial/Documentary - Single Image 5- Editorial/Documentary - Projects 6- Nature - Single Image Winning photographers' will receive major awards including exhibition, book publishing, representation as well as product prizes from our sponsors Think Tank Photo, Topaz Labs and Clickbooq. Deadline: 1 June 2013 Eligibility: Open to all photographers from any country in the world For more information please visit ' http://www.kontinentawards.com '

Call for Artist in Residence (Ghana)

Call for Artist in Residence / Abetenim Arts Village Ghana: Abetenim Arts Village, NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS for Artist in Residence Program for 2013 and 2014. Contact: info@nkafoundation.org / www.nkafoundation.org Nka Foundation invites emerging and established artists to apply for residencies within the frame of Artist in Residence for a period of stay from 1 to 9 months at Abetenim Arts Village in Ghana. Our rural arts village provides the participant with time and space away from the everyday stresses of city life to focus and investiagete their practice, creating the possibility for discovery, collaboration and growth. Individual artists and teams in the fields of theater, film, music, visual arts and multidisciplinary work are encouraged to apply. No application fee is required. All international participants are required to make a financial contribution of 28 USD towards food (2/3 meals a day) and 50 USD for accommodation per week. We suggest that participants apply for travel grants through their school, arts agencies or other sources to cover their airfare and cost of project. E-mail to info@nkafoundation.org for application. Nka’s website: http://www.nkafoundation.org Share this announcement on: Facebook | Twitter | Via Mailing List

Mantap Surantap

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the open west 2013

the open west 2013 will tour to two venues. Applications are now invited. The first exhibition will be at the National Trust’s Newark Park, an unusual and atmospheric Tudor hunting lodge set in rural south Gloucestershire which houses an eclectic collection of art and objects within its architecture and is set in a dramatic landscape. The second exhibition will be held in Cheltenham (full venue details to be announced shortly). This area holds a nationally important collection of the Arts & Crafts Movement in Britain. the open west is an annual open competition and exhibition inviting work from national and international artists practising contemporary and conceptual art. Work submitted can include painting, installation, film and sound, textile, photography, ceramics, print, drawing, performance, sculpture, glass, metal and plastics. Continuing an exploration of fine art forms, the selection of work for 2013 will also examine the skills of the contemporary maker and include experimental and digital technologies together with traditional processes. Two distinctly different environments will allow the open west to curate an exhibition of two parts, exploring the crossover of disciplines between fine art and craft; curating work in surprising spaces to create new contextual layers. Up to 40 artists will be included in the open west 2013, each with the possibility of showing more than one work at each venue during the three month exhibition period. 2013 panel - curators Lyn Cluer Coleman and Sarah Goodwin with guest selectors Dr Justin Marshall and Emma Critchley. Four award winners will each be offered £500. the open west 2013 will offer an opportunity for artists to participate in an education programme; an internship; artists’ residencies at Newark Park and at the Meantime project space; workshops and a day of artists in conversation. An artists’ catalogue is published each year. For full application details visit theopenwest.org.uk dates • Newark Park • 6 July to 18 August Cheltenham • 25 August to 22 September deadline • 2 April 2013

Uninstall software

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