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National works on paper

John Tallis Acquisitive Aware: $15,000

Native American Library Services: Enhancement Grants

Native American Library Services: Enhancement Grants - Deadline: 05-01-2008

Native Cultural Arts Teachers Wanted

Anchorage School District Indian Education Two positions to be filled: K-3 and 8th grade-adult Classes are on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:15-8:15pm Interested persons please contact: Josephine Edwards-Vollertsen Cultural Enrichment Specialist Title VII Indian Education ASD Education Center 5530 E. Northern Lights Blvd. Phone: (907) 742-4447

Natural Cycles Temporary Art Installations

9/1/2008 The Friends of Tryon Creek State Park and RACC invite artists/teams living in Oregon and Washington to submit proposals for temporary one-year installations in Tryon Creek State Park beginning in September 2009. Up to five artists will each receive an honorarium of $3,000. Contact Information: Peggy Kendellen Contact Email: pkendellen@racc.org Contact Phone: Response Deadline: 5/14/2008

NEA American Masterpieces grants now available

Guidelines for American Masterpieces grants for Chamber Music, Presenting and Visual Arts Touring are now available. American Masterpieces: Three Centuries of Artistic Genius is a major initiative to acquaint Americans with the best of their cultural and artistic legacy. Through American Masterpieces, the National Endowment for the Arts will sponsor performances, exhibitions, tours, and educational programs across all art forms that will reach large and small communities in all 50 states.

NEA Challenge America: Access to the Arts Grants

This program seeks to broaden efforts to provide the American people with opportunities to experience the excellence and diversity of the arts. This category awards Challenge America grants for projects that do one or more of the following: provide opportunities for people to experience and participate in a wide range of art forms and activities; enable arts organizations and artists to expand and diversify their audiences; or emphasize the potential of the arts to help strengthen communities. This category offers both Standard Review Grants and Fast-Track Review Grants; see web site for details.

NEA Challenge America: Reaching Every Community Fast-Track Review Grants
http://www.NEA Challenge America: Reaching Every Community Fast-Track ...

NEA Challenge America: Reaching Every Community Fast-Track Review Grants - Deadline: 06-02-2008

NEA Creative Writing Fellowship

The FY 2008 Creative Writing Fellowships guidelines are now available at www.arts.gov/grants/apply/Lit.html. These fellowships enable recipients to set aside time for writing, research, travel, and general career advancement. Non-matching grants are for $20,000.

NEA International Program

NEA International Program, 1100 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, DC 20506 (202) 682-5422. Two month residencies in Canada or Mexico, six month fellowships in Japan.

NEA Learning in the Arts for Children and Youth

NEA Learning in the Arts for Children and Youth - Deadline: 06-09-2008

NEA Partnership Agreements

Partnership agreements assist state and jurisdictional arts agencies and their regional organizations in carrying out arts plans that benefit artists, arts organizations, arts education efforts, and communities. State arts agencies entering into partnership agreements with the NEA will in turn work with local arts agencies and other communitywide arts groups in developing their plans. Partnership agreements are one of the primary ways in which arts endowment support reaches communities throughout the country.

NEA Summer Schools in the Arts
http://www.The endowment sponsors this initiative to raise the quality...

The endowment sponsors this initiative to raise the quality and availability of arts education in communities nationwide. Summer programs provide environments free of the demands of the regular school day; challenging and engaging opportunities during the summer; immersion experiences; and comprehensive arts instruction that otherwise would not be available because of limited resources. Summer activities must take place during the summer; the 14-month period of support is intended to allow for planning, evaluation, and close out and follow up with appropriate schools or school districts. All grants require a match of at least one to one. To be considered, organizations must submit a statement of interest by the listed application deadline; full proposals are by invitation. Guidelines are available online.

NEA's Access to Artistic Excellence Grants

NEA's Access to Artistic Excellence Grants encourage and support artistic creativity, preserves our diverse cultural heritage, and makes the arts more widely available in communities throughout the country. Support is available to organizations for projects that do one or more of the following: Provide opportunities for artists to create, refine, perform, and exhibit their work; Present artistic works of all cultures and periods; Preserve significant works of art and cultural traditions; Enable arts organizations and artists to expand and diversify their audiences; Provide opportunities for individuals to experience and participate in a wide range of art forms and activities; Enhance the effectiveness of arts organizations and artists; Employ the arts in strengthening communities. The Arts Endowment is particularly interested in projects that extend the arts to underserved populations -- those whose opportunities to experience the arts are limited by geography, ethnicity, economics, or disability. Visit National Endowment for the Arts website at http://www.arts.gov/grants/apply/GAP08/LocalsAAE.html or call 202.682.5586 for details. Deadline: 8/13/07.

Near NorthWest Arts Council - Chicago, IL

Near NorthWest Arts Council invites artists to create projects including murals (with/without after-school student participation) temporary public smace and media installations. Acceptable disciplines include Visual Arts, Electronic Media Arts, Murals, Paitings, Photography, Sculpture/Installation, Sound, Video, and Media Arts. The purpose is to activate and enhance the public way. The locations include transit oriented sites, storefront display, and viaduct bridges. Send a resume, slides or digital format, image list the three references. nnwac@nnwac.org Contact Information: Laura Weathered Contact Email: laura@nnwac.org Contact Phone: (773) 278-7677 Response Deadline: 12/31/2008

Nebraska Arts Council

Nebraska Arts Council offers Artist Fellowships which provide monetary awards to Nebraska artists in various disciplines.

Nebraska Arts Council Artists in Schools/Communities Grants

The purpose of this program is to support artist residencies in a Nebraska school or community organization for a minimum of five days in one or more disciplines. Residencies are available in architecture, crafts, dance, folk arts, literature, media arts, music, theater, and visual arts. During the course of the residency, the artist involves participants in hands-on arts activities, demonstrations, and performances. The artist also conducts an inservice session, offers suggestions for follow-up activities, and serves as a resource to the sponsor for curriculum development.

Nebraska Arts Council Impact: Arts Education Grants

The goal of the program is to make arts a basic part of lifelong learning by providing Nebraska schools and community-based organizations with the flexibility to plan and/or implement their goals in arts education. Grants support projects that emphasize partnerships among educational and nonprofit organizations that integrate the arts into lifelong education, integrate the arts into the basic curriculum of a school or school district, and are a part of a long-range plan to make the arts basic in education. Applicant must have enough cash to match at least half the dollars requested; the remainder of the match can be in kind. Annual deadline dates may vary; contact the council for exact dates.

Nebraska Arts Council Multicultural Awareness Grants

This program funds projects that significantly include people of color and/or works by people of color in existing or new arts programming. Examples of programs that can be considered are sensitivity training for arts administrators, outreach between the host organization and local ethnic communities, collaborative efforts between the applicant and culturally specific organizations and artists, programs presenting culturally specific performances and projects not currently available through the Nebraska Touring program/Exhibits Nebraska or Mid-America Arts Alliance's Regional Touring program, education activities in multicultural awareness that address changing community demographics, and artistic initiatives that provide a greater level or understanding of cultural diversity. Annual deadline dates may vary; contact the council for exact dates.

Nebraska Touring Program/Exhibits Nebraska Sponsor Grants (NTP/EN)

Nebraska Touring Program/Exhibits Nebraska Sponsor Grants (NTP/EN)

Nebraska Touring Program/Exhibits Nebraska Sponsor Grants (NTP/EN)

Nebraska Touring Program/Exhibits Nebraska Sponsor Grants (NTP/EN)

Nederlands Instituut voor Animatiefilm (NIAf)

Nederlands Instituut voor Animatiefilm (NIAf), PO Box 9358, 5000 HJ Tilburg, The Netherlands. Tel: 31-13-535-4555

NEH Challenge Grants

NEH Challenge Grants - Deadline: 05-01-2008

NEH Collaborative Research Grants

NEH Collaborative Research Grants - Deadline: 11-04-2008

NEH Fellowship Programs at Independent Research Institutions

NEH Fellowship Programs at Independent Research Institutions - Deadline: 11-02-2008

NEH Fellowships and Faculty Research Awards

NEH Fellowships and Faculty Research Awards - Deadline: 05-01-2008

NEH Humanities Fellowships

The Huntington Library and Art Gallery, an independent research center with holdings in British and American history, literature, art history, and the history of science, will award three fellowships funded by NEH. These fellowships are designed to permit scholars to spend from four to 12 months at the Huntington. Fellowships may be combined with sabbaticals or other stipendiary support. Preference will be given to scholars who have not held major fellowships during the three years preceding the year for which the center is awarding the fellowships. Fellows will be able to pursue their own research and writing while participating in the intellectual life of the Huntington. Annual deadline dates may vary; contact the program director for exact dates.

NEH Humanities Fellowships at Winterthur

Supported by NEH, Winterthur awards long-term fellowships for four to 12 months of continuous advanced research. The program encourages the exchange of ideas among the research fellows, the Winterthur staff, and graduate students through colloquia, conferences, discussions, and informal gatherings. Rental housing is available on the Winterthur grounds in the research fellowship residence. Winterthur is a research center for American studies; American cultural, social, and intellectual history; art and design history; and material culture. Application materials are available on the Web site or from the office.

NEH National Digital Newspaper Program

NEH National Digital Newspaper Program - Deadline: 11-04-2008

NEH Preservation and Access Research and Development Grants

NEH Preservation and Access Research and Development Grants - Deadline: 07-01-2008

NEH Preservation Education and Training

NEH Preservation Education and Training - Deadline: 07-01-2008

NEH Scholarly Editions Grants

NEH Scholarly Editions Grants - Deadline: 11-04-2008

NEH Summer Stipends

NEH Summer Stipends - Deadline: 10-07-2008

NEH/AIAR Postdoctoral Fellowships

Fellowships are open to those in ancient Near Eastern studies, including the fields of archaeology, anthropology, art history, Bible, epigraphy, historical geography, history, language, literature, philology, and religion or related disciplines from Pre-history, through the early Islamic period. The research period should be continuous, without frequent trips outside the country. Residence at the Albright is required. Grants are awarded for six to 12 months (up to four awards from four to 12 months). Guidelines are available online.


Call For Entries - neo:artprize 2012 - top prize £1000 neo:artprize is an open exhibition inviting work in any media from artists of all ages and nationalities who practice contemporary visual art in the UK. The prize aims to support artists and to bring to Bolton the best contemporary art from across the UK. Neo:artists are calling for submissions to their first national open exhibition to be held in the summer of 2012, the neo:artprize with a top prize of £1,000. Neo: are expecting a high level of submissions with entry open to all contemporary visual artists living and working in the UK. As well as having the chance to win, selected work will be displayed in an exhibition at the brand new neo:gallery 22 in the heart of Bolton’s busy Market Place. The exhibition will run from 14th June to 28th July with a special preview to launch the event guaranteeing maximum exposure to all artists who are selected to exhibit. Work can be in any media and in the first instance artists are invited to submit images online by the 13th May for the first selection process. Selections and curating will be made by Kwong Lee, Director of the prestigious Castlefield Gallery and Aileen McEvoy, former Director Arts Council England. To find out more about the exhibition and how to enter please visit the website www.neoartists.co.uk Press enquiries: Jason Simpson jason@neoartists.co.uk Tel: 07855369522

NESTA - Graduate Pioneer Programme

NESTA's Graduate Pioneer Programme invests in young design graduates who aim to revolutionise the way business works by applying their skills to design new types of companies and to create new markets. Successful applicants will be invited to attend The Academy, where they will be given an opportunity to win up to

NESTA Insight Out

Insight Out is a national enterprise training programme specifically designed for creative individuals who want to set up a business within the creative industries.

NESTA Insight Out

Insight Out is a national enterprise training programme specifically designed for creative individuals who want to set up a business within the creative industries.


International Seminar Deadline for entries: January 12 , 2009 Dates of the event: March 2 - 6, 2009 at the Cultural Center of Spain in Buenos Aires (Argentina) Open call for papers to be presented within the context of this third meeting of the Inclusiva-net platform. This edition aims to develop an analysis of the current situation of artistic practices on the web from various theoretical and critical perspectives. It includes seminars, debate sessions, and lectures of papers chosen from this public call. Many topics will be addressed including questions such as: Can we speak of a second epoch in net.art? What do the new art forms based on on/off-line hybridization contribute? What critical reflection do new manifestations of digital creations in networks offer us? What are the new relations between creation and dissention? Key words: Artistic creation, Art History, Criticism, Aesthetics, Anthropology, Communication Theory, Latin America, curatorship, networked art, Web 2.0, semantic web, amateurism, software art, Blog-art, metaverses, 3D social networks, online activism, flash mobs, politicized “swarming”, etc.

Netherlands Media Art Institute

Since 2002 the Netherlands Media Art Institute has offered artists from The Netherlands and other countries the possibility of performing research in three areas: streaming media, wireless applications and real time 3D animation. To participate in the Artist in Residence program, artists can submit a project proposal. The artistic concept, innovation and cooperation are central concerns. Preference is given to research that makes use of 'open source', and develops tools that will be available for further use. Investigations with an interdisciplinary character also receive preference. In the research the artist works together with Dutch universities and academies. The result of the research is presented in a suitable manner through exhibitions, discussions, seminars, publications and workshops. The Artist in Residence program has technical facilities at its disposal, including manpower, a working budget and accommodations. Technical specialists advise the participating artists during research, experimentation and production. Deadlines: March 1, July 1 and November 1

Nevada Arts Council

Nevada Arts Council (NAC) awards Fellowships ($5,000) and 'Jackpot' Grants to individual artists.

Nevada Circuit Riders GrantS

Deadline: Ongoing deadline throughout the fiscal year (July 1 - June 30). Grants are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Eligible applicants: any organization applying must be a Nevada-based non-profit arts organization or community arts group which provides arts and cultural programming or services. Ongoing grants available through the Community Arts Development Program, Nevada Circuit Riders (NCR) is a matching grant of up to $2,000 to hire a NCR consultant to work with your organization. continue

NEW - SUMMARY of Integrated Arts Program for Organizations

NEW - SUMMARY of Integrated Arts Program for Organization

New AAP/ORBI Artist Fast Track Program The Appalachian Arts Program (AAP) and the Ohio River Border Initiative (ORBI)
http://www.orbi.org/news.html#fast track

New AAP/ORBI Artist Fast Track Program The Appalachian Arts Program (AAP) and the Ohio River Border Initiative (ORBI) are providing financial assistance so that the artists of our region can improve their skills, find new inspiration and expose themselves to new ideas. Artists and craftspeople, part-time or full time, with professional experience, may apply for grants in amounts up to $500. You may not apply for more than one grant in the state fiscal year period, July 1 to June 30. Eligible artists and craftspeople must live in Appalachian Ohio and the West Virginia counties that touch the Ohio River. Grants are intended to support immediate, short-term projects that have a positive impact upon the career development of artists by helping them: (1) increase access to audiences and venues, (2) develop new skills and insights, (3) investigate new artistic ideas and approaches. Projects must have a specific beginning point and a specific end point. Grants are not intended for long term or open ended projects such as the purchase tools or equipment or for long term training or education. http://www.orbi.org/news.html#fast track

New Artist Opportunity for Indoor Sculpture - Terre Haute, Indiana - January 23, 2008

Art Spaces, Inc. - Wabash Valley Outdoor Sculpture Collection is issuing a REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS for a site-specific sculpture to be located in the city of TERRE HAUTE, INDIANA in the new HuxCancerCenter at UnionHospital. This opportunity is open to practicing professional artists over 18 years of age. The sculpture will be located inside the front entrance of the HuxCancerCenter (www.unionhospitalhealthgroup.org/union/huxcancer) located at 6 ½ and Beech Street on the north side of UnionHospital. It will be adjacent to the main staircase and just outside of the Radiation Oncology Waiting Room. The artist's budget for this project is $42,000. 3-5 finalists will be selected to fully realize the proposal and each will receive a stipend of $350. More information including submission requirements, images and dimensions of the site are available on the Art Spaces website at www.wabashvalleyartspaces.com DEADLINE FOR RECEIPT OF MATERIALS: Friday, January 23, 2009. Send to: Art Spaces, Inc. 100 S. Campus Drive P.O. Box 3799 Terre Haute, IN 47803-0799. To directly request more information you may call 812-244-4216 or write to: info@wabashvalleyartspaces.com (Please note 'Hux Sculpture' in subject heading).

New Arts Program

New Arts Program, 173 W. Main St., PO Box 82, Kutztown, PA 19530 (610) 683-6440. Nonprofit service organization and museum. Apprenticeships, consultations, performances, exhibits.

New Directions in Floral Painting

Workshop to be held at Cedar Lakes Craft Center in Ripley, WV August 3-8, 2008. For more information contact Karen Halpern at k_halpern@hotmail.com or phone at 248.851.8215. Visit the website at www.karenhalpern.com

New Directions Juried Photography Exhibition

Deadline: 11-15-2008

New England Art Club Drawing Scholarship

Award: £500 Further Information: Free involvement in selected Drawing School activities also included in the prize.

New England Foundation for the Arts

NEFA's grant programs provide funding to artists and nonprofit organizations in the areas of dance, performing arts, and public art. National Dance Project (NDP) provides grants for the production and touring of contemporary dance work by regionally and nationally significant artists in the United States and abroad. Presenter Travel Fund provides monetary assistance to arts programmers or curatorial staff in New England so that they may investigate new or unfamiliar work outside of their home community. Meet the Composer offers grants to nonprofit organizations in New England to provide meaningful interaction between composers and audiences, in conjunction with performances of the composer's work. Art and Community Landscapes addresses local and regional environmental concerns by funding site-specific art projects and artist residencies.

New England Foundation for the Arts

New England Foundation for the Arts

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