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Online Portfolios For Visual Artists

Online Portfolios For Visual Artists Online artist portfolios created by ArtPromote.com. This is a free service for artists who do not have their own websites. For established artists there is a modest one time administration fee. To apply follow the instructions under 'Add an Artist' at the url below. http://www.artpromote.com/artists/

Online Portfolios for Visual Artists

Online artist portfolios created by ArtPromote.com. Free for low income, student, and disabled artists who do not have their own websites. For established artists there is a modest one time administration fee. ArtPromote.com averages over 450,000 page views every month; artists can gain significant exposture by using this service. To apply follow the instructions under “Add an Artist” at http://www.artpromote.com/artists/ Deadline is on-going. Contact Information: www.ArtPromote.com Contact Email: info@artpromote.com Contact Phone: N/A Response Deadline: 12/1/2008

Ontario Arts Council Aboriginal Arts Education Project Grants

The OAC will build on its recognition of traditional and contemporary Aboriginal art and artists by continuing to provide opportunities for arts education projects where Aboriginal artists can engage learners in their language, culture and artistic practices. The Program is intended for all types of learners, including educators, communities, youth, children, adults and inmates. Projects fall into three categories: Learning the Arts--artists engage learners of any age in learning traditional and contemporary artistic skills; Aboriginal Languages and Arts Education--the primary purpose is passing on Aboriginal languages; and Aboriginal Culture and Arts Education--projects that pass on knowledge and skills of traditional Aboriginal cultures.

Ontario Arts Council Access and Career Development Grants

In keeping with its strategic plan, Stability and Strength, the OAC is committed to reflecting the cultural diversity and Aboriginal identity of the province through its programs. The OAC also recognizes that there continue to be systemic barriers for arts professionals of color and Aboriginal arts professionals. Part of the solution is the launch of Access and Career Development to support the cultural diversity of Ontario's arts sector. To that end, the Program supports Ontario-based Aboriginal arts professionals and arts professionals of color. The program will fund professional development and skill-building opportunities that advance the applicants' artistic work and careers. Applicants can request funding for training, mentoring or apprenticing in all contemporary and traditional art practices.

Ontario Arts Council Artists in Education Grants

This program provides project grants to allow professional artists from all artistic expressions and cultures to provide in-depth learning experiences for Ontario educators and learners. Successful applicants are placed on a roster for a one-year term. The roster may be used by Ontario educational institutions when planning their arts education programs. Projects may involve any educational institution recognized by the Ontario Ministry of Education and Training from Junior Kindergarten to Ontario Academic Courses.

Ontario Arts Council Arts Education Organizations Grants

This program provides operating support to not-for-profit, professional arts education organizations in Ontario to assist them to produce and present art and arts services to the public and to sustain a healthy arts community. Potential new applicants must contact the officer well in advance of the deadline to discuss eligibility and to request an application package.

Ontario Arts Council Arts Education Projects Grants

The program supports projects that link artists and learners of all ages, providing artistic opportunities both within and outside the educational system. It aims to develop increased audiences of all ages for, and public awareness of, the value of the arts, and to advance the field of arts education in Ontario. As well as arts education, the program funds activities that contribute to public participation and community involvement in the arts in Ontario. Examples of eligible activities: youth arts programming and workshops, including hands-on art making; creation and production of new work for young people; creation of study guides in support of arts education programming; arts education professional development opportunities for groups of artists and educators; and one-time arts education conferences and festivals. Requirements

Ontario Arts Council Arts Service Organizations Grants

This program supports provincial or national membership-based Arts Service Organizations (ASOs) that provide services and programs to support their members' professional, career or organizational development and promote an awareness of the arts in Ontario. The program provides operating and project support. Potential new applicants must contact the officer well in advance of the deadline to discuss eligibility and to request an application package.

Ontario Arts Council Chalmers Arts Fellowships

The program provides financial support directly to artists so they may have the opportunity to dedicate themselves to individual creative pursuits. The program aims to provide such support at moments in artists' careers when a concentration on personal and/or artistic growth or renewal and exploration is most likely to have the greatest impact on their long-term artistic and career development. Fellowships may be awarded to artists at any stage of their career development, from early to mature, and to artists working in a wide range of aesthetics and traditions that reflect Ontario

Ontario Arts Council Chalmers Professional Development Grants

The Grants provide unique opportunities at a critical time in the careers of emerging, mid-career or established Ontario artists or arts professionals who give indication of exceptional or unusual talent for pursuing professional careers in the arts. The grants provide financial assistance when a concentration on professional development is most likely to have the greatest impact on an individual's skills so they can reach the next level in their professional arts career. The project must be planned and concentrated, and enable the individual to acquire knowledge, new skills, build on experience and assist career progression. The fund supports: study grants, mentoring grants, and internship/apprenticeship grants. The project duration can be from a few weeks to 24 weeks, in Canada or elsewhere. The activity must be planned as a continuous schedule over the tenure of the grant. Grant requests at any amount are supported up to $10,000.

Ontario Arts Council Grants to Periodicals

This program provides operating and project support to Ontario-based, Canadian-owned periodicals to encourage the publication of original fiction and poetry and critical coverage of the contemporary literary, performing and visual arts and to support a market for professional Canadian writers. Contact the council for deadline dates.

Ontario Arts Council Theater for Young Audiences Grants

This program provides annual grants to support professional theater companies that have a strong commitment to, and are actively engaged in, arts education programming.

Ontario Arts Council Writers' Reserve Grants

This program assists writers in the creation of new work. It is administered by third-party recommenders in the community. This program runs from October to February. Contact the council for deadline dates.

OPEN *show

Post-Museum in Singapore is seeking submissions of works and proposals from artists and cultural workers (both local and foreign) doing interesting and meaningful work... For more informations please click on the link below


ANEMIC Festival is dedicated to discovery of independent film directors and emergent artists. Through its program, the festival seeks to discover, support, and inspire independent film and multi-disciplinary artists around the world, and to introduce audiences to their new creation. Filmmakers, Independent film producers & distributors are invited to submit the short and feature films now! No genre restrictions. The films submitted should not be available online. New Media Art part of ANEMIC festival invites all contemporary artists to preent their Multimedia performances, Interactive installations, Innovation and digital devices of future. If you would like to present your creation at the ANEMIC festival, send us the description and other documentation of the work. For the category Independent film, please send us cassetes or data DVD with full quality version. More details at http://www.anemicfestival.cz/?page_id=28&lang=en or apply(at)anemicfestival.cz ANEMIC Festival Open call 2011 Sections: Short film Feature Film Documentary Film Mockumentary Film Animation Audio-visual experimentation Guest Festivals Contemporary Art New media art Multimedia performance Interactive installation Innovation and digital devices of future. If you have a proposition or any wish to invite some interesting project to Prague, let us know about that at apply(at)anemicfestival.cz Deadline: October 16th 2011 We are looking forward to see your works!

Open Call for Artists & Filmmakers - imagine art after

OPEN CALL FOR ARTISTS & FILMMAKERS imagine art after is a multi-stage project for internet, gallery & broadcast curated by Breda Beban that brings together artists and filmmakers who made a home in London with those who stayed in their country of origin For its second edition, imagine art after is looking for artists and filmmakers from the following places, who either live there, or in London Afghanistan | Albania | Algeria | Angola | Bangladesh | Cameroon | China | Colombia | Democratic Republic of the Congo | Eritrea | Ethiopia | Former USSR | Gambia | Ghana | India | Iran | Iraq | Ivory Coast | Jamaica | Kenya | Libya | Nigeria | Pakistan | Palestinian Authority | Romania | Serbia | Sierra Leone | Somalia | Sri Lanka | Sudan | Syria | Turkey | Uganda | Vietnam | Zimbabwe For more information and an application pack, go to www.imagineartafter.net, or email info@imagineartafter.net DEADLINE 1 JUNE 2008

Open Call for Artists - Opportunity for Artist Residency - CALGARY, CANADA

The original schedule for the residency is postponed due to changes in capital project timelines. The residency is tentatively rescheduled for fall 2007. The new submission deadline is extended to September 28, 2007. Watch our website at http://www.calgary.ca/publicart for updates. The City of Calgary Public Art Program , in conjunction with the Utilities and Environmental Protection (UEP) Department, is seeking Expressions of Interest from experienced visual artists. Relevant experience with artist in residencies will be considered an asset. This project is open to all Calgary and area visual artists. The Exploring Water, Space, & Light: A Collaborative, Interdisciplinary Artist Residency seeks to engage an artist whose expertise must include practical, demonstrated experience in the field of visual art forms with the ability to work within a collaborative environment. The Residency will be located at the Water Centre. Artists fees for this 7 day residency include: $2,000 Residency Fee, $900 Exhibition Fee, TBD Materials Budget. The purpose of the public art commissioned for the water centre was to create dialogue around, and illustrate the purpose of, the water centre, and to foster a greater understanding of the management of our water resources. The purpose of the collaborative interdisciplinary artist residency is to celebrate and explore the unique environment created by the pairing of the public art and architecture of the water centre. It also serves to promote access and education regarding of the functionality of the place in an innovative manner. Submissions must be received no later than 4:30 p.m. on Friday, September 28, 2007. To submit a proposal, clearly mark your proposal 'Water, Space, & Light: A Collaborative, Interdisciplinary Artist Residency, Attn. Sheila Perry' and Deliver to: Firehall #2 1807 Macleod Trail SE Calgary , Alberta OR Mail to: P.O. Box 2100, Stn. M #63 Calgary, Alberta T2P 2M5

Open Call for Artists - Public Art Project - Emergency Operations Centre

The City of Calgary Public Art Program, in conjunction with the Calgary Fire Department, is seeking Expressions of Interest (i.e. Request for Qualifications) from experienced artists to create a permanent work of art for the new Emergency Operations Control Centre. The successful artist will have expertise that includes practical, demonstrated experience in the field of public art, collaboration with multi-disciplinary teams and community stakeholders, and the ability to work within set budgets and construction schedules. Public Art for the Emergency Operations Centre will be integral to the design objectives of the facility and site. The Public Art should reflect the mission of the Public Art Program as described in The City of Calgary’s Public Art Policy. This competition is open to local, regional, national and international artists. The budget for this public art project is $266,500.00 CDN. Note that the overall capital construction budget for the EOC may offset the fabrication costs of Public Art components. Submissions must be received no later than Tuesday, March 25, 2008 at 16:30 hours MST. Late, misdirected and/or incomplete submissions may not be considered. Download Project Details: Please download Expression of Interest #08-013 from the Alberta Purchasing Connection (APC) at http://www.purchasingconnection.ca/. Select “I am a Vendor” on APC home page. Register if a first-time user. If a change is made to the EOI before the submission deadline, an addendum is sent from the APC to your vendor email. You must acknowledge each addendum in writing for your submission to be considered. Submission-related Inquiries For inquiries related to your EOI submission, contact: Edwin Whang, Buyer P: 403-268-4090 E: edwin.whang@calgary.ca For questions about the public art project, contact: Heather Saunders, Project Coordinator Public Art Program P: 403-268-5270 E: heather.saunders@calgary.ca

Open call for ‘How far can we reach?’ Art Festival

“How far can we reach” is a three-day art festival held at the prestigious Topolski Century Gallery, www.topolskicentury.org.uk, located on South Bank in London, on the 29/30/31 of July. The artist Feliks Topolski (1907 - 1989) dedicated his life’s work to a journey exploring and capturing the major moments of one of the most significant century in history, Felix travelled the continents and collected testimonies and memories from events that changed the world to his every day encounter with people from diverse cultures and his personal story of memories and dreams to a unique, monumental work located at the Topolski Century Gallery on the South Bank. Following the same longing for exploration and manifestation of the world we share and beyond, we are inviting artists from various art practices to explore the meaning of ‘journey’ and the varying facets, from those deep within ourselves to that which identifies us in relation to each other. Using Journey as a word with different meanings and thus multiple expressions we invite you to respond to how far can creative exploration reach through all mediums of artistic expression including visual art, spoken/written word, photography, video art, sculpture, performance and music. Submission is free. For an application form or further information please visit www.neverinthemiddle.net or email papadimitriou.froso@gmail.com Deadline for submission for 'How far we can reach' on 9/7/2011.


March 23, 2008 OPEN CALL FOR POLITICAL ART Artists are encouraged to submit images of artwork dealing with any political issue or concept not limited to a particular time period or place. Open to all media. Artists must be 18 years or older to submit. The work must be original, completed recently, and not previously shown in the Eagle Gallery. Pieces must fit on a freight elevator, call for exact dimensions. No entry fee. Contact: Think Tank, Eagle Art Gallery, Murray State University, 604 Doyle Fine Arts, Murray KY 42071

Open Call- National & International Artists

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS Application deadline: Midnight 24th April ZMF EVENT and GLOBE GALLERY GRABOWSEE is now accepting applications from artists who want to take part on our public Event in BERLIN. Application deadline: April 24, 2013 23:59pm ZMF and GLOBE GALLERY GRABOWSEE; proudly invites national and international artists to submit works for inclusion in the upcoming exhibition to use one of two flexible spaces located in BERLIN, MITTE to SHOW their inner talent on a short-term EVENT EXHIBITION that take advantage of a built-in public audience. The Social Event goes beyond the traditional structure to provide resources and facilitate interactions between artists and audience throughout the creative process. Exhibition last 1-2 weeks. The theme: SMALL AND BEAUTIFUL accomplished and emerging artists from all locations are invited to submit a drawing, canvas painting, design, printing, text art, watercolors, graphics and pastels not exceeding 40 cm x 60 cm maximum. Details http://globegallery.wordpress.com/countdown-grabowsee-zmf/ About ZMF ZMF Is an artists' work-space promoting social intervention and exhibition to artist working on all medium that is open to the public. ZMF facilitates every-day interactions between artists and audiences in order to promote the productive space of the working artist as a site of valuable visual and intellectual interaction. Our endeavors promote critical exposure for the artists we support while fostering an inclusive environment in which artists and the public can engage in a meaningful exchange of art and ideas. ZMF aims to provide incredible experiences through a series of summer programs including Live music, work parties, Art exhibitions and much more. If you are a maker, thinker, or doer who brings self-awareness, experimental processes, and creativity to what you do- and ZMF sparks some ideas for you- then you are eligible to apply to our EVENT programs. Entries: A maximum of four works may be entered in any medium. Entries may not exceed 72 centimeters or 27.6 inches in any one dimension. All 2-D work must be framed, wired and READY TO HANG. Fifty pounds is the maximum weight for work. All watercolors, photographs, graphics and pastels must be under glass or Plexiglas. Once accepted, work may not be removed from the exhibition. Fee: 5 EURO entry fee will be charged per work. Entry fees must be included with submitted works. Delivery of work Label digital images with artist name, medium, title of work and framed dimensions. Indicate top of images. Send Biography and Artist Statement with entries and registration fee to: Vilson De Oliveira .Entry deadline for entries is APRIL 24, 2013. For accepted entries, the accepted work may be brought to the gallery Wednesday, April 24 by appointment in contact with Vilson De Oliveira at whille24@msn.com and delivered to U8 - ROSENTHALER PLATZ: located at the backyard of BRUNNENTR. !0. MITTE Returns Please, include self-address envelop stamped using international dispatch envelope if you want to have your work returned. After the finish exhibition period unclaimed artwork will be archived and used in future Event. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO ARTIST@ COPYRIGHT PROTECTION: WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO USE MATERIAL FOR PROMOTIONAL USE. Hand-delivered entries by appointment. To make via email to VILSON DE OLIVEIRA at RUCKERTSTRASSE 1, BERLIN 10627. whille24@msn.com.


DEADLINE 14 SEPTEMBER 2013 OPEN CALL FOR 1) QUEER ART PRACTICES: performance, video, installation, sculpture, painting, new media, sound and other 2) ORGANISATIONS, INSTITUTIONS, CURATORS, GALLERIES etc. that have engaged in the past or intend to engage with 'queer' aesthetics, theoretical and/or political endeavours in their exhibition and curatorial process. CUNTemporary, a non-profit London-based organisation that creates and curates artistic and cultural feminist-queer events, has been invited to make a contribution and participate in the ArtVerona contemporary art fair (Italy) as part of the fair's Independents section during the period 10-14 October 2013. As the curator Cristiano Seganfreddo explains, the selected 'Independents' find themselves “out of the schemes that we already know” and as the subjects characterised by “will, passion and vision”. It is with this will, passion, and vision that CUNTemporary intends to give rise to the “Queer Archive Italy”, an alive, dynamic, up-to-date platform on queer Italian artistic, theoretical, and political engagements. The project will live a double reality: a virtual one (in a form of an online, web-based platform) and a physical one, within the space that has been dedicated to us at the Verona art fair. Although cognisant of numerous challenges that any attempt to define the term 'queer' poses, we draw on the queer theorist Elizabeth Freeman's articulation of “queer” to define it as “a set of possibilities produced out of temporal and historical difference’”, which as such represents that which 'has not entered the historical records, and what is not yet culturally legible ... often encountered in embodied, nonrational forms…” (Freeman, GLQ, 13, 2007: 159). It is indeed The Queer Archive Italy's desire to comprehend and elaborate these non-normative logics and organisations in relation to the concepts of community, sexual identity, embodiment, and activity in space and time (J. Halberstam, In a queer time and place, 2005: 6). The project aims to produce, over the course of four days of the exhibition, spatial and temporal conditions for the possibility of an unconstrained emergence of Italian and queer artistic realities, which will involve (but will not be limited to) a discussion of the current and evolving projects, their on-going potentials as well as struggles. In order to participate in the Italian queer archive making, whether via the online platform or at the fair itself, it is not necessary to have exclusively dealt with queer themes but it is sufficient to have touched them during one’s artistic/curatorial/exhibitive career. Those who will be selected from the open call (together with the ones that will be invited by the organisation) will be part of the Queer Archive Italy, which has an online presence. Then these will also be able to candidate themselves for exhibiting their works during the art fair in order to talk about their projects or to realise performances, workshops and other activities in ArtVerona. In order to send your application to the Queer Archive Italy please send an e-mail to info@cuntemporary.org with the following information: - NAME of the artist/group or organisation/institution/curator/space - place of birth - current address - e-mail - an IMAGE that represents the artist/work/organisation/institution/curator/space - website/blog or other online links - PDF portfolio or a document that illustrates the work or the activity that one wants to present for the Queer Archive Italy (*compulsory in the case there is no online presence) In order to apply for a project to be held at Independents, in the physical space of ArtVerona, please include, apart from the information above requested, also the following details: - Project for ArtVerona - Necessary time (also include the time for rehearsals, if needed) - Technical necessities - Provenience of the artist/work For further information or questions please contact the curator Giulia Casalini giulia.casalini@cuntemporary.org The application is not restricted to the Italian “citizens” but it is open to anyone who lives and works in Italy, as well as to those who have worked there in the past or that have upcoming projects for the Italian territory. Please send your application by Saturday 14th of September 2013. The results of the selection will be revealed in the following seven days. Please forward this national Open Call as far as you can! For more information on Independents visit the website: http://independents.artverona.it For further information on CUNTemporary visit our website: http://cuntemporary.org

Open Competition 2008

Nassau Community College (Garden City, New York) announces a call to artists for the 'Open Competition 2008', held January 22 - February 21, 2008 at the Firehouse Plaza Art Gallery. Cash awards will be given at the discretion of the Juror - Kenneth Wayne, Ph. D., Heckscher Museum, Huntington, NY. All media, 2D and 3D, must have been completed within the past 2 years and not previously exhibited at the Firehouse Plaza Art Gallery. 1 entry:$25, 2 entries:$35, 3 entries:$40. Deadline: December 5, 2007.

OPEN DIALOGUES: call for writers (New Life Berlin festival)

A critical writing initiative exploring online and offline communities during the NEW LIFE BERLIN Festival in June 2008. Deadline: Midnight Wed 30 Apr, 2008 (Pacific Standard Time)

Open Door

Funding assistance is available for unexpected arts opportunities or for first-time applicants through this category. Maximum request is $750. Contact the program specialist before making application. Submit applications at least two weeks before the project date. Contact: Marirose Morris,Email: mmorri@state.wy.us, (307) 777-7723

Open Door 9

OPEN DOOR 9 (DEC 7th – DEC 29th) Rosalux Gallery (Minneapolis, MN) announces a national call for entries for it’s 9th annual Open Door juried group exhibition. Open to all US residents working in any 2D/ 3D media except video. Only works completed within the past two years are eligible. ABOUT ROSALUX GALLERY Rosalux is a cooperative art gallery that was founded in Minneapolis in 2002. The gallery is home to twenty artists whose work is well known both nationally and internationally, featured in various major collections, and who have individually received numerous prestigious awards and grant recognitions. The gallery is located in the Van Buren Building in the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District. Open Door is an exciting opportunity for non-member artists to showcase their work in the gallery. Typically the Open Door exhibition is reviewed and receives extensive press coverage. JUROR: Elizabeth Neilson Armstrong Curator of Contemporary Art/Director of the Center for Alternative Museum Practice (CAMP) Elizabeth Armstrong joined the staff at the Minneapolis Institute of Art in 2008. In addition to overseeing the MIA’s first contemporary art program, she founded and directs the museum’s Center for Alternative Museum Practice (CAMP), an in-house think tank that engages new approaches to the display and interpretation of the museum’s collections. Recognized for her long record of innovative exhibitions and publications, Armstrong is a leader in shaping the museum’s 21st century identity as an institution of dynamism and exchange. Prior to her MIA post, she served as Deputy Director for Programs and Chief Curator at the Orange County Museum of Art in Newport Beach, California. She also worked as a curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego (1996-2000) and at the Walker Art Center (1983-1996). Armstrong earned an M.A. in the History of Art from the University of California, Berkeley, and holds a B.A. in American Studies from Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts. EXHIBIT DATES: Submission Deadline Oct 25th Artists Notification Nov 12th Deadline for Receipt Shipped (Nov 29th) of Work for Exhibition Hand delivered (Nov 30th) Opening Reception Dec 7th Work Returned Jan 3-6th Exhibition opens December 7th and closes December 30th. An opening reception will be held Saturday December 7th from 6pm – 10pm. All artists and their guests are welcome.

Open Door Completion Funds for Public TV Projects from Nat

This round of funding is for applicants with public television projects in the final post-production phase.Awards average $20,000 and NAATA funds must be the last monies needed to finish the project and deliver the broadcast master. Fiscal sponsorship required. Contact: NAATA Media Fund, 145 Ninth St. Suite 350, San Francisco, CA 94103 or 415.863.0814 x106 or www.naatanet.org. Deadline: 8/9/07.

Open Portfolio Review:

Open Portfolio Review: Infusion Gallery, Located in downtown Los Angeles, Gallery Row is seeking artists. All media, and styles accepted. Artists who are interested can contact Jill Abrams at info@infusionGallery.com or can call 213-683-8827 during gallery hours 12-6 tue-sat. For more information on how to submit your work go to http://www.infusiongallery.com/portfolio_review.html

Open Studio: The Arts Online

Open Studio: The Arts Online - Cash awards to nonprofits to provide internet access and training in support of increasing the arts online. Run by Benton Foundation and NEA.

Open Studios Competitions

Open Studios Competitions are conducted annually in each of six regions of the country and lead to publication in New American Paintings. Juried by curators from prominent museums. All styles/painting, drawing, monoprints, mixed media; 2-D only. Entry fee $35. Deadlines: South 12/31/08 (AL, AR, FL, GA, KY, LA, MS, NC, SC, and TN) other areas, contact below. Send 4 images (printouts or slides), resume, entry fee and SASE to: Open Studios Press, 450 Harrison Ave #47, Boston, MA 02118. Questions: (617) 778-5265 or www.newamericanpaintings.com

Open Submission for the Print Salon 2010 @The Mews Project Space

The Mews Project Space London is welcoming submissions from national and international artists for its forthcoming Print Salon in June 2010.The theme is open but work has to reflect in some ways a traditional/manual print technique. Digital prints and Photography will not be considered. This is an exhibition that will show works on paper by emerging and established national and international contemporary artists alongside artists selected from the open submission. Artists may apply with up to 3 hi-res images of recent work, a brief description of each image (max. 50 words p/image) and a short CV.Actual work/paper size will not be accepted if larger than 42 x 59.4 cm.All work selected must be framed and fit to hang. Selection of work submitted will be made by The Mews directors and guest curators. Entry is free but if selected the artist will be charged £10.The fee covers administration, professional development, invigilation and is non-refundable. Deadline for submitting work: 9th of June 2010 Successful applications will be notified on the 11th of June. The show will have its opening on Saturday the 26th of June 2010 at 4pm.The show will be opened that same weekend and a further 3 weeks by appointment. For more information please write to printsalon2010@googlemail.com

Operating Grants

Operating Grants aim to help nonprofit arts organizations maintain financial stability, build organizational capacity, improve artist programs, and distribute their programs throughout the community. Applicants must have the arts as a primary component of their organizational mission and have been operating as a 501c3 nonprofit for at least two years. Organizations may apply for a percentage of the actual cash revenue of their last year

Operating Grants

Operating Grants aim to help nonprofit arts organizations maintain financial stability, build organizational capacity, improve artist programs, and distribute their programs throughout the community. Applicants must have the arts as a primary component of their organizational mission and have been operating as a 501c3 nonprofit for at least two years. Organizations may apply for a percentage of the actual cash revenue of their last year’s income. The grant awards typically average between $10,000 and $25,000. The annual application deadline is March 1.

Operating Grants

Operating Grants - two-year operating support

Operating Grants

Operating Grants - two-year operating support

Operating Support Grants

Call Shannon Planchon, 503-229-6062 for more information Postmark Deadline: May 1, 2008 (Revised applications available March 7, 2008) Operating Support grants support the operations of and public access to the programs of Oregon's medium and large not-for-profit arts organizations. The Oregon Arts Commission encourages applications that demonstrate the inclusion of creation, exhibition or performance of work created by Oregon artists of demonstrated artistic excellence. They are intended for arts groups whose prior year cash income totaled at least $75,000.

Operating Support Grants

Pictures-state. Mikhail Spiridonov

Operating Support Grants

Call Shannon Planchon, 503-229-6062 for more information Postmark Deadline: May 1, 2008 Operating Support grants support the operations of and public access to the programs of Oregon's medium and large not-for-profit arts organizations. The Oregon Arts Commission encourages applications that demonstrate the inclusion of creation, exhibition or performance of work created by Oregon artists of demonstrated artistic excellence. They are intended for arts groups whose prior year cash income totaled at least $75,000.

Operating Support Grants

Call Shannon Planchon, 503-229-6062 for more information Postmark Deadline: Passed Operating Support grants support the operations of and public access to the programs of Oregon's medium and large not-for-profit arts organizations. The Oregon Arts Commission encourages applications that demonstrate the inclusion of creation, exhibition or performance of work created by Oregon artists of demonstrated artistic excellence. They are intended for arts groups whose prior year cash income totaled at least $75,000.

Operating Support Grants

Operating Support grants support the operations of and public access to the programs of Oregon's medium and large not-for-profit arts organizations. The Oregon Arts Commission encourages applications that demonstrate the inclusion of creation, exhibition or performance of work created by Oregon artists of demonstrated artistic excellence. They are intended for arts groups whose prior year cash income totaled at least $75,000.

Operating Support/Arts Services/Arts Learning May 1, 2008

Operating Support/Arts Services/Arts Learning May 1, 2008 Call Shannon Planchon 503-229-6062 or shannon.planchon@state.or.us

Oppenheim - John Downes Memorial Awards

The Oppenheim - John Downes Memorial Trust will make awards to deserving artists of any kind whether writers, painters, sculptors, musicians, dancers, craftsmen or inventors who are unable to pursue their vocation by reason of their poverty. Awards are restricted to persons who are natural born British subjects, of parents and grandparents all of whom are British subjects (Section 43 of the Race Relations Act applies) and applicants must be over 30 years of age. The awards are made in December of each year, closing date for applications is 15 October.

Oppenheimer Camera Filmmaker Equipment Grant Program

Oppenheimer Camera Filmmaker Equipment Grant Program 206.467.8666. E-mail dana@oppenheimercamera.com. www.oppenheimercamera.com/grant2.html Deadline: ongoing. The program supports new filmmakers working on their first serious dramatic, narrative, documentary, or experimental production with one-year access to a professional Arriflex 16SR (16mm) camera system and technical support.

Opportunities for Individual Artists

Individual Artist Professional Development Grants Individual artists in the folk, literary, performing, and visual arts categories may apply for up to $500 to support professional development activities. Contact: Annie Hatch, Email: ahatch@state.wy.us, (307) 777-7721 Mike Shay, Email: mshay@state.wy.us, (307) 777-5234

Opportunity for Residency in Italy

La Macina di San Cresci is an independent non-profit association based in Greve in Chianti, a hill town in Tuscany. We are situated midway between two great cities of the Renaissance: Florence and Siena. Our goal is to give an opportunity to exchange experiences and to learn from one another, in order to promote dialogue between different cultures. The centre, open to artists, writers, poets, actors, and to other art and culture professionals from around the world, offers the opportunity to work alone, or together with other creative people from other countries, developing and interchanging concise ideas on contemporary art and culture. Artist residency consists of sojourning from 7-90 days. This period covers a program based on the personal project proposal presented by the artist and includes the attendance to the workshops in several disciplines. There is no deadline. For more info and an application form, visit http://www.chianticom.com. Contact Information: Demetria Verduci Contact Email: info@chianticom.com Contact Phone: Response Deadline: 10/10/2008

Opportunity Grants

Opportunity Grants are given throughout the year to enable the council to respond to artists' or organization' opportunities or emergencies.

opportunity to WV Artists and craftsmen to design the winning trophy of glass design

WV Division of Tourism and the Professional Golf Association tour, are offering an opportunity to WV Artists and craftsmen to design the winning trophy of glass design, for the PGA Tout/nationwide Tour Players Cup tournament. Deadline April 1. PDF at the web link below.


Hello! The open call of POPPOSITIONS 2015 OFF-ART FAIR is launched! We would be very grateful if you could disseminate information on your website or in your social networks! Sincerely! Benjamin / POPPOSITION TEAM -- OPEN CALL POPPOSITION 2015 POPPOSITIONS is now welcoming submissions for its 2015 edition, that will take place in a former post building at the canal side in Brussels. Eager to keep positioning itself vis-à-vis the prevailing art market, this year's quote Whatever you think, think something else, whatever you do, do something else by Robert Filliou sets the tone. The open call is shaped as a manifesto and invites galleries and other hybrid art spaces to make one or two proposals. POPPOSITIONS will be held from 24 - 26 April 2015 (during Art Brussels), in the former post building at the Akenkaai / Quai des Péniches in Brussels. Application deadline : 11 January 2015 (no extension accepted) More information on the open call: www.poppositions.com _________________________ P O P P O S I T I O N S _________________________

Orchestra Residencies Program

The application for the 2010/2011 cycle of Midori's Orchestra Residencies Program is now available online. To access the form and eligibility guidelines, visit www.gotomidori.com/orp/app.htm. The deadline to submit an application to ORP is February 20, 2009. All questions may be addressed to kagehrs@earthlink.net. Next ORPs: Midori will conduct an Orchestra Residency with the Mobile Symphony and Youth Orchestra in Alabama in April 2009. The Fargo-Moorhead Symphony and Area Youth Symphonies and the Green Bay Symphony and Youth Orchestra have also been selected for ORPs in future seasons. For more info, visit www.gotomidori.com/orp.

Oregon Arts Commission

Oregon Arts Commission, due to the current state budget crisis, has temporarily suspended awarding the Individual Artist Fellowship Grant. This program may be resumed after the January 2003 election, pending approval by the voters of the State Income Tax Surcharge.

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