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y Mount Arts Center - Sculpture Salmagundi

Sculpture Salmagundi: Annual indoor/outdoor sculpture juried competition and exhibition open to artists 18 years of age and older. All entries by 35mm slides. Honorariums for outdoor works. To receive a prospectus, call or email the address above, or click on the following link to download: www.ci.rocky-mount.nc.us/artscenter/salmagundi11.pdf.


Yaddo, PO Box 395, Union Ave., Saratoga Springs, NY 12866 (518) 584-0746. No fees; artists housed in 55-room historic mansion on a 400 acre estate; residencies of 2 weeks to 2 months. Can accomodate up to 35 artists at a time.

Yaddo Artists in Residence Programme

Yaddo is set in a woodland estate and provides a working environment for artists, writers and performers. Open to international visual artists and other art form practitioners, residencies of two weeks to two months are offered with accommodation, studios and meats provided. Forms should be accompanied by two references, CV, examples of work (varies according to art form), with SAE for return of work plus US $20 application fee.

Year round residency in photography, painting, ceramics, textiles, writing, music, performance.

Nantucket Island School of Design and the Arts. Year round residency in photography, painting, ceramics, textiles, writing, music, performance. Phone or fax (508)228-2451.

Year-long paintout with October '08 exhibition opportunity

The Glen Echo Ravine, the Walhalla Ravine and the Overbrook Ravine in Columbus, OH are especially beautiful in the fall and winter seasons. The summer is lush with green canopies and babbling brooks.

Yellowstone National Park, Artists-in-Residence Program

Yellowstone National Park, Artists-in-Residence Program, PO Box 168, Yellowstone National Park, WY 82190 (307) 344-2265. Residencies include service hours, leading public programs, as well as studio hours in which visitors can observe artist at work

York Recognition Public Art Project – Portland, OR - January 12, 2009

The Regional Arts & Culture Council (Portland, OR) invites artists/teams residing in the United States to submit qualifications for the York Recognition public art project for Lewis & Clark College. This project seeks to acknowledge the significance of York, an African American slave who played an important role in Lewis & Clark's Corps of Discovery. The total art budget is $125,000. All materials must be submitted online via CaFE at www.callforentry.org. RFQ and site information (both indoor & outdoor) can be downloaded at www.racc.org. Deadline: 1/12/09, 11:59 PM Mountain Standard Time.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Bretton Hall College, West Bretton, Wakefield, England, WF4 4LG. Open to non-British artists.


The orchestra has around 100 young musicians aged 10 to 18 from all over Yorkshire, participating in two week long residential courses a year, each followed by a public concert. They work with professional musicians drawn from major symphony orchestras and they study a broad range of contemporary and traditional music. The trustees

Yosemite National Park, AIR Program

Yosemite National Park, AIR Program, PO Box 100, Yosemite National Park, CA 95389 (209) 372-4024. Located in the Sierra Nevada Mtns. in central CA. Parkland exncompasses granite domes that rise high over broad meadows, giant sequoias, and some of the nation's highest waterfalls. 4-10 artists per year selected; residencies of up to 1 month year-round. Artists exhibit in park gallery. Open to 2D visual artists, photographers, sculptors.

Yosemite Renaissance Artists-in-Residence

Yosemite Natl Park One-month residencies for ten to fifteen established visual artists each year.

You and Me: Call for art lovers and collectors.

You and Me, waves breaking on the shore Imprints made by the winds upon the desert sands Mountain and cliff textures, hundreds of millions of years old, Ripples of time. Nothing but the singular rhythms of an endless poem that Seems at times fleeting and at times everlasting. Romantic, Yes - Romanticism that tests reality. Mourning and adoring the ephemeral and craving the eternal. Romanticism without mysticism. Romanticism as texture, as rational expression. The ephemeral and the eternal The stillness and the ceaseless stream Spiritual and material intertwined Changing cycles Complex simplicity Whirlpool of endless poetry You and I exploit – the singular rhythms. And all is one. If you like this poem, You will love my neo- romantic art. Look for these sites: - http://www.art-gallery-yona.com and http://m.wix.com/yonalg/yona-arts-1

You are the best

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You Say Tomato, I Say Tomato

'You say tomato, I say tomato' We are planning an exhibiton about the nature of dialogic disagreement. Our proposition is that in this context misunderstanding occurs due to failures in communication rather than fundamental differences in opinion. Such malfunctions within conversations result from conflicting learnt definitions of words and differing conceptions of their meaning. We are looking for works that engage with semantics in spoken language in order to explore and demonstrate the above ideas. In light of the above please consider the following statement in regards to your own work... 'Every conversation is a game, every player has their own rules.' We are looking for completed works or proposals for new or relevant work by Friday 12th feb. [Video, audio, performance, spoken word] Please send an artist's CV, artist's statement and your proposals (maximum of 3), including links to past works, if available, by email to: nathalie.boobis@nxnwfestival.co.uk If you have completed work (maximum of 3 submissions), please post your artist's CV, artist's statement and DVD Pals, CDs or relevant documentation of performances to: Anna Smith, Flat 3, 5 Mauldeth Road West, Manchester, M20 3WB

You've got some explaining to do... A one-night show in Leeds

Call for submissions for performance, time- based and installation works, based around the theme of ‘Social Boundaries’. Deadline: Mon 21 Apr 2008, 5pm

Young Artist

20 years old and I'm based in Guildford, Surrey, UK.

Young Artist Grant Program

The Arts Commission recognizes up and coming DC artists with the Young Artist Grant Program. This initiative, which offers grants of up to $3,500 to artists between the ages of 18 and 30, is funded in part by the National Endowment for the Arts' Challenge America program. The Challenge America Program provides state arts agencies with funds to support activities that visibly demonstrate the benefits the arts bring to their citizens. The Young Artist Grant Program is an investment in the city's future that will develop a new generation of arts leadership in the District of Columbia. Grants support individual artists in two funding categories: Young Emerging Artist Grant Program Artists may apply for up to $2,500 of support for innovative art projects. Young Artist Community Service Program Artists may apply for up to $3,500 of support for projects that strengthen communities as well as provide positive alternatives for youth. A second deadline is being offered for the FY 2008 Young Artists Program. The application deadline is February 1, 2008 at 7 pm. Workshops The Commission hosts a series of workshops to assist all individuals and organizations in preparing their applications. Workshops are held in several different facilities in Washington, DC. No prior reservations are required to attend workshops. View directions to workshop locations. Workshops will be held on: Thursday, January 10, 2008 DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities 6 - 7:30 pm Wednesday, January 16, 2008 DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities 1:30 - 3 pm

Young Artist Program

Young Artist Program

Young Australian Art Awards

The Young at Art Initiative is ran under the umbrella of Children

Young Masters Program

This program is open to Texas 8th to 12th grade students (or homeschooled students who have achieved a comparable status towards high school graduation) who are U.S. citizens and Texas residents. THIS SCHOLARSHIP IS NOT FOR COLLEGE. Students must be participating in a school based arts program, summer institute, or a specialized course of study or receiving private lessons from a qualified instructor. Students must maintain passing grades in all academic areas. Applications will be from the student, his or her parent/guardian, and his or her arts instructor. The most talented young artists will receive the title of Young Master and will be granted scholarships of up to $2,500 per year to further their studies in their chosen arts disciplines. Students are eligible to receive the scholarship for up to three years, but not beyond their senior year, and they must reapply annually. Application Limit: 1 Request Limit: $2,500 per year, up to three years Match Requirement: N/A In-Kind Match: N/A


The Arts Council of Northern Ireland, in collaboration with BBC Northern Ireland, offers awards for young, exceptionally talented solo musicians/singers or ensembles who have finished their first academic, graduate level qualification and are ready to enter the professional world as artists. The financial award associated with this scheme will allow applicants to spend a sizeable amount of time learning from a master musician/ teacher/composer etc. abroad. Priority will be given to applications where the associated period of learning is taking place outside Ireland or the UK. The BBC will facilitate this scheme by offering two professional broadcast performances to successful applicants, between the period January 2007

Young Shakespeare Workshop

Summer Program, two artists will lead a summer-long sequential series offering 400 hours of instruction and rehearsals in Shakespearean theater for 40 youth culminating in ten public performances for all ages.


DEADLINE: October 1 This competition is open to artists of 30 and under, excluding students. Exhibition will run from January 2009.. All media welcome. Applications reviewed by the exhibition committee at Washington Art Association. When applying, artists must submit their resume, with 12-20 images. Slide and JPEG images accepted. For prospectus send SASE to: Washington Art Association, Attn: Young Talent, P.O. Box 173 Washington Depot, CT 06794.

Your own gallery online...

exhibbit provides 3 dimensional virtual galleries so that artists can showcase their work online. Our galleries really do rival the finest bricks and mortar galleries for ambience and can be embedded into your website, sent to your friends and clients via email or shared on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platform. Expressions of interest are invited from photographers, fine art students or artists for one of 100 galleries to be provided free of charge. Visit our website to discover more and apply to: Jason Catterall, Business Development Manager at jason@exhibbit.com

Youth Arts Starter Kit

A new Youth Arts Starter Kit has been launched by Artsplan, useful for anyone who is starting to work together with young people in the arts and would like a range of tools to support them in their work. The Youth Arts Starter Kit has been produced by Artswork, the national youth arts development agency, as part of their Artsplan department. All training and publications are written by experienced youth arts specialists, currently involved in a variety of project work through the UK. The kit contains a 441 page Youth Arts Directory, the youth arts funding guide titled Get Sorted: how to get organised, sort the budget and go for funding for your youth arts project, plus three sets of practical guidelines. For further details, or if you would like to purchase a Youth Arts Starter Kit please contact Jay Barron on 023 8063 0960 or email artsplan@artswork.org.uk .

Youth Employment in the Arts

Youth Employment in the Arts

Youth in Focus

Time (k)NOW, a two-phased after-school series offering 228 hours of skill-building classes in digital photography and written/oral texts led by four artists/peer mentors for 17 youth culminating in two public exhibitions.

Youth Media Fund

The Youth Media Fund (YMF), a £6 million fund announced by the Chancellor in his last budget, is being launched by the Department for Education and Skills and will help young people have a positive voice in the media. The aim of the fund is to give 13-19 year olds lifelong skills in media production, opportunities to boost their social and personal development, and a platform for their voices to be heard. The Youth Media Fund will offer grants for film, radio, television, print, photography and interactive media projects ranging from £1,000 to £80,000 to be completed and distributed by March 2008. Young people will be at the core of the Youth Media Fund at every stage, from inception to final delivery. YMF will be delivered by a consortium led by First Light Movies, in partnership with the UK Film Council, the Media Trust and Skillset. The brand name and identity of YMF will be revealed in early December 2006. Please send your CV - highlighting your previous assessment experience and your media knowledge, to: Leigh Thomas, Executive Director, Youth Media Fund, First Light Movies, The Bond, 180-182 Fazeley Street, Birmingham. B5 5SE. Tel: 0121 753 4866. Email: leigh@firstlightmovies.com

Youth Music

Supports new music making opportunities for young people through several funding programmes for children under 18 years. Organisations and schools can apply (not individuals). Grants are available between

Youth Music (UK)

There are three Open Programmes that you can apply to: First Steps, Make It Sound and Vocalise!.

Youth Music Director

Help Our Children Make a Joyful Noise! Enthusiastic, creative person needed to develop youth music program at Church of Christ. Part-time, flexible, starting September 2008. For more information or to send resume contact : Music Committee at church.christ@snet.net or write to Music Committee at Church of Christ 800 Main St. Winsted Ct. 06098

Youth Music funding

Subject to Youth Music's funding being confirmed by Arts Council England beyond 31 March 2007, there are three Open Programmes that you can apply to: First Steps - creative music-making for children aged 0-5 (please note that the First Steps programme has been revised); Make It Sound – music-making for 5-18 year olds who otherwise lack the chance to take part; Vocalise! – for programmes where the voice is the main instrument. For further information phone 020 7902 1060 or email info@youthmusic.org.uk

Youth Theater NW

Youth Theater NW is committed to its outreach program to provide theater arts education to a more diverse audience of children, youth and their families who may not have the financial resources or the exposure to the arts in their communities. The Arts Commission supported Youth Theater NW’s summer production of the musical Seussical in which over 60 kids participated and received technical training. School, college, student or education projects; private and restricted events; and programs and events not open to the general public are not eligible for this program.

YouthBank UK

YouthBank is an innovative UK-wide grantmaking initiative run by young people for young people. Local YouthBanks provide small grants to projects led by young people, of benefit to the community and that also benefit the young people taking part. YouthBank is unique in that it is young people themselves who make decisions about how local YouthBanks are managed and run and, through a Board of young people, also direct the UK-wide programme. Each YouthBank decides its own criteria for grant giving and processes for applying for funds. Some have a standard form that you will need to fill in and others will require a letter of application; many will allow you to apply in different ways for example by using a video or story board. For more information, including where to find your nearest YouthBank, please contact YouthBank UK on 0116 242 7446 or by email at youthbank@nya.org.uk

Yozo Hamaguchi 100th Anniversary International Print Competition

Open to all artists. Original work of intaglio prints and print-based work. Work dimensions to be within 1 meter in height by 1 meter in width, 30 centimeter in depth (1m x 1m x 30cm). Work must be original by the submitting artist, previously unreleased and must have been produced after July 1, 2007. Work does not have to be produced especially for this competition. Matted or Framed work will not be accepted. Each artist may submit up to three (3) works. A set of work consisting of three separate parts (such as a triptych) will be counted as three works.


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Zen Arts Studio Center & Mountain Monastery

Zen Arts Studio Center & Mountain Monastery, PO Box 197 PC, S. Plank Rd., Mt. Tremper, NY 12457 (914) 688-2415. Located on 230 acres of nature preserve in the foothills of the Catskills Mtns. Open to 'all artists interested in pursuing their creative work within the context of Zen practice and the daily Zen training schedule.' Fees charged.

ZIFF 2008 Call for Film Entries

Zanzibar International Film Festival calls for film entries for its 11th festival (July 4-13, 2008). ZIFF 2008 is calling for entries in the feature, documentary, short and animation film categories from any genre BUT films with special attention to the year’s theme—Cultural Crossroads—are given priority.


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