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My Name Is Charlie

It’s the attention to detail that makes it. The little touches.


No one else would dream of wearing cufflinks. If they did think about it…they wouldn’t be able to do it. Who would know where to get them from?…good ones? Burton’s or Top Man probably do them…but then you need the kind of shirts that cufflinks fit. Even if you stumble across a pair of cufflinks and a shirt with foldback sleeves that wasn’t fraying at the neck….you still wouldn’t have Cuban heels.

Or Brian Jones hair.

When you're young you think it's Jagger…then you see the Dancing in the Streets video and you’re drawn to Keith…it usually takes a month or so to realise that Keith wants to be a Pirate. Most boys stop wanting to be Pirates by the time they are eight.
Then it goes one of two ways. Charlie or Brian.
(But never Bill) No one in their right mind wants to be Bill.
Not after that Mandy thing.

I see them in the bar. He has a girl, they’ve been together for years. She dresses like Anita did before Anita ran off with Keith. I wonder whether he steers clear of Keith-a-likes in case it happens again in a faded photocopy sort of way.
She programmes the whole of Hot Rocks into the jukebox and joins him in the corner. There are no Keith’s to catch her eye….just us Bills at the bar.
I follow her over to their table and blurt
“ He would have been sixty this week …….”
“ Who would? “
“ Brian. ”

A pause wanders over and joins us.
That pause meets another pause it likes the look of us and sets up house.
Everyone is embarrassed.
They know I've been watching them.
I offer them a drink, they decline.

I feel like a proper Charlie.

but then……. Charlie was always the coolest.


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