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Dystopia: The Return Of Good Metal

DANIEL TAPPER: “I take Benzotropine for schizophrenia,” says one fan, “and I get mad at times for reasons I don’t know.” Another says: “I pray for death everynight, but I keep waking up alive.” 

These are the fans of Californian ‘sludge metal’ band Dystopia, whose new album Life Is Abuse Is founded on the concept that “music should be felt, not just heard”.

Dystopia’s third album has made metal music interesting again by rejecting the machismo and out of touch grandeur that has come to mar the genre. This is music that is decidedly anti-masculine and anti-ego; “Save the environment, shoot yourself in the head” screams vocalist Matt Parillo in despair.

Furthermore, their sound is unique; It oscillates between fast hardcore-style riffs and dense building basslines that give way to the disturbed voices of drug addicts and prostitutes sampled by the band on the streets of LA.

When you scratch through the misanthropic veneer you find music that actually empowers more than it depresses. It questions our attitudes towards issues like environmentalism and racial equality and says ‘look what’s happening in your society right now, you can do something!’

Songs like Now and Forever and Leaning With Intent to fall bring you to your knees and send shivers down your spine - this is metal music that is truly exciting, contemporary and tangible. Listen to it - now!

Dystopia: Life Is Abuse

Common Cause Records

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